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"Neat" Pictures

Dr. Anomaly

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We've got threads for catsuit pics, funny pics, big-breast pics, wallpapers...but sometimes I run across pics that don't fit any of those categories. They may be pics of good-looking anime girls, neat maps, sleek aircraft, or whatever.


Since there is no real "matching" thread/topic for things like that, let's create a catch-all for pics that you find "neat" that doesn't fit one of the other categories.


I'll kick it off with a panoramic map of Mars. There is a larger, higher-res version available here if you want it. ;)



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Re: "Neat" Pictures


Quote' date=' pull out the link, go directly there, and then hit 'Refresh' if need be.[/quote']


Odd... I can still see them.


I'll just put them on my own bandwidth, then. >.>;

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Re: "Neat" Pictures


This is a repost of the charts I... borrowed... from someone else's bandwidth. Hee, I forget about that sometimes when I get excited.


LOL it is easy to do, so I would recommend taking a cold shower before posting;) Actually great thread here Doc and as soon as I have anything, it will be here

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Re: "Neat" Pictures


Here is a random assortment pictures and cool maps


A man made cave in Bermuda



A map of Elimina Fortress which is a former slaver castle in Ghana



A picture of Elimina Fortress



A niffy 3d map of Winding Cave



Not a map, but cool.


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