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Britain gets a gold in Women's Freestyle BMX as Charlotte Worthington does a trick not performed before in competition.

Britain gets a pommel horse gold in gymnastics. Israel gets a gymnastics gold. Biles is not competing at all which is sad.

The USA wins the gold in golf with Slovakia getting silver. But there was a seven way play off for bronze which Chinese Taipei won.

Germany wins the men's singles tennis

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Belarus athlete will fly to Poland after refusing to be forcibly repatriated


Lily King calls BS on not celebrating silver and gold medals


I agree with her statement. I've seen a lot of comments with the "silver medalist is the first loser" (their words exactly) attitude. Yet the US media counts silver and bronze to rank the countries in Olympic achievement. You can't have it both ways. and let's see the armchair quarterbacks do any better. And to quote the US Women's Gymnastics Team, they "don't owe you a gold medal."

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It is, unfortunately, deeply entrenched in modern culture.  Fine, it might be a movie line, but "second place is first loser" resonated because it only said what so many already believe.  


I've certainly heard horror stories about similar situations...gymnastics was a big one.  But not the only one.  They're predominant in Eastern Europe and China...but that's merely the more blatant.  Consider the best NFL runs...Pats of course, Steelers, Cowboys.  Where do you put the Bills?  4 straight Super Bowls is insanely good.  4 straight losses and you're buried.  Second place is first loser.  Plenty of other examples.


Athletes making political statements at victory ceremonies isn't something I particularly like...but it's also the only place anyone tends to pay attention to many of them, that aren't in the limelight at any other time.  But silence is how oppression thrives.


EDIT:  scrolled down to some of the comments after the Morgan story.  You want even more ugly...the Biles bashing was even nastier.  "Chicken out" and "tantrum" were tossed out.  That's a little different;  I think that's closer to toxic masculinity.  But the two notions are connected to a degree, IMO.

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16 hours ago, unclevlad said:

Consider the best NFL runs...Pats of course, Steelers, Cowboys.  Where do you put the Bills?  4 straight Super Bowls is insanely good.  4 straight losses and you're buried.  Second place is first loser.  Plenty of other examples.


Four straight Super Bowls isn't just insanely good, it's unprecedented. It's literally never been done before or since. No other team can say that they've been to four consecutive Super Bowls. Not the Steelers, not the Cowboys, not the Patriots.


The Broncos get some of this flak too because they lost five Super Bowls, all in embarrassing fashion. But to lose five Super Bowls, you have to go to five Super Bowls. How many teams can say that?* And hey, the Broncos have also managed to win three Super Bowls along the way. That's not nothing.


(It's also worth noting that the Patriots have also lost five Super Bowls, but nobody talks about that much. Funny how that works, yeah?)


So to all the haters and the analysts and the armchair quarterbacks who are promulgating The Myth Of The First Loser, pick a direction and walk till your hat floats. Better yet, let's have an in-depth conversation about the last time you finished first--in anything.



* The answer to that question is 10: Patriots, Cowboys, Steelers, Broncos, 49ers, WFT, Packers, Dolphins, Giants, and Raiders. About a third of the league, in other words.

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I haven't watched any sailing in ages...ESPN showed the America's Cup a few times.  The event itself is kinda dull as a spectator sport, but the open water was gorgeous.


What I do like to watch from time to time, are the whitewater sports.  What's going on is interesting and easy to follow.  And clearly challenging.


Kind of appropriate here to note that the Winter Olympics are  6 months away...almost to the day, as I write this.  Feb. 4th.  But there'll be the same time-shifting issues, because they're being held in China.

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Sailing is like most Nordic skiing events: yeah, boring to watch.  Even biathlon, where they give the skiers rifles, but don't allow them to shoot at each other.  That suggests the addition of a couple of shore batteries or floating mines would liven things up considerably.  Or maybe even boarding actions.

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In the NHL, Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharrks is being investigated for betting on hockey -- including his own games -- on the basis of accusations from the wife who is divorcing him (partly on the grounds of domestic abuse). The accusations were spread on Social Media and are denied by the player. The problem is that the NHL, like the other major pro leagues in the US, has started to embrace the inevitable rise of online and casino betting on games. This puts the league in a very awkward position -- if players betting threatens the game, then why is the NHL cozying up with all these sportsbooks and casinos?


Yhe problem is that even if they prove to be baseless, the cloud over Evander Kane will linger through the rest of his life, long after his feats on the ice fade into obscurity with time.

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Britain have reached their target which was 45 medals in total. Not 45 gold or 45 silver or 45 bronze but 45 in total.

We got a showjumping gold. And our heptathlete is out injured.

Canada wins the Mens 200m

Poland wins Men's hammer

Kenya won Men's 800m

Uganda wins Women's 3000m steeplechase


And it is nice to see Australia doing well

Italy won the cycling team pursuit with Filippo Ganna the World Time Trial champion part of the squad. That's two current Olympian gold medallists that Ineos have.

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The USA men's basketball team went from 15 down in the 2nd quarter to 19 up at the end of the third and ended up beating Australia to clinch a spot in the gold medal game. They'll play the winner of France vs. Slovenia, which game starts in about 20 minutes. 

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