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  1. 21 hours ago, Ranxerox said:


    The standard for negligence in this case would be failure to act as an ordinary, prudent energy provider would under the circumstances.  So if they can show that energy providers abiding by industry standards would have weather proofed their equipment given the same chance of facing serious cold, then in theory they have a case that they can win. 


    Of course it is Texas, and they all but worship big oil there, so it is likely to be an uphill fight even if legal negligence did occur.




    20 hours ago, unclevlad said:


    All but??


    *Shrug*  Well, I know that they regularly give human sacrifices to the oil industry, but mostly they are people that they want to get rid of anyway.  So, does that qualify as actual religious devotion?  I'm not an expert on these things.


    13 hours ago, Pariah said:



    To be fair, there's also football.


    Acts of ritualistic violence, stadiums full of chanting and cheering throngs, colorful ceremonial costumes, so yes, clearly religious ceremony.  Who am I to contradict untold numbers of future archeologist and anthropologist?   


  2. 37 minutes ago, unclevlad said:

    I wonder if a class action lawsuit can be filed against the Texas power companies;  it's their fault their systems weren't prepared for an event like this.  Not just from the cost issues, but the overall costs associated with such a failure to maintain their system.


    Fat chance, but one can dream.


    The standard for negligence in this case would be failure to act as an ordinary, prudent energy provider would under the circumstances.  So if they can show that energy providers abiding by industry standards would have weather proofed their equipment given the same chance of facing serious cold, then in theory they have a case that they can win. 


    Of course it is Texas, and they all but worship big oil there, so it is likely to be an uphill fight even if legal negligence did occur.



  3. 7 minutes ago, TrickstaPriest said:


    Yes and no?  It's not like futures, or shorts, the money they put in is the maximum owed.  So if they lose it all, unless they were raiding their own investments/coffers...


    I know, but if they got in after the stock was already on the way up they could lose most of what they invested after the bubble pops.  Not a real problem as long as they were only using money that they could afford to lose, but people aren't always sensible like that.

  4. 1 hour ago, Old Man said:

    Marvel is putting the last member of the new Krakoan Age X-Men team to a vote. You have until February 2 to choose from:


    • Armor
    • Banshee
    • Boom-Boom
    • Cannonball
    • Forge
    • Marrow
    • Polaris
    • Strong Guy
    • Sunspot
    • Tempo


    I think the rest of the team is:



    Jean Grey





    One Other Omnipresent Mutant


    Leaning toward Polaris myself, because I have a thing for green hair.


    Since the rest of the team is extremely white and mostly guys, I think Tempo would be their best choice.  Not sure why they want all three of the Summers boys on one team.


  5. 23 minutes ago, Christopher R Taylor said:


    You're not making the case that Feige is good at portraying heroes very effectively here.  That's Iron Man's entire story arc, cleaning up the problems he created and whining about it.


    And Thor lived for millennia, in that time his sister went berserk and nearly killed all Asgard once already, he is not unfamiliar with the concept of loss and war and death.


    No, she didn't.  He didn't even know that he had a sister.  Her first attack on Asgard happened either before he was born or when he was very young.

  6. 2 hours ago, archer said:


    Now as far as the bear spray, pepper spray, tear gas, two way radios with earpieces, zip ties, and guns go: for many people that qualifies as a list of random items which people keep within arms reach of their computer rather than unusual gear.


    I do research as a hobby. 


    One of the things I've researched is survivalist and prepper culture (I've likely had conversations with at least some of the rioters.)



    How about pipe bombs?  Does your average prepper have a couple of those laying around?

  7. 2 hours ago, archer said:

    I don't think it was a deliberate coup attempt.


    The people breaking into the Capitol building obviously had no idea what to do after they got inside or what they wanted. They took selfies, looted a little, and stood around gawking like tourists. They weren't breaking down doors and dragging out lawmakers to stand trial in a kangaroo court or anything like that.



    Some of the people who stormed the Capitol came prepared to take hostages.  What the frell were they doing if not attempting a coup?



  8. 1 hour ago, Matt the Bruins said:


    The opening scene and mid-credits scene were awesome, and pretty much worth the cost of subscribing to HBO Max for me this month. (Once I binge watch Doom Patrol and the first season of Westworld we'll see if I want to keep it around longer.)


    I also got HBOMax to watch WW84, but after hearing about the download problems I opted to watch Doom Patrol instead.  I have only watched the first two episodes so far, but IMHO they were excellent.  If the show maintains this level of quality, it is going to wind up on my list of favorite TV shows.

