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  1. The review is good in as much that you coverd all the important things and it is true that hero does fantasy very well. But who would buy a product recomended by stalin?
  2. Q: Foxbats latest idea. A: Too much teeth
  3. It was in dark champions and it is a - 10 penalty to ocv not 12
  4. Ahem this is the iron guard logo, that last picture was what it looks like as a mark, on weapons and armour.
  5. Here is a logo I made (with some help) for an evil hi-tech organisation I made. It's called the iron guard.
  6. But the big eyes and small mouth style is a style of its own. Maybe we should invent a word for it.. Anyway thanks for your answers.
  7. Why not give a writeup to the monster that already been pictured in the hero system books? Let me give you a more detailed example: From Fred:  On page 4 there is this brick that are fighting this guy in cape; the brick is cool so why not make a race in fantasy hero who has been around for a long time. Or somebody messed around with some ancient DNA samples or something.  The monster on page 68.  I would defiantly like to see a good writeup of the golem on page70.  The shadow demon on page 135  Page 298 also has a great drawing which I would like to see some stats for. 
  8. Are there a common word for both the Japanese anime and manga to indicate that way of drawing: big eyes and small mouths and so on?
  9. And beautiful scenery... The movie is very good but I saw it in the cinema and i doubt it would transfer to the small screen very well. Still worth a look.
  10. When Lord of the ring became a "super-smash-hit" I was hoping for a lot of American fantasy movies. Americans has a slight tendency to make a lot of movies about a theme and then move to the next. A while back there was a lot of horror movies remakes and right now we have a lot of superheroes, so I'm still hoping for a long run with high budget fantasy movies.
  11. Gamebalance and elf-hating to the side. I mean, was not Tolkien's elf's immune to sickness, immune to ageing, immune to cold, Immune to ghosts and so on? Oh yeah, they live forever right? Question: If you would build Elves in a Tolkien kind of style what kind of powers would you give them?
  12. Is anime and manga the same thing? I thought that anime is short for animated movies and that manga was, well... manga?
  13. Hey! Are any of you going to review the tool kit or what?
  14. So are you going to change his name to Audun or are you going for a boy named Aud When you mention it.. The name Tvalbard does not sound totaly stupid but it sound somewhat aritficial, however some Norwegian famelies does miks and match words just like you, so it is oddly aproiate You could change Tvalbard to Tvalberg if you wanted
  15. Aud Tvalbard is a very good villan, very "Norway" in style. But there one -small- flaw : The name Aud is a womans name a man would be named Audun, just a minor quibble. I really like your character consept I actually made a entropy mage myself once, not with equally good backstory but the players liked (or is that liked hating?) him.
  16. How is his fearlessness described? Does he feel fear but ignore it completely or is he completely immune to fear like a construct? How are fear-based attacks defined in your campaign? Anyhow: you might get what you want by buying some kind of mental desolidificiation and make it difficult to dispel or inherent (if you like the inherent rule, I don’t...)
  17. You can also get some good ideas if you ask for sugestions here.
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