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  1. Re: Online Spacer's Toolkit More to the point, is this data something Ben or Dan can pull out of the original database as text? If so, that would be even better. Aroooo
  2. Re: Traveller starship combat Lets use two vehicles listed in the Size chart (Fred 5e pg 463), an attack helicopter and a tank. The tank has a DCV mod of -4 based on its size. The helo a DCV mod of -5. (I don't particularly agree with those numbers, but lets just work with what we have). Now, if a person shoots at the tank, the tank's DCV gets modified by the Size mod of -4, down to a max of 0 DCV (remember, DCV can not go below 0). If the helo shoots at the tank, the tank should not have any DCV mod vs. the helo since the helo is bigger than the tank. If the tank were to sh
  3. Re: Traveller starship combat We're still working out the quirks of space combat in general and traveller combat specifically; but one thing I can tell you is that the DCV mod for size generally applies to vehicle vs vehicle only. (Okay, that did not make much sense...) Basically, get the DCV mod for each space ship, and compare the attacker to defender and apply only the difference to the attacker (but only if its a negative). I do agree with you though about the megascale vs increased range mods. On one very small level I understand why they have the option in there, but it would
  4. Re: Online Spacer's Toolkit
  5. Re: Online Spacer's Toolkit repped! However, I'm having trouble pulling up all the site's graphics. Don't know if it just my office connection (too many folks surfing you tube?) or the archive site. Will try later tonight. If I (or anyone else) can get that info - of Bob if you have HD files - I'll add that to the starherofandom site. Aroooo
  6. Re: Online Spacer's Toolkit I'm pretty sure you got the name right. Personally, I don't know what happened to it or the online Super Powers Database - I was pretty much away from the boards when that change took place. So, while I'm of little help here, I too would like to know what happened to it. Aroooo
  7. Re: Tear heart out of your chest ability, ala "Temple of Doom" Because of the time required (from watching the movie it was not instant), I might do it as a Major Transform - even though transforms are not supposed to kill people as I recall. Depends on how many combat phases you wanted to give the victim to try and escape I suppose. Aroooo
  8. Re: Disadvantages of a Humvee This was written up in the Hero System Vehicle Sourcebook (pg 38). They [steve] only listed the distinctive feature as a disad. Not that the others listed are not good and worthy mind you... Aroooo
  9. Re: Western Hero Make sure you check out the links questionman lsited. They are going to be your best first places to look Aroooo
  10. Re: Fallout Perks A - C When you get this all written up I'd like to post this on starherofandom if you don't mind Aroooo
  11. Re: Simulate Claustrophobia/Cabin Fever for a serious moment, I actually have one of those in my current campaign. For her (while I have not implemented this house rule yet) I sort of treat it in reverse. The longer she stays on planet, esp. away from Startown, the more nervous about open spaces she gets. Aroooo
  12. Re: Simulate Claustrophobia/Cabin Fever Agreed. However, there are those players that have to have everything quantified, especially when it comes to having their characters do something that they don't think they would do. Aroooo
  13. I don't normally cross post, but this seems to be a closed conversation over in the main questions section, so I thought I'd make sure the spacers among us saw this first hand just in case. The original conversation is here http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63992 What I'm trying to do is simulate cabin fever. Here's what I have so far, not including Silbeg's recent comments. I like the percentage of overcrowding idea. I'll have to see how to work that in. Cabin Fever Cabin fever is a condition that produces restlessness and irritability caused from being in a conf
  14. Re: Western Hero You looking for real world gun info, or Hero gun info? If Hero, the Equipment Guide has a plethora of gun stats. You should be able to find what you need in there, or get real close at least. Aroooo
  15. Re: Cyberpunk Biochemical Injector True, but you could say the same for any power that uses charges. How do you track how many 'clips' of machine gun charges a character has? The rules stipulate (FRED, 5e, pg 284): I don't think you're going to be able to build what you want without some level of GM fiat in the equation. For me, in my games, its been "...your gun has 6 rounds in it, you have 12 more rounds in your pocket [i.e. 3 'clips' of 6 charges]. If you need more, you're going to have to go home and get them..." thus taking that character out of the immediate acti
  16. Re: Cyberpunk Biochemical Injector If this is for a Heroic level game (well, maybe even higher), I would do it as a multi-power, each 'drug' an ultra slot in the MP. Then apply the Charges limitation to the multi-power pool directly. That way there are only 3 charges, regardless of how many different drug options the character has available. If you don't want to have an MP with 20-something slots (not knowing how many drugs you'll have available in the game world), then just build the MP with three 'generic' slots, and rotate the vials of drugs in and out as needed. This really only
  17. Re: Vacuum Expossure Training Reped! Aroooo
  18. Re: Traveller Hero Character Point Scale
  19. Re: Simulate Claustrophobia/Cabin Fever Here's what I have so far, not including Silbeg's recent comments. I like the percentage of overcrowding idea. I'll have to see how to work that in. Cabin Fever Cabin fever is a condition that produces restlessness and irritability caused from being in a confined space, when a character or group is isolated and/or shut in, alone or together, for an extended period. To simulate the breaking point, assign characters a 'Cabin Fever Score' based on their EGO, as modified by character concept and background (see table below), plus points from a
  20. Re: Simulate Claustrophobia/Cabin Fever I thought about it, but I'm trying not to add anything that players would have to spend more points on - especially the ones that are already built. I may though, as a 3 or 4 point talent for the born and bread characters. I'll expand the system a bit and post it for comment. Aroooo
  21. Re: Simulate Claustrophobia/Cabin Fever From WikiPedia (if you trust that as a source): "Cabin fever is a condition that produces restlessness and irritability caused from being in a confined space. The actual term is slang for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a party is isolated and/or shut in, alone or together, for an extended period." But you are right; cabin fever is what I'm looking to simulate. I used the term claustrophobia mainly to give the conversation a frame of reference. Aroooo
  22. While this question applies specifically to my Traveller Hero game, I wanted to post it here to attract a wider audience for potential answers/feedback. The short question is: how to simulate claustrophobia susceptibility (aka cabin fever)? The longer background is this: in Traveller, characters are 'stuck' aboard their ship for a week at a time while the ship is in Jump space. While there is usually lots of work to do (ship's maintenance and the like) and the entertainment system is packed, eventually the walls start to close in - even for the most experienced spacer character. One
  23. Re: Traveller Computer Software I'm still working on my mapping app. If anyone out there has Filemaker 9 and would like to help test/debug let m know. Its not quite ready for a run-time build yet... Aroooo
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