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Not a good day for tennis fans.


Nadal loses in Washington in the 3rd round, to the 50th ranked player in the world.  This was his first event since Paris.  He'd aggravated the foot injury that's been the major issue in his match the day before.


Federer says he's going to skip the next 2 events due to his knee situation.  He hasn't played since Wimbledon.


That clearly raises the question of whether they *can* continue to play at anything like their former level.  Win individual matches?  Yes.  Beat almost anyone?  Probably.  Beat the top guys?  Maybe.  Win 5 matches in a row?  Ehhhh.....


Another aspect to the problem is that they're starting to drop in the rankings.  The ranking procedure was tweaked due to Covid, quite reasonably;  I think it's beginning to return to normal.  If they can't play, their rankings may start slipping faster.  That means tougher opponents earlier.  Fed's down to 9th, which means he could have to face the 5, 2 and 1 seeds.  Nadal slipped to 4th...but the next event, next week, is the Rogers Cup in Canada.  It's a Masters 1000...and Nadal is the defending champ.  Those points come off his ranking once that event starts.  That drops him to 6th, before whatever he can earn.

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Britain got two more Golds. One for the Madison which is cycling and was a sort of tag team thing for Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald. The other was for Modern Pentathlon and it is the first gold for Britain since Sydney.

We got a bronze in the women's hockey while the Netherlands beat Argentina in the Gold and Silver match.

Another bronze in the men's team pursuit while The Dutch beat the Dutch to get Gold and Silver.

Canada won the women's football (soccer) beating Sweden in the last vent of the day as it went to penalties.

Saw some of the 50 Km walk which looks funny. But one guy was competing in his 8th consecutive Olympic walk.


I was beginning to think that  Britain would not get 20 golds after disappointment in the rowing which has been a really strong area for the country in the last few games. Now we are on 18 with a chance of two more in two boxing matches. And we are edging close to 60 medals in total. We got over 60 in London and Rio and 51 was the total in China.

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In golf...Cameron Smith can't be suffering too much from jet lag...


He competed in Tokyo;  he's playing in the St. Jude Invitational in Memphis this week.  Shot a 62 to take the lead today.  


More extraordinary:  he needed only 18 putts for the whole round.  Chipped in twice from off the green.  


Ties the record held by 8 others, which I found a tad surprising.  First time was '79;  last was 2010.  I do not think it coincidental that it's the third time it's happened *at this event*.


The downside?  History is not on his side.  Best finishes after doing this is 4th once, 5th once.  No one else has made the top 10.  He's currently tied for 2nd;  as you can kinda imagine, if the putting surfaces are that pure, the scores will run low.

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The USA-France men's basketball gold medal game was fantastic. Although Team USA lead by 14 at one point, the outcome wasn't truly settled until the last 5 seconds. France has a great team, but it wasn't their night. Rudy Gobert, who fouled out with about a minute left, looked absolutely heartbroken after the final buzzer. 

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Britain now has 20 Golds. One in boxing and another in Men's Modern Pentathlon. Granted the latter was one for the world champion but it is our first gold for men since 1976 in a team event.

Silver for men's cycling and bronze for Tom Daley who was only beaten by two Chinese one of whom got an unprecedented score.

The Women's marathon looked bad with the heat.

Norway win Men's Beach volleyball. And the men's 1500m

And the USA won the basketball and women's golf.

The Netherlands just won the Women's 10,000m

India wins its first Athletics gold ever in the men's javelin

And the US lost to Japan in Baseball


Sweden beat the USA in the showjumping by a narrow margin

Brazil win the men's football gold

The Russian Olympic Committee win the women's high jump.

The US fail to win a men's individual athletic medal for the first time while Britain fail to win gold at the athletic since 1996.

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1 hour ago, archer said:


I just watched the match on YouTube, and I'm not sure what to think about it. I guess kicking that hard would be illegal in point sparring. I guess that's why they weren't using head gear.

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2 hours ago, archer said:


It's got to be tricky to compete in this, when it's illegal to follow through on your strikes.  Sometimes it feels like this can be like some unnecessary roughness penalties in football, where the hit was going to be legal until the last moment, when, say, the runner's body position shifts.  


3 hours ago, tkdguy said:

Either NBC isn't showing the Modern Pentathlon except in its livestreams, or I missed the show. I have been keeping up with it, though, and it seems there's a lot of drama this year.


Here's the latest fiasco. Seriously, what the hell?


Two things I see.  #1 is the animal abuse clearly can't be allowed.  And a coach that pushes for it, deserves the same punishment as a rider.  I have no problem there.

