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17 hours ago, Cancer said:

Daughter finally got her learners' permit today.


Congratulations on this.  Eldest boy finally got his license last week.  It was not easy to get a road test appointment; they're booked up 90 days in advance.  Hopefully things are less constipated in your vicinity.


If you're eventually going to add her to your insurance you may want to start budgeting for it now.  :shock:

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Girls make for a smaller insurance hit than boys.  Also, she's 25, and there's a huge step down in insurance costs that comes at that age.


Our annoyance at this point is that the state privatized driver's road testing a few years back.  And, of course, they did so stupidly.  Here in the Big City, essentially no drivers' ed outfit will pass you on your first road test.  They make sure you don't.  That way they sell you more lessons and another test.  If you want a chance to be able to pass on the first try, then you do the test from an outfit in some smaller town at least two hours away by car.  Happily, we have relatives now living a safe distance out of the Big City and can get to a less corrupt drivers' ed outfit there.

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