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A Thread for Random Musings

Old Man

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Nobody gets into Christmas like Kara.


The house is decorated to the Nth degree.


There's constantly either a Christmas movie or show on TV, or Christmas music playing on the stereo.


Kara is baking and cooking like crazy, laughing at the "help" she's getting from Katie and Kim, even though it makes the clean up harder.


She's got the kids excited to an insane degree.


Everything she wears this time of year has a Christmas theme.


She can't walk by anyone without wishing them happy holidays and she can't pass by a Salvation Army bell ringer without dropping something in their kettles.


She's even humming Christmas songs in her sleep.

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Originally posted by James Gillen

Unless you have no children.

And you're a guy.




(sorry all - but I think it needs to be in this thread for all to see)


2 point violation! Take all replies to random musings to the thread about musings about random musings (it's usually bumped to the second page unfortunately).

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I'm almost never visibly (even to myself) nervous before shows. But I know I suppress and it comes out in other ways, and the more interesting thing is that I can see it in others who say they're not nervous but they're interactions with others' changes noticably, even if it's subtle (more talkative, less talkative, joking, serious, whatever). And people do some silly things before shows as part of this manifestation of underlying nervousness.


I can kind of see why traveling rock bands trash hotels and do stupid stuff. Not justifying it whatsoever (one can still control oneself) but I can see where the mind reacts oddly to pressures of performing in front of others, and can well imagine how exaggerated that is when that process becomes ongoing, especially in young people (typical rock bands) who aren't so self-aware.

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The man that owns our movie theatre has to come out before every major opening, and talk to the audience for 20 minutes. It kills me, and in turn I want to kill him. First though I want to get an organ grinder and put a monkey hat on him and tell him to dance...dance monkey boy, dance. Ah well, it'll never happen and I'm looking forward to seeing him Wednsday morning at 12:01 in the AM as I prepare to watch ROTK...I have many rubber bands in my jacket...



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The show went okay. Not great, not poorly, but okay.


The first set was a bit tentative, we just couldn't kick into full gear. I think we were being too serious. As we've noted, the couple times including this we've performed in front of an audience, we don't seem to reach the same insane complex and dense sounds as when playing just for ourselves. But it's also fairly difficult music to play well.


The second set went better, kicked in with more energy and sustained much of the time.


Overall had a pretty good time, and people's applause seemed reasonably spirited and not forced, so that's a good sign.

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I stayed up till four in the morning, hooked on the Jedi Academy game, then crashed and got to sleep in... late. I come back to life only to learn that while I was away, Saddam has been confirmed as captured.


It's amazing how the farthest away things, that don't directly affect you, can uplift your spirits sometime. Christmas is not my favorite holiday, and I was suffering severally from a funk about it, but oddly, This, THIS gives me hope.


Perhaps now, I can sing and wish for Peace on Earth, good will towards men... without thinking to myself "Yeah right". Sure, it's still likely never going to happen... but the dream feels more alive now.



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For such a non-violent, non-confrontational person, Kara is a surprisingly rabid football fan.


With the Rams winning the NFC West by beating Seattle today, Kara is in a great mood, excitement just emanating from her. Of course, this is infecting the girls, even though Faith is the only other football fan. :) The twins are like miniature Kara clones, though, so they're pretty hyper to begin with, so they're picking up on the excitement, too. Erin is oblivious, thankfully. lol


Kara's still glued to the TV set, though. There are still NFL games being televised. lol

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You know, there are times I just reflect on my life, and I just found myself doing it a few minutes ago. I don't know why.


I've decided I'm a lucky woman. I'm healthy. I have a beautiful (in every way) wife who loves me dearly, as I do her, and four adorable little girls (I'm biased. :)).


I'm doing well in my career (youngest person to make VP in my corporation, a week before my 30th birthday.)


Kara and I both adore the others' parents and relatives, who get along with each other.


We have good friends, online and off.


All in all, I can say that even though I'm by no means wealthy, I am one very rich woman in all the ways that count. :D


Sorry for the touchy feely. I know it's more Kara's forte than mine. lol

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