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  1. Badger's post reminded me. Peas. Ugh. Can't stand 'em. Also zucchini (though that's another food that I don't think has a lot of fans). The only times I ever tried zucchini and didn't hate it was in zucchini bread, and once at a Japanese steakhouse where it didn't taste horrid. The joke here in Michigan is that you can't give zucchini away. I heard once a farmer put a bushel of zucchini in the back of his truck by the road with a sign: "Zucchini - Free." When he came back later, there were *three* bushels of zucchini there.
  2. According to their menu, the Grinch testicles Brussels sprouts are fried with mild sriracha honey, smoked cashews, and Everything Bagel seasoning and you can add crispy bacon for an extra charge. So they're not greasy or overdosed with bacon, though I'd say the honey and seasoning probably do help kill the taste of the sprouts.
  3. Make sure pigs can't fly. Because... Ground. Hog.
  4. If I had no other comment about your post, Duke, I would at least need to say that I'm going to try putting "Racist Douche Waffles" into more common use. I've long thought the same, except that lately I seem to find more and more people who like Brussel sprouts, particularly when they're fried with bacon. There's a local restaurant that serves them that way, and my wife and two daughters all love them, as well as my sister. Me, I agree with your "little green sacs of bile" comment.
  5. I'll bet that makes things interesting at the drive-up COVID testing.
  6. "Down Here Waiting For the Zombie Apocalypse"
  7. Count me among the brussell sprout haters. Can't stand them. I also never acquired the taste for coffee, though I love the smell. (I associate it with my dad, who drank it regularly, so the smell triggers subconscious happy memories.) Beer. Can't stand the stuff. In my 20s I had two friends who tried desperately to get me to drink beer. The smell made me gag, and the taste was even worse. They kept saying, "It's an acquired taste." I replied, "Why the heck would I want to acquire it?!"
  8. Ah, I do, and I never noticed that piece on Combining. I'll have to look it over. Thank you.
  9. I don't like mayonnaise, though I do like Miracle Whip. Count me in the "don't really like yogurt" camp as well. The same with sushi, though that's probably because I just don't like fish. Onions. Can't stand them in salads or on burgers. though I can handle them okay cooked into certain dishes, and actually like them on grilled brats. (That's the sausage, not obnoxious kids.) For the longest time, I couldn't stand microwave popcorn. This stems from my freshman year at college, where a housemate used to put popcorn in the microwave, set it for far too long... and then promptly forget about it. He burned so much popcorn that I started to associate the smell of popcorn with the sure-to-come acrid smoke.
  10. I'm writing up a variation on this character (from our good friend Enforcer84 for the New Peace Armada in the Villain Theme Team thread): (I'm changing the character to a woman, but that doesn't really affect my question. Also, this is for a campaign with heroes starting out at 315 points.) What I'd like to do is have her summon man-sized "lesser pollution elementals" (LPEs) of various types, and then during combat combine at least four of them into a larger "greater pollution elemental" (GPE). I already have the Summon power for the LPEs, which I've written up as: Call Lesser Pollution Elementals: Summon 2x 225-point creatures, Expanded Class (Limited Group; +½); Extra Time (Full Phase; -½). 75 AP, 50 RP, 7 END. For the GPE, I'm thinking something like: Combine Pollution Elementals: Summon 350-point creature; Extra Time (Full Phase; -½), Requires at least 4 LPE's (-½? I'm basing that on Require Multiple Users). As-is, this would create the GPE without technically removing the LPEs. Should I remove them with a Side Effect on the new Summon? Or a custom Limitation of some sort? Or should there be a limitation on the LPE summoning? Thank you in advance for your input on this.
  11. Let me guess - he's a disgraced doctor as well.
  12. Personally, I'd make her cybernetic augmentation be somewhat obvious, without being monstrous-looking. Outer coating of high-strength polymers, so one arm and both legs don't look natural up close, but from a distance can pass for normal (or covered up with slacks, long-sleeved blouses, and gloves). If she has optic enhancements, maybe she wears tinted glasses to hide that cyber-eye.
  13. O is for Optic. In addition to having highly enhanced senses (mostly sight), she is also a low-level mentalist very concerned with the group's public image.
  14. Rainbow Dragon. For the LGBTQ community. May not have any major attacks, but it looks Fabulous!
  15. My daughter said, "Not to blaspheme, but they really should have put him where Jesus is." We were both surprised at how long it took us to find one with him in the Last Supper.
  16. Is there Sex after Death? Yes. In the dictionary.
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