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  1. Re: Super-Skills Megathread Made this formynew Dark Champions character Has a Very Distinct Sound: Detect Firearm Type (Large Class of Things) (Hearing Group) Discriminatory, Requires a Weapon-smith or KS: Firearms Roll For the hero who can identify any gun just by the sound of it being fired. Can easily be changed to Sight Group if he relies on visual analysis instead.
  2. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Few that a friend sent me.
  3. Re: Cities that need heroes How about Mephis or Nashville. Never see any teams based in Tennessee, course the most important thing we have is the country music capital of the world so that might have something to do with it.
  4. Mindscape

    Super Names

    Re: Super Names Heroes Order, The Platinium Protector Sigil, Master of Solomon's Seal Villians Technocrat The Corps
  5. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster My first try hope everyone likes it.
  6. Re: How many Dragon's teeth adorn YOUR shield? Yeah, sorry about being unclear.
  7. Re: How many Dragon's teeth adorn YOUR shield? The last time my group fought a dragon, well lets just say that I am thankful that our GM was extremely realistic about it. We fought two almost back to back. The first one that we fought was a Black Dragon, we only just beat it because our Paladin (me) was a Dragon-born (D&D Races of the Dragon) and knew a little something about dragons. I was on horseback with my lance and while the Rogue distracted it, I charged and impaled the organ that gives it the acid breath ( no more sizzling green death). The second one was a Green and we beat i
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