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The Athletic's got a long story this morning, about the McDaniel/Ziegler firings.  It is a litany of mistakes, misjudgments, and general misery.


One of the late paragraphs:



Worse than the embarrassing losses by McDaniels and Davis’ money being set on fire by Ziegler was that there was no believable plan for success going forward. McDaniels looked more and more flustered by the day and said after the Bears loss that “football is a mysterious game sometimes.”



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To rub salt into the wound, I saw a post on the Book of Face yesterday pointing out that the Raiders are now paying Jon Gruden and Josh McDaniels a combined $80 million not to coach their team.


I don't see how a team could make any kind of positive change under that kind of financial burden. This mess is going to take a long time to clean up.

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35 minutes ago, unclevlad said:

Another story from yesterday pointed that out as well.  The Raiders will have issues with that...but they're apparently relatively cash-strapped.  


And yeah, stories frequently point back to the common denominator of the Raiders' issues...Mark Davis.


Mark Davis is way too hands-on as an owner.  And he's way too impatient.


That said, the day it was announced, everyone on Earth knew how the McDaniels hire was going to turn out.  (Although only the Raiders could have a coach flame out this spectacularly.). It was especially disappointing since Davis might already have had the answer with Rich Bisaccia.  That man took a team whose WR1 had just gone to jail for murder, and went 7-5 and into the playoffs.  He might not have been the next coming of Belichick but he was clearly competent, and more to the point, he could probably have been picked up for next to nothing (for an NFL coach).  Besides, how brilliant of an offensive mind do you have to be with Davante Adams on your team?


Instead we got the last 1.5 seasons, and now the Raiders play the Giants in three days with a rookie interim HC and a rookie QB.  Wcgw?

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41 minutes ago, unclevlad said:

Of course, your comments amplify the futility of the BRONCOS' senior management, before the sale went through.


Cuz they hired McDaniel AND Hackett....



Oh, I bet we could get Hackett to coach the Raiders.  Great idea!


Or else, is Jeff Saturday busy?  I mean he beat us once, so he can't be worse, right?

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Vegas got this one.  Steelers were -2.5;  O/U was 36.5.


I still don't think the Steelers are that good, but 5-3 is 5-3, and they've taken the first against the Ravens.  They've got games against the Packers, Colts, Pats, and Cardinals left, too, so there's a pretty good chance Tomlin keeps his winning season streak alive.  OTOH, they have 2 against the Bengals, and the Ravens, Seahawks, and Browns.  


Titans, OTOH, are in a world of hurt, 3 back of the Jags, and obviously 3-5 doesn't stack up well for a WC.  And, of course, major QB issues.  


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When it rains, it pours....


Vikes' backup Hall gets nailed trying to run the ball in...he's under the concussion protocol.  NOT how one would like one's first start to end, less than a full quarter in.  So they're forced to fall back to Dobbs...on the roster for less than a week.  First 2 possessions were....less than positive.  Sack-safety and sack-fumble.


Good thing for DT...the Falcons' offense isn't exactly stellar.  3 FGs to go with that safety.  

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1 minute ago, Pariah said:

And the Vikings have now won that game, because Atlanta sucks.


Yep.  Big time.  Still give the Vikes credit for a long drive to take the lead back at the end.


CJ Stroud has just VAULTED into RoY considerations.

Mayfield drives Tampa Bay down to take the lead...by 4...with 46 seconds left.  Kickoff is is a touchback.  Stroud goes 75 hards in 40 seconds, 2 nice throws getting them into the red zone, then end zone.  His final stats...30/42 for...count em...470.  And *5* touchdowns.


39-37 Texans...who are now .500.

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1 hour ago, Pariah said:

And the Vikings have now won that game, because Atlanta sucks.

That and this Dobbs kid might actually be a decent QB. 

So far the Derps with their rookie QB and their rookie coach are at least not imploding. I mean, it’s the Giants. But I’ve seen worse out of them. Recently. 

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