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  1. They go out of their way to make Luke look like a loser.
  2. Even though he has been well and truly character assassinated they still keep kicking his corpse.
  3. You can have immigration even if you are not in the EU..
  4. Wanna fight? Today I show some street fighters, maybe the charactes have to fight someone to pay off someones dept or maybe they gotta prove themselves to some group and/or they are infiltrating an illegal fighting ring. Off course you can also throw a captured PC into some fights to give yourself an exuse to not kill them and give them a chance to escape. This guy might be a bit to overdone and mma like. Here we got a Russian enforcer maybe? An evil promoter or other buisniss type.. A guy who are not afr
  5. Because I wanted to find characters that looks like they are fun to fight and kill. Not to characters that players would want to be friends with. But as you can see that its almost impossible! And I slip up myself all the time. Good thing I called the threat Cool characters for your games and not enemies for your games.
  6. Yeah thats a problem but they can work as villians as well. Cool villians but still.
  7. Time to post some more pictures I found on the net. Some freelance agents today. Mercs and such.. Cool helmet that does not look too futuristic. Could work as an elite assassin or mercenary type of guy. This one could be used in many scenarios. Really fun costume here, apparently its for paintball but the name and look makes it perfect for a Dark Champions enemy! Or character.. From one style to another, here is a crazy soldier. Could be an viglante gone over the edge maybe? Heavy
  8. I never felt that good old dnd was more dangerous to the pc's than the newer editions. The monsters hit more often having the best to hit chance in the game but on the other hand they most often do less damage, they dont have rules for critting and they dont add strength or other bonuses to the damage roll. Making it way easier to estimate how much damage the monster will do. Combat in the old editions might be more predictable and boring though depending on your taste. In any case Hero is much easier to figure out chances especially if you dont use hit locations.
  9. Thats true but I just have not bothered. Maybe I should make some packages with unique stuff that can only be taken as a deal.
  10. Its an old edition true but stat bonuses still count against normal characteristic maxima correct? So if you play an orc you will be better at fighting?
  11. Nothing wrong with being mathematically inclined. And you are right the campain material is well written but the races themselves with rules and stats not so much. Kinda underpowerd I guess..
  12. I never google anything that sounds vaguely Japanese but thanks for the info.
  13. Why does the voice actors look more heroic than our actual action "stars" now adays?
  14. Even though the races within were mostly unused in my Dnd campaign the Mythic races book were both informative and interesting to read. Fantasy race package deals are something I dont use because I think people should pay for their races powers and abilities without getting any bonuses for it. Much more important is the information about the race. Rules are something I think everybody change around anyway. Elves were certainly not having a "good" bloodline since after learning about industrialization of both warfare and exploiting the land of resources it turns the
  15. Easiest way is to save the pictures to your picture folder on your computer then drag the file or choose it to or from the line to the bottom of the reply window.
  16. Somewhat similar beard but the face is completely different. Much longer. More regal nose.
  17. No problem with the side point. I would disagree however with the argument that a superhero horror is as valid as a comedy. Because horror movies genre already have superpowerd beings. The monsters. Dracula, Werewolves and other monster movies have a superpowerd creature attacking regular humans, either it wins or the humans finds it weakness and defeat it. So this movie is going to be a super kid killing people until someone discover kryptonite or just calms him down. Keep in mind that you have to sit and watch for an hour or more just to see this play out. The
  18. What are you arguing against here? Why should a Superman movie where he is not evil be a comedy? Hope is subversive only in social situations where the powers that be want you to be without hope. Hope in itself is positive and uplifting. Not subversive. Why should superheroes selling big or being big in public consciousness somehow make interpreting this sadness irrelevant? Your right about Dr Who being of patchy quality but that is how that series has always been. It all depends on the writer. That said what we are complaining about is the sad
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