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A Thread for Random Musings

Old Man

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It's interesting to me how I've come to post here a lot. A while back I lurked on the boards, started participating in the "on topic" HERO threads, but lurked and stayed away from posting in NGD. Then it switched around and I (relatively) barely post in the on-topic areas and have gotten to enormously enjoy the NGD.


It's the folks. But what strikes me is how I've come to relate to people here. I have a strong reservation on feeling friendship or kinship to people quickly, and before now had an aversion to the notion via electronic exchanges. Contrary to that, I've experienced a conversion of sorts, realizing just how meaningful those online relationships can be. I mean, I always knew that was true for others, but I didn't think I could feel so compassionate or friendly towards people I only know electronically.


The people and sort of attitude here in NGD has been an eye-opening experience, in a good way. I would love to meet many of you.

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AgentX wrote in the new Mutual Admiration thread that he appreciated my continual restraint in posting style. I thought about that. I like AgentX a lot which isn't necessarily what I expected since our first bout of serious communication was over the gay marriage thread. (Which I won btw :P ), and it got a bit nasty. I really like him, though, because we both share in common, I think, a similar sort of exploration mode, of starting with a position and peeling back the layers to find the underlying beliefs and philosophies that fuel the position. By the end of the process we can normally agree to disagree and have mutual respect (even if mutual dislike of the position).


Now, the reason I say all this is that I was comparing my exchanges with AgentX with those of a close friend of mine via e-mail. My other friend, Shawn, and I, can be very blunt. We are just as blunt as AgentX is in his posts. Many people here reading my notes to Shawn would actually find a lot of similarities to AgentX' style when he's being a bit pedantic or (dare I say?) seemingly high-handed, if you will (please don't get offended, X, note the word "seemingly".). They'd probably be surprised it's me (well, except I do slip into disclaimer mode heavily when I really am uncertain on something).


The thing is, the reason I have the "patience" (or whatever word he used) that AgentX attributes to me is that for a spell I've been brusque or blunt with people, but for me it was a downward spiral into rudeness, because at the end of the day it's not just my nature. I think I have a need to be well-liked, even if it's not something I consciously embrace, but I'm not ashamed to admit it must be there. When I let my Mr. Hyde side out it just gets unbalanced, something about my brain-to-mouth gets out of whack quickly.


Hmmm, who cares about this? I think this is REALLY a long-winded way of advertising how self-absorbed i am...oh well...I hope no one minds the "blog" type of post here. I've enjoyed reading some others' posts like that. I'm always surprised at what a blue funk Hermit is in because his posting style so heavily belies that. The guy is such an inspiration.


Okay, enough, time to move on...

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What happened to the Christmas shopping season. From Thanksgiving, now I suddenly have less then a week and a half to get gifts for my nephews and ship it halfway across the continent. What happened to the joy of Christmas, now its rushing to finish projects by year end, shopping for family, getting travel arangments, and juggling bills and holiday cheer. I liked it better when I just had to write a list for Santa and it majikcally appeared.

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I'm feeling particularly mean today, in a positive buzz kind of way. I feel like watching an action flick where some gungho guy blows up a few buildings, slaps the bad guys around and then takes hottie #3 to his place for some well earned R&R.


Man, if I liked beer, I'd be taking a swig of one and crushing the empty can on my forehead.


In the words of the rabbit on Bloom County, "Good God, I could eat a tree!"


Some folks have moodswings, I have a centerfuge.

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Woo hoo! The freakin' bathroom sink is a fully functional member of society again.

The old one got plugged up. In my attempts to unplug, one of the pipes started leaking. When I turned off the feed pipe, that started leaking due to old galvanized pipes.

Old sink turned out to have a crack in it. Bathtub feed pipe decided it wanted attention too. ack.

So bought a new sink and pedastal ($60). It's green and hex shaped!

Plumbers came in and refit pipes and installed new shower. We had them come in again and actually put in what they were supposed to do.

Tiling needed to put sink & shower in. Shower got done, but sink was problomatic.

I just finished it this weekend and today.

Yesterday, threw some of most caustic subtances I could buy down the drain. Clog finally went away. I think I cleared some clogs that were in the main sewer line as well. :D

So after five? months, my bathroom is mostly done. I got some wall repair, but it's semi hidden. ;)

Actually, getting the sink to drain quickly is what's making me happiest right now.

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Colloquial usage vexes me and panders to sub-standard linguistic skill in one's mother tongue. An example:




An oddity, chiefly used in saving lives. The common word meaning "combustible" is inflammable, but some people are thrown off by the in- and think it means "not combustible." For this reason trucks carrying gasoline and explosives are commonly marked FLAMMABLE. Unless you are driving such a truck and are therefore concerned for the safety of children and illiterates, use inflammable.

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I finally got paid something reasonable for mastering/editing somebody's recording work. So many of my musician friends are poor, and I'm still inexperienced, so that's new. It's a kick, but in this case the work was so easy I felt a little guilty - the client could explain exactly what he wanted and was decisive! Easiest 3 hours of work I've ever done. Oh, and I didn't actually need to feel guilty at all, because I was able to actually help, I spotted a problem and fixed it! (Kinda like a professional).


This isn't really a musing - well it is in that it allows me to muse about the career change I might be able to make in 10 years. I just felt good and wanted to type it.

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I still remember the first time I saw "It's a Wonderful Life". I was like 18. It was a beautiful experience, despite my cynicism going in. In fact it was uplifting at a rather difficult time in our family.


EDIT/PS - Especially the performance of course of Jimmy Stewart, especially when he's crying out "I wanna live again, I wanna live again." and before that his suicidal angst. A true everyman in key ways, particularly his despondence. Oooh, he was good in Vertigo, too.

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Why, oh why MTV do you punish me so.


An entire series of shows (5 of them) talking about Limp Bizkit's new album.


Why? Who cares. Limp Bizkit, on a good day are inane, and on a bad day, stupifyingly horrific.


They pay you (again) to put that special on, or was Jessica and Nick unavailable.


Limp Bizkit. Bah.


Fred Durst. Double Bah.



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