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Longest Running Thread EVER

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8 hours ago, death tribble said:

Exercise your minds with this one


Can you think of an actor who never made a bad film ?



7 hours ago, Old Man said:

I can think of many actors who never made films.



6 hours ago, death tribble said:

This actor made films and none of them are bad. In fact they were all nominated for the Best Movie at the Oscars. So more than two.

Badness is subjective; ergo declare that any motion picture nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards is a "film" and all others are "movies". Therefore all films are good, as they were nominated for Best Picture, and all movies are bad. This way there can never be a bad film, and likewise never a good movie. With this definition in place, the proposition "an actor who never made a bad film" would be, "everyone". *mic drop*

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Conspiracy Theory of Mind

String Conspiracy theory

Conspiracy Theory of Religion

Conspiracy Theory of Consumer Choice

Stellar Evolution Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory of Positive Disintegration

Conspiracy Theory of the Productive Forces

Conspiracy Theory of Nullification

Conspiracy Theory of Liberal Economy

Conspiracy Theory of Planned Behavior

Kinetic Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory of Knots





Burnt-out star corpses lurk beneath Milky Way's surface


This seems unexpected only in the sense that I wouldn't think such things would fit in a candy bar.

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