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NFL 2023


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Wow, the Broncos must be really confident in Stidham for the coming year. 


Either that, or they're planning to draft someone and throw them to the wolves in Week 1. 


Cue Zack Wilson 2.0.

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6 minutes ago, Cancer said:

Still lots of cap room to be generated for a bunch of teams. 


I thought everyone had to get under the cap at the start of the new league year.  I think there's some other dates where caps come into play...either beginning of camp or opening day...but I'm not sure about those.

This will make your eyes glaze over.

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WHOA....just flipping through, I looked at the '25 cap space.


Right now, and barring an increase (which likely won't be as large)...the Saints are $71M over the cap for '25, *right now*.  And usually that situation gets worse as the season progresses and injuries pile up.

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29-3 for approval, so it's in.


It'll SERIOUSLY change kickoff returns.  My first thought is, teams will be looking for a return specialist, if they don't already have one.  RADICAL about-face from the last couple years.


And there's gonna be lots of flags for players crossing the lines before they should.  


I'm ok with basically no onside kick until the 4th quarter.  But...you can't line-drive a kick now, either, and probably, you can't try the pooch kick.  Neither is likely to reach the 20, and the rules say if the ball touches the ground short of the LZ, receiving team gets the ball at the 40.\


Other than the major need for a kick returner, it'll be interesting to see how fast this affects rosters.  The kicking team would seem to need, to an even greater degree, the fast-mobile guys...the OLBs and safeties.  Because it seems like those are what you'd want.  But, it's not like rosters have that much versatility in the first place, so...we'll see.

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10 minutes ago, Old Man said:

Anything to make kickoffs more interesting, after however many seasons of kickers just routinely drilling the kickoff past the end zone.


I suspect that won't change, tho.  I think kickers may try to develop HIGH, angled kicks...an ideal target zone would seem to be around the 5 yard line, and near the side line.  Make it hard to return, make it so, if it lands, then crosses the goal line, then goes OB...or you can force the receiving team to down it...the ball's at the 20.  But that's still aiming to be unreturnable.  And failing that, I suspect just sailing deep into the end zone is going to be the preference.  Fine, give the other team the ball at the 30...if you just kick normally and allow a normal return, I rather suspect the return team will average better than the 30.  Barring holding calls, that is...

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The conference formerly known as the PAC-12 used to have a rule that required teams playing on Thursday to have a bye the week before.


I wish the NFL would do something like that.

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20 hours ago, Starlord said:



2 Christmas games this year - Christmas is on a Wednesday.


Money, money, money....MONEY!!!
If one of these is replacing Amazon's TNF, that isn't quite so bad.  


5 hours ago, Pariah said:

The conference formerly known as the PAC-12 used to have a rule that required teams playing on Thursday to have a bye the week before.


I wish the NFL would do something like that.


ALMOST impossible, or at least impractical, without adding a 2nd bye week.  That's tricky.  If you do this for all Thursday games, including Thanksgiving, you have 18 total games, so 36 teams, involved.  At least 4 teams play twice, then, so need 2 byes.  Also, the byes now are never too early or too late.  IIRC the first byes used to be week 5;  might be week 4.  Last byes were around week 13 or 14.  So there's t6 or so weeks where there's NO byes, meaning only 11 or 12 WITH byes possible.


But they won't even think about it.  

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The first game of the UFL season is playing on Fox right now. I turned on the game, and my little girl went nuts. She loves football.


I'm not usually a huge fan of the monocolor look, but Arlington looks pretty good in sky blue. Birmingham would look better if they had gold pants instead of white.


We're about 6 minutes into the first quarter with no score yet. Arlington just got a takeaway. The Birmingham receiver bobbled the pass and it fell right into the defensive back's arms.


Now they're interviewing Deion Sanders on the sideline. I don't really know why.

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I saw that ESPN has a triple header tomorrow.  


Well, we know why, right?  Because there's basically nothing else TO show...and one has to think, the rights are relatively cheap right now.  (I think this is a big factor for ESPN.)  College hoops is wrapping up...and it's CBS/TBS.  Baseball's scattered;  each has isolated, individual games, but only at night.  And expanding existing rights would be expensive.  There's some hockey on ESPN, and I think they're splitting the playoffs with TBS there too.


But there's a LOT!!! of dead hours, particularly on Saturday and Sunday late morning to evening.  Hey, it wasn't long ago at all that local network affiliates slapped infomercials into these slots, a fair bit.  


I will remain a conscientious objector to the whole thing.

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Today's trivia question: What do these nine NFL quarterbacks have in common?


Joe Flacco

Nick Foles

Eli Manning

Peyton Manning 

Jake Plummer 

Dak Prescott 

Mark Sanchez

Matthew Stafford

Ryan Tannehill


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Fortunately for Lucas and the people of Kansas City, the Chiefs won't be going anywhere any time soon. The team's lease at Arrowhead runs through Jan. 31, 2031, which means the two sides have just under seven years to get things figured out. 



And how long have the A's and Oakland been squabbling?


For stuff like this...ONLY 7 years means it's near-panic time.  This stuff NEVER resolves quickly.


I can't blame the voters.  The club gets the lion's share of the benefits...you know bloody darn well they'll raise ticket prices and parking fees and the like, and the overall benefit to the taxpayers is...pretty low.

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39 minutes ago, Pariah said:


Got to give him props.  He owned that it was all his fault.  



On social media, De La Haye posted afterward said "don't be like me kids, learn how to tackle (with) proper form." On his Instagram story on Tuesday, he posted a picture of himself with a neck brace and said he fractured his neck.


"Turns out on that tackle, due to bad form, I fractured my neck in a couple places," he said. "Although this sucks, I'm grateful cause it could have been allll bad."



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