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  1. The 2nd amendment to their constitution gives their citizens the individual right to bear nuclear arms.
  2. Gillian Anderson's birthday. (Hey, I figure that's sacrilegious to Death Tribble...)
  3. Just dropping the "t" and rearranging the letters? How about... Pants
  4. You're right. My apologies.
  5. By "dinosaurs" do you mean other tenured professors? (jk)
  6. There could be another explanation... (courtesy of Alex Marino) [Trump walks into Oval Office alone. Shuts door. We hear a whoosh from off camera] TRUMP: I don’t get it Al, why haven’t I leaped!? AL: Stay at it, Sam. Ziggy says there’s a 95% chance you’re here to get this guy impeached. TRUMP: WHAT MORE COULD I POSSIBLY DO!?
  7. Might want to throw in Reduced END on STR, only to lift/carry.
  8. Not the best picture, but this fits the color scheme.
  9. Although, in line with Archer's post about misdirection and giving herself an edge, the "tech" could all be for show. "Oh, no! You've taken away my gauntlets and my belt! Whatever am I to do?" I've done that with a mutant luck manipulator. Early in her criminal career she filled plastic Easter eggs with glitter and would thrown them when she used her powers. If someone "disarmed" her, they'd quickly learn that didn't stop her at all. Edit to add: Since Echo has a secret ID, I'd add solid black goggles or a solid cloth upper-facemask to that - still play off Archer
  10. Available now, from the folks who brought you Pointing a Gun At Your Own Crotch...
  11. I can't remember which comedian it was, but he complained that his ex-girlfriend kept calling him asking how to deal with various problems. One time, she called to say that the light bulb in her bathroom burned out, and she wanted to know how to change it. He responded, "First, you fill the bathtub with water..."
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