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A Thread for Random Musings

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It amazes me how off-topic threads wander. I like that, it's very conversational even if on occassion annoying if you're the one who wants to stay on-topic. I was just looking at the second "where's AgentX" thread and it also has gone off the deep end and has nothing to do with where AgentX might be.

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I really wish I could find something that I could do for a living AND would pay AND I'd really enjoy.


Problem 1: I don't like anything when it becomes "work" - it's a bad character flaw of mine; it's not that I mind hard work, I can engage in it when I'm interested quite easily, but when something becomes day-after-day "must do", continually, I just lose some passion for it; I do think I'd lose less if it were something I loved more, though


Problem 2: The things I REALLY enjoy don't pay squat, or at least they don't pay remotely what I make now, so any change is going to be a substantial living adjustment. And I'm too stubbornly materialistic (as is my wife) to make that change with any ease.


Then I realize how much better my "problem" is than all those people out there starving or not working or whatever. I do have it pretty good.

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Ok, so I go to the family Homestead for the Thanksgiving Festivities. Four Generations of both sides of my family live within an hour of each other.


Firstly, the ten hour car trip. Indiana. What can you say.


Thursday, we had thanksgiving at my Aunt Linda's house. She just got the Gastric Bypass done, and she's lost tons of weight. Didn't even recognize her. Can't eat more than a thimbleful of food at one time, and can't eat and drink at the same time or else it messes up her digestion something fierce.


Everyone was very fun and welcoming. Talked to my cousins, and didn't even have to throw one of them down the stairs, like in years past.


Spent some time talking to Aunt Linda's Live In's Mother. Interesting lady. Made a point of telling me how happy she was to be retired and living in a home.


Didn't get to talk to Grandpa and Grandma much, and Grandpa commented on that when we were leaving.


Ate a reasonable amount, but not too much food. All in all, it was a fun day.


To be continued...



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Friday, Got up and did the traditional After Thanksgiving Sales Trip with mom and my wife.


We went to Walmart, where else. And Menards, which is like Home Depot or Lowe's, but more ... countryfied, I guess. I've always been surprised that Menards never made a go of the south, they're purely a northern midwestern thing. Bought dad and granddad their gifts.


Plus Staples, to look at All in One Printer/Scanner/Copiers for mom.


Oh, yeah, and Barnes and Noble to get a book for Bret. (my nephew. Yes, he is named for Bret Hart, why did you ask?)


It started snowing. Which was really pretty, but kinda sucked. I became a Southerner to avoid the snow.


So, we went home, found out that dad was going over to his parents (the ones that yesterday commented that they didn't get enough time to talk to us).


So, we went with dad over to their house. Art (Aunt Linda's live in, remember?) came over to use the big barn, and the grinder because his son forgot to tighten the lug nuts on his truck tires after switching over to the snow tires and stripped the lug screws. That was fortunate, because it gave Dad and me a chance to go inside and work on the toilet.


We gave Grandma her present, and she opened it. (Snowglobe Christmas tree ornaments).


Says I, "That's the other half of your gift, you already got the bamboo."


Says Grandma, "Bamboo?"


Says My Wife, "When Mom came down and visited, we sent up an arrangement of bamboo for you?"


Chimes in my dad, "Grandpa said for mom to keep it, that grandma would just kill it, so there wasn't any point."


Says my wife and I, "wish mom had told us that, we would have gotten more gift."


Sigh. Thanks Mom!


Fixed the toilet, Art fixed the truck, had a nice visit (these were the grandparents I didn't get along with, it's nice to be able to talk with them again).


Went back home, got Mom, went to Mike's for pizza (Dad's best friend owns a Pizza Parlor).


Went home, CJ and I fixed mom's computer (ID10T error, primarily) and we went to bed.


To be continued...



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I watched 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' for the 93rd time last night. It's still good. Poor Max the dog is still one of the funniest things in the history of funny.


However, "You're a MEAN one, Mr. Grinch..." will now be running through my head for the next 4 weeks. :(


...I wouldn't TOUCH you....with a 39-AND-A-HALF foot pole..." :D

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contiuned again...


So, we got up on saturday, and went over to Grandma's (Mom's mom) to fix up the house some. She's trying to convince everyone that she's fine by herself.


So, we got down the chairs, got out the tables, got things arranged, and then went home for breakfast.


Got breakfast, then my bro and his kids came over, and we had Christmas. Got the X-men2 dvd. CJ got a blanket. Got Bret a RC car and "the blue sword", Serena got "Swan Princess Barbie" and a playset for the same. We got Andy and Dana some chocolate Liquors. Ha.


Went over to Grandmas, hung out with that side of the family (which we visit more often, and so got to talk about more than "what you been doing in the four years since we saw you?" Of cource, that means that the conversations revolve around the redneck triumverate...Trucks, Football, and Deer Hunting)


Found out that Megan was pregnant again. She's 20, has 3 kids from 3 different fathers. Sigh.


The Men were out on the porch talking about the new Hemi in the Dodge truck, and whether Uncle Mac should get one, or stick with the Cummings Turbodiesel when he gets his new truck.


We shuttled around between groups, talking to people, listening in, getting caught up, and generally having fun.


Had lunch, which was good. Grandma announced that this was her last Thanksgiving, and that if anyone wanted a big thanksgiving get together, they'd have to have it at their house. Go Grandma!


Listened to the guys talk about Football for a while, then got involved with the card playing. Some new card game Aunt Carrie found somewhere. Of cource, she was the only person who knew the rules, so she kept "remembering" new ones as things happened in the game.


More conversations, more fun.


Eventually, we chased everyone out, and went home.


Got up on Sunday, drove ten hours, avoiding the idiots (of which there were lots of them) and got home safe and sound.


Picked up the cat from her keeper, and a spare (our pet sitter is the director of our animal shelter, and she needed a fosterer for a cat).


Spent yesterday picking up, doing laundry and shopping. Came back to work today.


Doing CMT. Damn, I hate country music.



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This week is "Merit Bonus" time here at work. Everyone's getting called into the bosses offices and getting their percentage.


Some seriously depressed faces coming out of the office.


Of cource, I probably got the best review I've gotten here, and a 4.75% bonus. If I keep up the good work, promotion probably on the next half year.


I'm a little stoked.


Plus friday is the Holiday Party, free booze on the company. Whoo!



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My s/o is a waitress, and commonly works double shifts, that means she's on her feet a good 12-14 hours per workday.


I work in IT, 8 hour shift on my butt, with plenty of leeway to take trips out for a bite to eat, and time to surf the web and other such diversions.


When it comes to household chores, the whole "work smarter, not harder" thing is a crock. Somehow, she's convinced me that I have to do more scutwork around the house because hers is the more strenuous job. You'd think the fact that I pay all the rent and utilities would earn me some points in that regard. You'd be wrong.

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Earlier tonight, I realized at a corporate function how much I hate enforced (or heavily "encouraged") social doings, not so much events, but actual performances, such as bowling, or pool, or dancing, where everyone more or less has to partipate. Blech. I just hate such things. Intensely. Unless I drink a lot, and I'm getting to the point in life where I don't want to do that.


However, after the dust settled and we were left to our devices, I do admit i do like my coworkers, mostly, quite a bit.

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Separate note - fantastic evening of listening to music and talking with a wondefully talented artist, a friend who is an amazing songwriter and very, very good singer.


That is a reminder of the things that last, that matter.


hmmmm - why does posting on this board "matter"? Electronic relationships are so odd...

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