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A Thread for Random Musings

Old Man

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I've been just a wee bit troubled by my board "persona", the "Crazy Reptilian Conqueror", in that it's certainly far removed from anything else about me - except I suppose in its expressly tangential relationship to anything else here, so I suppose it's a decent symbol.


Also, I'm not a lizard person. I don't dislike them, I think they're cool as animals go, but I don't know much about them.


Then again, not knowing much gives me the strength to invent characterizations never imagined! ("of course I shoot death rays out of my rectum, that's what super-reptiles DO!")


I do really like the avatar though, which is how it all started. That plus an old NPC of mine whom I've never really developed much but might moreso now, the Lizard King. He had a Jim Morrisson fixation in his first incarnation and he had it for something like 15 minutes in the second, but I think I'm dropping that except as an easy affectation for him that he continues to use out of convenience, and it makes him a bit more approachable - which is fine as human is his favorite meal.

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I just moments ago found out who the Hilton sisters are. I thought it was some sort of joke when I saw in the Q&A or Answers and Questions, didn't really pay attention. Then I kept seeing spam coming into my mail about "Paris Hilton" and realized, after deleting the 50th or so one, this was in reference to a person or an event at the Paris Hilton. So I googled it and saw what all the fuss is about. Where do people hear about this stuff? I admit, I don't look at the celebrity pages unless I'm desperate to read "anything", but I can't figure out who does otherwise.

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I have random musings all day. Can I just stay here? Ah, but nobody ever says anything back here, so I guess not.


Anyway, I was just thinking, I kind of like bad art. I don't mean boring or banal or "merely" bad art, but BAD art, wretched or ridiculous or seriously offensive (not merely one-word gestures or their equivalent) art. It's intrigueing; you know someone actually went to an effort to do it, and in most cases they actually think they did something good. It may be laughable or sad. But it sometimes causes you to stop and think as much as good art - after all, it's one thing to get a mirror into someone's soul that "makes sense" and you can appreciate, it's quite another to stand there, staring aghast, and wondering, "What is WRONG with you?" If you have any reflective nature at all, you kind of have to turn that around and challenge yourself, even if briefly (as often the answer is, "No, I"m quite fine, you really ARE screwed up!").

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