The other side, tho, is that the practice of drawing some random, unknown horse for an event of *this much* prestige, in the horse world and even more generally, is utterly absurd.  OK, the story suggests this isn't a change;  it was standard practice in the event, and the men's event is over a century old.  It seems completely incredible to think it hasn't happened before;  perhaps not as bad as the story indicates, but happened.


I would be curious to know why the rule was adopted in the first place.  How much call for change has there been?  If it's substantial, how much of the resistance is the common intransigence to ANY change, in practically ANY sport?

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I know some people are calling for the end of equestrian as part of the pentathlon. Or at least allow the athletes to bring their horses. Expensive, but the equestrian teams bring their own horses.


Fun fact: Jessica Springsteen, the daughter of Bruce Springsteen, competed in the US equestrian team. She was part of the team event where the USA won silver.

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Much to my surprise Britain took both Modern Pentathlon golds. I saw the whole thing with the German athlete and the horse deciding he wanted no part of it. You have to feel so sorry for her.


Britain got two more golds one in boxing and the other in the Kiran cycling. Jason Kenny, who has had a bad games, managed to get into the final in the Kiran and was number 1 behind the motorbike. The other bikers dropped behind and he thought ok and set off and there was no chance of catching him. No-one can remember a Kiran like it. And the Japanese love Kiran racing with the home of Kiran close by to where the Olympics took place.

Britain equalled the number of medals from London in 2012 which is unprecedented. We got 47 in China but 60 plus in the three following. The China total went upto 51 following drugs tests over the years.


Japan came third on golds with their greatest ever haul. The US came first with China second whichever way you count it golds or total haul. But the US won a cycling gold. What ? Look you got the basketball, the cycling is for other countries.

Italy won the Men's 100m and a relay. Jamaica and the US did not do as well on the track as previous games would have led people to believe.

And we had mixed events which seem to have been a success.

Australia got more medals than they have had in the last two games and more golds than both the last two games combined.


And we say goodbye to Samantha Quek who did some of the presenting. A member of the victorious 2016 Hockey squad she is the most visible of the squad and very attractive. She did I Am a Celebrity amongst other things since then (as well as getting married) but she presented as part of a team and did not get flustered but was incisive. Goodbye yet again as well to Michael Johnson who commentates for the BBC despite the fact that he is a decorated American Olympian. Why doesn't American TV have him ?

It has also been a games where those you expect to do well do not. The Great Britain rowing team for one. Simone Biles for another. Andy Murray, Naomi Osaka and Djokovic in the tennis. We had a double gold medallist in Tae Kwan Do who went out before the medals. Mental health is now an issue.


And as I mentioned before local boy Tom Daley won a Gold in synchronised diving which after competing at 4 Olympic Games was maybe the culmination of his career. However Paris is only three years away and he might compete there as there might be mixed synchronised diving.

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On bringing your own horse to the modern pentathlon...the cost to the teams is nothing.  As noted, the regular equestrian squads are bringing probably multiple horses in some cases, for the different events.  


In tennis, the twin WTA/ATP events in Canada have started.  Men in Toronto, women in Montreal.  Montreal is actually under a heat warning due to a combination of heat and humidity...and 2 matches had withdrawals due to heat-related problems.  (I wouldn't be surprised that *some* of this reflects the difficulty to stay in full match condition given the ongoing pandemic restrictions.  Taylor Fritz is having a bear of a time...some of it is knee, but he's also complaining about issues that sound heat-related.  And the broadcast is saying Fognini had to take a medical timeout and had his BP and heart rate checked.


This'd be expected in Cincinnati, coming up soon, but not Toronto or Montreal.

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Rafa Nadal just pulled out of the Canada tournament due to foot issues.  His first match was to be tomorrow;  the Masters 1000 events are almost all 48 or 56 player fields, with draws to the appropriate seeds.  Some of it is because they're match-dense;  this one is scheduled for 9 total days.  The slams have 1 more round but they're 14 days, with days off between each round that don't exist in the 1000s.  


Djokovic and Federer have both passed on Cincinnati already.  Federer's issue is his knee;  that's ongoing now.  Djokovic needed a break after Paris, Wimbledon, and Tokyo.  Cincy is the last major event before the US Open;  there's a 250 in North Carolina, but for anyone having trouble with lingering injuries, the tradeoff between getting matches in, and the wear and tear, is a real problem.  It isn't likely any of them will play there, but that also means none will be particularly match-sharp...especially Fed and Nadal.

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