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1 hour ago, Lord Liaden said:

So, can we officially include "neat paintings" in the "neat pictures" category? I was operating on the basis of photos of real things. Paintings can be of anything the artist imagines.


Interestingly enough, the very first post in his thread sets a guideline of sorts...



They may be pics of good-looking anime girls


Hm. It looks like pictures depicting the artificial have been welcome since its inception.

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About fully synthetic images....


This one, BTW, is a fully synthetic image based on photometric data of this object and published transformations for B-V color to RGB triplet values, and a model of the "seeing disk" (how a point source on the sky gets transformed into something like a photograph seen through atmospheric distortion and the human visual apparatus). 


There's some mistakes in it that I haven't bothered to fix.  My avatar is a highly reduced version of this image.


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On 5/24/2018 at 2:08 PM, Funk Thompson said:






What you need to understand is that I don't care about the game. I don't care about the rules. I don't even care about these pathetic souls you keep locked away as a barrier to the prize.

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