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NFL 2023


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Kansas get down to the end zone with 10 seconds and 2 plays. The first does not go in so they go for a field goal and score.

All tied at 19.

Overtime for only the second time in Super Bowl history


EDIT: it's 3:20 in the morning and I am not tired

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5 hours ago, Old Man said:

I was all set to root for Mr. Irrelevant, but man the MAGAs are out in force on the socials, railing against the evil woke golddigging billionaire conspiracy mastermind and her boyfriend. So now I’m conflicted. 

Maybe I’ll just root for “hope no one gets killed”. 


My take is, on that basis, I can't lose, as we noted earlier. 


I was actually hoping for KC to not score at the end of the first half...because having 0 and 0 on your squares game, hit on both the first AND second quarters, would've been very humorous.  OK, to me.


This has been a high level chess game between the offenses and the defenses.

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The surprise to me was Temu...because they bought a full "sponsored by" on-air spot, along with 2-3 ads.  That's not cheap at all.  


TBH, by and large, they go in one ear and out the other.  The Arnie ad sticks because that got played a lot all day...ESPN and ESPN2 had 3-4 games on, as well as Fox having the Iowa-Nebraska women's game...Clark failed to score in the 4th so ended up 8 points shy, AND Iowa blew a 14 point lead after 3 quarters.  


My general sense was there were some cute ones early, but I couldn't tell you who did them w/o looking them up.  Google "Super Bowl ads" and you'll find multiple sites, I expect, that have at least synopses of all of em, and probably the commercials themselves most of the time.

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I missed the last half of the second quarter so I'm sure I missed some great ads.  There was the Schwarzenegger one that was good once but ran three times.  There was the Temu one that wasn't even good once but ran at least three times.  I hear there was a controversial political ad. 


But it's been a few years since there was a Super Bowl commercial that I thought was really brilliant.  The ad agencies splurge on effects and random older celebs but the ads themselves just aren't interesting or funny.

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Taylor Swift got a lot of coverage but not to the detriment to the game. We don't get the same 'feed' so you will have seen things I did not. Apparently she downed a pint of beer quite impressively so the presenters said but no-one saw it except in the stadium. She got into it. And kudos for travelling all the way back from Japan to see the game.


That game will have shredded nerves.

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From the fanblog of a 49ers' divisional rival:


It is the sixth loss for Kyle Shanahan as either a play-calling offensive coordinator and/or head coach in the postseason. His teams have blown 10+ point leads in five of them.


Except that I'm no fan of KC, almost makes me wish I'd watched.

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