  9. 1 hour ago, Christopher R Taylor said:

    I think that Marvel does best when they take advantage of good writing and ideas rather than rewriting existing characters with a niche category.  It has to do with what your goal and ideas are: are we doing this because we think it will attract new readers by pandering, or because we have great ideas and great stories to tell? 


    Thor's sales had been down for a while because it was bad writing and often bad art for years.  A fresh character always attracts lots of readers, for a while, but without the great writing and ideas they always fade away.  Overall Marvel's sales on all their titles, even their best-selling ones, are so low they'd have been straight up canceled in the 90s.



    Please show me some numbers.  The numbers that I found (link) only go to 1997, and they show an industry that has had good years and bad years but generally sells about 80 million physical copies a year, but has really grown their TPB and digital copy business.  In overview the industry appears to be doing fine.

  10. 15 hours ago, Old Man said:

    The city of L.A. just went on the strictest lockdown since March: all residents are required to stay in their homes except when conducting essential activities or essential employment.  All travel is otherwise banned.  All gatherings with people outside the household are banned.


    On the one hand, it's awful.  On the other hand, what took them so long?


    Well, the scary part is that in the continental United States our cases per capita is rate is the 16th lowest.  So there are 34 states doing worse than us*.




    * - If the math doesn't seem to work out, it is because I am including DC as one of the places doing better than us.

  11. 1 hour ago, Starlord said:

    Wonder if Trump resigns a few days before end of term, so that Pence can pardon him to clear him from all his future legal troubles.


    1 hour ago, unclevlad said:

    LOL.  I could see it.  But most of the problems are civil, and AFAIK the pardon mechanism only relates to criminal convictions.


    Also, a presidential pardon is only good for federal crimes.  The SDNY is charging him with a lot of things at the state level.

  12. On 10/28/2020 at 5:48 AM, Cygnia said:

    I tested positive. :(


    If it isn't too bad stay home, but don't be stoic.


    Earlier in the pandemic, someone here (Old Man?) posted a chart of the differences in the treatments of people who survived serious Covid encounters and those who didn't.  The course of treatments were almost identical, but the survivors got the more aggressive treatments one day sooner.  Yep, that was it.  The doctors reaching for the big guns one day earlier in a significant number of cases made the difference between life and death.  How, we treat Covid has changed considerably in the months since that chart came out, but I would not be surprised if basic take away remains unchanged.  If things start to go south, do not hesitate to seek and demand aggressive treatment.  It can make a world of difference.

  13. 9 hours ago, Matt the Bruins said:

    No, I think you're spot-on in your assessment, and increasing blue-on-white violence by 150% probably wouldn't change anything because we know it wouldn't be rich, powerful white men getting killed. Just information for the general topic to highlight that for back men, dying at a police officer's hands is more likely than due to a stroke or diabetes.


    I agree that blue on black violence is a serious problem, and certainly, black lives matter.  That being said somewhere in the neighborhood of 9000 black men die each year of diabetes and close to 14000 die of strokes annually.  So, you will need to produce some receipts to convince me that police killings of black men get anywhere near those numbers

  14. 42 minutes ago, Greywind said:

    And who is at the heart of the Ukraine scandal?

    Biden by way of his son.


    No, the heart of the Ukraine scandal was Trump and Giuliani.  They made it very clear that what was important to them was that Ukraine announce that they were investigating the Bidens, and that they were willing to withhold approved aid until they got the announcement.  It was the announcement that was important to them, not evidence of wrong doing or exoneration.  The important thing was to score the political hit.


    Speaking of exonerating evidence, Joe Biden has been exonerated of wrong doing in Ukraine by multiple parties.  This includes a Republican led Senate investigation that concluded just last month. Link 


    So if the Senate Republicans found him innocent in an election year, you can best believe that Biden is a pure as the driven snow on where the Ukraine is concerned.


    As for the new "evidence" of "Hunter Biden's" laptop, Fox news wanted nothing to do with it and the laptop because they viewed it overly suspect.  Indeed the New York Post writer who wrote up the story had his name removed from the byline because he did not view his own story as being credible.  Giuliani is known to be a target of Russian intelligence efforts.  Everything about the story stinks like 5 day old five day old halibut.


    So no this not about Biden or his son.  This is about grifters, and gullible people who are choosing to believe them

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