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  1. 1) We use battlemaps on occasion so we use the 1 hex = 2". Our battlemap sessions have become quite the hit with the players. Seeing the warehouse they're in with all the crates around gives them tactical knowledge; the amusement park with it's buildings, the rocky area with a beach nearby, the underground viper base and on & on. With the battlemap (with water erasable markers) and the terrain out where everyone can see it gives a very different feel to the game. We don't really use 6th ed so we're at 1"=2 meters. 2) For years now, I've written out my Champions episodes: a
  2. Below is the link for the Haymaker! website, which appears to have long since been discontinued. http://www.livelyland.com:4080/haymaker/index.html On the main page is an email address which you might try. No idea if it's still valid. If you check the authors, you might find someone who might be able to help.
  3. I used to do something somewhat similar many years ago. I'm just surprised to hear something like that from someone on the boards.
  4. Are they really that easy to draw over or use? It appears that the 3D model will show easily, unless they are really light.
  5. I'm sort of with massey in this. However, the GM & campaign determines whether this is acceptable or not. Sure, we can compare it to our various campaigns but that's not needs to be done. It really needs to be built dependent on what kind of game and what kind of character is allowed in the game. Without knowing that, it's really hard to make a judgment call on how to build this: is everyone built on 100 base, 200, 500? We don't know. If this is a game where arch mages roam the street, that's a different color of character and game vs one where the total character cost is, say, 150 pts or
  6. For many years, in our campaign, we've used the old Turtle Armor stats for occasional hi-tech agents to fight. In our game, the company that made them - DanCo - went out of business and the suits were taken by many supervillains for their own purposes. Free upgraded agents is the thought of the villains. Considering the rifles can do a 12d6 Energy Blast (Blast - 6th ed), that's a considerable upgrade.
  7. Hugh, I don't know if the cows are a good market, they're pretty much easy going, eating grass, not doing much. Took me awhile to figure out he meant "crowd funded"
  8. Since no hi-tech agents, had to decide between Mob & Ninjas. Hmmm, guess I'll go with Mob.
  9. I didn't see hi-tech agents, similar to what LL said.
  10. Amy Schutzer, once a female wrestler known as Wondra, ended up in the hospital with severe fractures over her body due to illegal moves by her opponent. She was told she'd heal, but would be severely limited in her movements; she'd never be what she was again. Doctor Helena Amory of England heard of her plight and contacted Amy. She knew of a respectable geneticist who was working on an experimental serum that would regenerate her body and was looking for someone who was willing to test it. Amy agreed and met with the geneticist, Dr Robert Harvard. Harvard informed her of the risks, which she
  11. Longevity has value mechanically in our campaign, especially when you have people with time powers.
  12. Our GMs look for skills to use for our games. They're not useless points sitting around and greatly help with roleplaying. As dsatow mentioned above, the singer can affect the game. That poor singer rolled a 17 on his roll to try to get into the crime boss night club; better get ready for a beating. The point of the game is to have fun, period. How a group chooses to do that is up to them. Having skills, even oddball ones, gives a flavor to the game and the players don't mind spending the points (although I'm sure I wouldn't charge anything for a KS: bee-keeping 11 or less). Someon
  13. This can't be stressed enough. People disengage when they're not being engaged with. A great way to keep your players in the game is by keeping their characters in the game and doing things. I'm completely certain this is the cause of because if the player is twiddling their thumbs with no ability to interact with the game until their next Phase comes up, why would they pay attention? They're not playing a role-playing game at that point, they're watching one when they came to play. People disengage when too much time goes by before their charac
  14. I like Trechriron10's the most. I was going to comment on 6th ed's two volume encyclopedia but we're not here to discuss that; we're here to see about 300 words or less.
  15. "You know, at one time I had, uh, quite a decision to make: whether to write the nation's songs or go my way."
  16. "The shell; the shell's not here! I've been robbed!"
  17. The real question we want to know is for what position? One of the people walking around in Disney character suits, a programmer for Epcot, etc?
  18. 7-up vs RC Cola? Which do you pick?
  19. As a GM, I don't reveal PC's backgrounds. I let the players decide how and when, if at all, they want to tell their character's background to another character.
  20. I'm only looking at logic here. The entire conversation is about statistics, not powers. The 'disadvantage NCM' is about statistics only, never powers. Why is this example about powers?
  21. I agree. I think the examples you gave are very creative. I'm not saying you can't have a power with a loooong delay, just a good reason why the player wants the power. If a power won't be abused, I'm good for almost any power to be created in the campaign I'm part of.
  22. I agree with NinjaBear. Also, like him, never used it.
  23. The GM has the right to ask a player who buys an Aid power with a delay of month/year/century/etc? the question: why? Why does the player want the power to last so long? An answer of "it'd be cool" isn't good enough. What's the point of the long delay, player? Buffing your fellow hero because of impending difficult battle is understandable but not for a week/month/etc. I agree at a certain point, it's no longer a buff, it's a new ability/power/etc that someone's gonna have to buy.
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