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Old Man

A Thread for Random Musings

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I was looking again at the Giro d'Italia 2018 notes on Wikipedia and was curious about Gino Bartali (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gino_Bartali) who was honoured in Israel where the race started this year. Turns out that this 3 time Giro and 2 time Tour de France winner helped to save the lives of Italian Jews during the 2nd World War. And he never made a big song and dance about it. I read what he did and felt good for him.

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A British entertainer called Dennis Norden has died at the age of 96. He was a scriptwriter but was known to many for presenting the blooper show It'll Be Alright on the Night. But the BBC obituary makes the point that he was in the 2nd World War and he and comic Eric Skyes stumbled upon Bergen Belsen and then tried to do something about it.

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Ode to the Cow


My placid cow, you inspire me to write.
I love the way you amble, chew and moo,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the strong anew.

Let me compare you to a dull clover?
You are more beefy, ruminant and ripe.
Null storms whip the twiglets of October,
And autumntime has the dairy tailpipe.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love your pastoral bell, smell and hide.
Thinking of your leafy smell fills my days.
My love for you is the beefy seaside.

Now I must away with a wary heart,
Remember my long words whilst we're apart.


"Dairy tailpipe".  Hm.  Well, I have seen worse, especially from random generator engines.  This one has a "sonnet" option (which was selected while cobbling up the above).





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Massive auroras tonight, and uh ... I just happened to whistle, as one might while on a gentle stroll ... I expect the spirits of the departed to carry my soul away ere sunrise, even if I flicked my nails northwards. :fear:


This post is satirical of a local superstition.

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I was listening to The Very Best of Chicago: Only the Beginning last night, and the first five tracks are "Old Days", "Baby, What a Big Surprise", "Take Me Back to Chicago", "Alive Again", and "No Tell Lover". Then  it went into "Love Me Tomorrow".


The change in musical style was a little jarring.

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