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  1. There was that 1 endurance cost for every 5 active points factor. My first (somewhat tongue in cheek) character passed out from endurance costs before managing to land a hit on anyone.
  2. Well, I'm a fourth edition kind of guy. I saw problems with the changes in fifth and never even bought a copy of sixth. I did look at a friends copy of Fusion once. This is typical of the way later editions convoluted simple mechanics to create problems which didn't exist before.
  3. Well, the thread is cursed. The answer for the rules as written came out in the first five posts of this monstrosity, creating light is the first example of what change environment does and it is given in the second sentence of the description. Y'all're justa buncha Oompaloompas on this thread 'cus you gotta be that orange to do so much navel gazing.
  4. The problems all really come down to what people want to do with powers. If people would just play games about foraging enough nuts and berries to stay alive, and finding a way not to freeze when it's cold then every thing would make perfect sense, as Gaia intended. We should just be trying to make better pointed sticks, not glow like fires in the sky. And the rules are cluttered up because we have added all this nonsense to nouns and verbs.
  5. I guess. But I really really wanted sequels with Bob Barker and Pat Sajack.
  6. From 1983, filmed in Australia but starring Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee: Who is the one true friend of America? Friend of her people from farmer to Senator? Who, in the fight for right always wins the war? Wielding justice from the blue? Captain Invincible, that's who. https://youtu.be/vWQxVqzzsHg
  7. I had so hoped that would come out.
  8. Ah. That's why I bought spacial awareness through an OIF toe. It's breakable, and has both jammed and burnout.
  9. I walk over to the wall and flick the switch. Really people, seven pages of replies and not one of you looked.
  10. I've had problems with players goofing around with landlines. We were playing in the battalion Comm Shop at Camp Fuji and some of the guys kept shocking each other with TA1 handsets. The generators in the handsets spin so I guess they were rotating.
  11. Most of my play was with third because it had such a long run and because I was young and lived in the barracks. I don't know that I thought the differences between third and fourth were that important. The thing that really made fourth for me was the campaign sheet. Play a short scenario with pregens, and give that sheet full of requirements, ask me about its, and hell noez to new players and see what they come up with. It takes away the first couple of rounds in approving their characters.
  12. I agree that a lot of things were fixed in three. It I remember correctly three was where endurance costs dropped to one per ten active points. However, I preferred the old multiples system for ego because ego attacks particularly mind control are so powerful. I ran high ego characters because that was as effective as having some ego power of my own and after the change I found myself coming up with character concepts which justified having ego defensive powers.
  13. I will wait and see what it looks like. Losing post segment twelve recovery and reduction to six phases? I wasn't kidding with the Bicycle with training wheels picture. But maybe with the players Champions gets today we need a version with training wheels. The players coming into the hobby now do not have the advantage that having lived when all math was done manually brings, hell, some of them had calculators even learning polynomials. They don't easily do calculations that the people learning the game in 1981 did automatically and without thinking easily. And they didn't have any classes where they had to learn to focus on one thing for more than an hour and a half straight even if they were what is now called ADHD. These are life skills that my generation (and most of the people on this forum are my age or maybe ten years younger) which are now expected to be learned later in life. If you make a game fun they can learn them playing the game. Hopefully they will want more. I thought about all this as I began to work on some pregens and a campaign yesterday to teach players what sort of implementations of restricted powers will get them accepted within a campaign. I need to get a copy of sixth edition to make sixth edition write ups, but If Champions now is due soon I might as well get that also. And the Steampunk book. Anyhow I am tentatively on board with the simplified game idea.
  14. 1st Edition. And I'm too embarrassed to post it after typing it out. Second edition was really needed.
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