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    The heck with work.  It'll still be there later.  Enjoy the show!
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    A slow cooker!
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    A slow cooker!
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    A slow cooker!
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    A slow cooker!
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    Gilligan's Planet?
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    Gilligan's Planet?
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    Doesn't ring any bells, but this site might be of some use:  http://www.loganberrybooks.com.
    I did a little searching there based on your post and didn't come up with anything helpful, but if you go to http://www.loganberrybooks.com/stumpthebookseller, there's a way to submit requests to them for help (costs $4).
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    This conversation is anything but wooden.
    I beleaf there are too many punsters on the boards and they are all barking up the wrong tree. (quadruple-pun FTW! whoot!)
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    At last it can be revealed!
    At last it can be revealed! I took advantage of some free time in ace artist Eric Lofgren's schedule earlier this year to get him to create a beautiful piece of art that I currently intend to use as the cover of Mythic Hero. He took my idea and executed it superbly.

    I don't have a finished book. I don't have any specific idea for how I'll publish the book when it is finished. But man, do I have a kick-ass cover.

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    That reminds me of a couple things I pulled in MMOs. (In general, names have been changed ... because I can't remember them.)
    in Everquest (the original one)
    I was running my bard (Staccato) through West Freeport (one of the starting cities), when I heard the following...
    Newbie: "Everyone watch out! There's a druid killing noobs in the arena!!!"
    Dr00d: "free druid buffs in the arena"
    I checked the list of players in the zone, and the Dr00d was the second highest level player ... a 34th level druid.
    The highest level player was Staccato ... a 60th level bard.
    The list didn't mention that Staccato worshiped the Tribunal ... the gods of justice.
    What happens when a follower of the Tribunal discovers that a druid is making false promises in order to trick newbies into getting killed?
    What happens when the druid announces that he's located in a free-for-all PvP Arena?
    Staccato entered the Arena invisibly. The Dr00d didn't notice Staccato until Staccato charmed him. When you're charmed, your avatar responds to all the normal pet commands. Some of them are lots of fun in PvP.
    Dr00d: "Staccato is my master."
    Dr00d: "Staccato is my master."
    Dr00d: "Staccato is my master."
    Staccato: "You got that right."   Charm only lasts for 30 seconds, and you have to wait for it to break before you can reapply it. I was a little worried that the Dr00d might escape when charm broke, so I quickly switched over to mezzing him ... because I could do that forever.  
    Well, maybe not forever. After about 5 minutes, the Dr00d decided that he could disconnect from the internet, which would disconnect him from the game and log him out. Of course, his avatar stayed in the game for another 15 seconds. How long do you think it takes a 60th level bard to kill a 34th level druid?
    Less than 15 seconds.
    Staccato: using guildchat "There was a druid offering free buffs to newbies in the Freeport Arena, then killing them."
    Guildmember #1: "That's horrible."
    Guildmember #2: "I ought to go there and kill him."
    Staccato: "Too late. I beat you to it."
    Guildmembers: "lol"
    Two minutes later...
    Dr00d: in a private message "u killed me"
    Staccato: "Yep. If I catch you killing newbies again, I'll kill you again."
    Dr00d: "u made me lose xp."
    This was surprising. PvP kills aren't supposed to cause XP loss.
    Staccato: "Serves you right."
    Dr00d: "i reported u to the gms"
    Staccato: "For killing you in the Arena? Let me know when they laugh in your face."
    Dr00d: "im goin 2 report u 2 ur guild get u kicked out"
    Staccato: in guildchat "The druid is back. He wants to report me to my guild."
    GuildOfficer #1: "Give him my name. I want to tell him off."
    GuildOfficer #2: "Me too."
    GuildOfficer #3: "Definitely give him my name."
    Staccato: in a private message to the Dr00d "Several officers are online. Would you like a list of names?"
    In City of Heroes
    This took place in The Hollows, which is a low-level zone. The Hollows were very dangerous to travel through. There were obstructed lines of sight, so you could run into enemies before you spotted them. The enemies hung out in large groups, capable of quickly killing most newbies. And newbies didn't have advanced travel powers (Fly, Superspeed, Superleap, Teleport), which would help them cross the zone quickly and safely.
    Newbies could get access to low level travel powers (i.e. Hover, Recall Friend). Even though Hover was painfully slow (slower than walking, and who does that in an MMO) it was popular because it was the only safe way to get yourself across The Hollows. Recall Friend was also useful. It allowed you to teleport your teammates to a spot near you. If you could get to the entrance of the mission (without dying), you could safely bring your teammates to the mission. This saved time, since newbies would sometimes die multiple times when trying to get to missions.
    Good samaritans would also offer to use Recall Friend to help newbies leave The Hollows. You would invite them to your team, they would teleport you to a spot near them (and they'd be near the zone entrance), and you'd safely leave.
    On the day this occurred, I was playing my Warshade. Warshades were a prestige class, and they got one perk that set them apart at low levels ... Warshades got the Teleport power for free at level 1. I had also chosen the Recall Friend skill, since it's useful for helping teammates.
    I was using Teleport to leave The Hollows one day, and I noticed something strange. Near the entrance, there was someone standing on top of the guard tower, and there were several heroes inside the guard tower. The person on top of the guard tower wasn't too strange. Newbies could hover to get to the roof of the guard tower. But it wasn't possible for people to run, jump or fly through the windows of the guard tower. They weren't big enough.
    I watched for a few minutes until I figured out what was going on. The windows were big enough to teleport through. One person had used Hover to get to the roof of the guard tower. He then offered to team up with people and use Recall Friend to help them leave The Hollows. The inside of the guard tower was close enough to the roof for him to dump the newbies inside. Once they were there, he would disband from the team and they were stuck.
    I snuck back out into The Hollows, and pretended like I needed a ride out. He used Recall Friend to dump me into the guard tower -but- as soon as I landed in the guard tower, I used Recall Friend to teleport him right next to me. He disbanded, then realized he was stuck inside with everyone else. I then invited all of his victims to team up with me. I used Teleport to get out of the guard tower, then used Recall Friend to get everyone else out too.
    Except for the "hero" who had pulled the stunt. I left him there.
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    That link now leads to this:
    "CNN PRODUCER NOTE     NASA has confirmed via email that this story is false. A spokewoman for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory says that the largest object detected by NEOWISE measures 3 km in diameter and poses no risk to Earth. The iReport has been removed. 
    - davidw, CNN iReport producer"
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    Or the same quantity of his favored high-end Irish whiskey.
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