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  1. Ninja Bear - I would just like to thank you for pushing my community reputation into three figures! ?

  2. Version 1.0.0


    Back page of champions 2
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Cover of the Champions 2 supplement.
  4. 32 downloads

    Mock up of tabloid expose
  5. Thanks Ninja-Bear, I have people in my group that get freaked by the HERO sheet and I have had to adapt to get them past the hardware and into the game.
  6. 91 downloads

    This is an alternative way of laying out a character sheet purely for playing in a game session. The aim was to get it to fit in half a side of A4.
  7. 96 downloads

    This describes the process you might go through in building a Fantasy HERO character. It is meant to demo to a new player what you might want to think about as you go through the process.
  8. 57 downloads

    This is a character whose power schtick is duplication but does not use the power duplication...
  9. 38 downloads

    Basic description of how I have sought to produce a macro in Roll20 that generates a dropdown of other macros that do manoeuvres in play.
  10. 38 downloads

    This is a set of macros that could be used to utilise Maelstrom from the 6th Edition rules in Roll20. They may provide the basis for macros to use any energy projector style character.
  11. 27 downloads

    The EU explained for Science Fiction fans
  12. 170 downloads

    Three pdf (Jack, Jonas and Skink) character sheets with the system hidden as far as possible alongside three more standard pdfs... I have also added 4 pdfs (Clin, Hans, witchdoctor and Jean-Philipe) who were created for a Day after Ragnarok game we were playing...
  13. 30 downloads

    This is an example of a card players can hold that shows their power. Slots are there to put END markers indicating the level of power the player will use in their turn.
  14. 98 downloads

    This is an alternative way of presenting character information.
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