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One of many minor-league, infrequently-active supers who stepped up in the wake on 9/11, Firefly was rotated through a number of teams and assignments, proving to have few skills of any use in investigation and low durability in a super-powered fight or pitched modern battle, she ended up mostly filling in for other heroes who were more suited to the needs of the day.  She vanished in May 2011 and apparently returned to her previous mode of heroing, appearing infrequently to thwart violent crimes seemingly at random in small communities of Appalachia and the deep south.

One exception being the Air War.   Firefly was identified as soon as the illusion dropped, her glowing wings a dead giveaway.   Eye-witness accounts say that she was caught in the burst of some sort of guided missile, launched before the illusion dropped, and fell to earth somewhere in the Bronx.  She was spotted, again, thwarting low-level violent street crime, for a few days thereafter, but never gave a statement, and has apparently returned to her old haunts in the years since.  Since she fled the scene, attempts were made to piece together her role in the Air War, based on the distinctive color and 'recoilless' (no KB) nature of her photon blast, she engaged in an aerobatic duel with Red Raptor, that looped through both the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, doing extensive damage to the lighting in the first, and resulting in several minor traffic accidents on the New Jersey side when motorists were temporarily blinded.

Firefly claimed to be 'fey' and thus have magical powers, apparently limited to flight and a powerful 'photon blast' (like Flare's), she resembled a sort of human-sized Tinkerbelle, almost inhumanly pale, with elfin features, red hair tied back in a short ponytail and glowing insect-like wings, her costume was emerald green & black, consisting of a high-cut, high-necked one-piece with dated-80s shoulder flairs, opera gloves, fishnet stockings, and peter pan boots, with a tiny domino mask that did nothing to obscure her features. The years she was most active, she added a short wrap-around skirt and switched to thigh-high boots, apparently at the suggestion of teammates, or possibly a publicist looking to give her a less provocative image.

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The named individuals are now



Detroit Shield


Sky Knight




Baltimore Battler

Fortress America

War Monger



Red Raptor



Silver Sentinel



Nice curveball. Taken from the far side of the world but also out of time ?



Non co-operation again is a nice touch.


We need one more to meet the minimum.

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Sorry, Red Raptor is a moderately obscure published Champions! villain.  Dragonfly was the other CU character I was considering, but I thought fly-v-fly was too on the nose.


Firefly is an old character I never really got to play.  'Reluctant Hero' just doesn't work in RPGs, IMX, and she was very reluctant.


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Maximillion Marithain had been tinkering in his lab, working on the new quantum computer that controlled his quantum particle power armor, Wave Form. He felt he was making really good headway with the code when everything went hazy. When his recollections became clear and distinct it was 3 days later, he was in New York instead of Seattle and he was wearing his newest completed power armor. While being questioned by authorities Maxi found he had been part of some big aerial battle over and around New York. He told them he remembered being on a team, he remember there were bad guys to fight but for the life of him he could not remember who had been on his team or who had been among the enemies. He could not even remember how he had gotten across the continent. He did speculate that maybe the new firmware of his armor had caused some kind of quantum fluctuations that may have caused a ripple effect that pulled the various combatants in the recent battle. These fluctuations may have also caused the memory lapses and sensory distortions that so many experienced as the the various quantum waves collapsed to this particular reality. As to why they seem to have centered in New York he could not even speculate.



And that makes 5. Thinking of a new team theme .......


I know it has been done already (twice I think) but I am on a religious kick at the moment so next group in The Good Samaritans. A team of 7 that go about helping the unwashed masses and fallen of humanity find their way back into the light of the Divine. (Not necessarily Christian oriented.)


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Several of the religious ones have been hunting evil so 


Saving Grace


The woman known as Saving Grace had sort sort of religious awakening and now travels the world helping the downtrodden and healing the sick. She can't raise the dead, at least not yet. She is skilled in martial arts which comes as a nasty surprise to those expecting her to turn the other cheek. Most people believe she is either Catholic or Eastern orthodox Christian by the way she chants when praying or chanting. She will work with any who are in the medical profession. Her outfit is white and simple yet functional. Her hair is cut short and she wears no mask or other form of head covering. 

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Michael’s father was dying. Although he could hear the sirens approaching Michael knew they would never get there in time. Around them lay the bodies of 4 young men, still breathing but unconscious. Nearby knelt 2 young girls quietly crying as they held each other. Above,distant clouds scuttled across the dark night sky. As the sirens grew closer, the sound of the other young men retreating into the night grew more and more distant. A chill wind, barely a whisper, tugged at some peeling handbills stapled to the nearby telephone pole with its single street light. Michael held his father and asked, “Why?”
His father took Michael’s hand in his own and said, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”
With those words Michael was left alone in the world. The police arrived. Paramedics noisily joined them only moments later. They questioned the girls, then they questioned Michael. They learned that Michael’s father had been a Preacher and that they had been working at a local soup kitchen️. After helping clean up and close for the night the two men had started walking back to their small tenement on Skid Row. As they had been walking they had heard the crying of the girls and the laughing of the young men. Michael’s father had not hesitated as he turned toward the scene and walked quickly toward them. He had gotten quite close before the thugs had noticed him. 
“Get the f*** outta here before I lose my patience, ese!”
His father did not preach in any of the local churches, nor did he preach from a soap box on the corner. No, his father had always followed the adage that actions speak louder than words and that if one wanted to spread the Word one needed to exemplify that by following those Words and showing others the Way. Michael’s father had never “preached” to the masses, never berated them for their sins; he had merely been there for those who needed an ear to listen to them, a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to help lift them back up. 
Michael’s father had not even slowed as he raised his arm and with a swift straight blow to the man’s face laid him out flat on the ground. At the time, Michael had thought there had been a passing car or something, because at the moment his father had struck the man there was a brief flash of light followed by a slight smell of ozone and sulphur. The remaining young men were at first stunned by the preacher’s actions. It was less the punch itself, but more the single-minded surety and speed with which it had been carried out. Here was a man that despite being outnumbered 8:1 showed no sign of fear or even concern. In that moment he seemed to grow larger, become “more”. He did not get any bigger like some of those supers that grew to giants when fighting crime but he became, well, just “more” like there was someone else there in the same place and the two entities were occupying the same space. On top of that, Michael could have sworn there was a slight nimbus of golden light surrounding his father's chest and arms as if a light were shining on him.
The thugs ignored the girls and closed on Michael’s father. It was dark and things were moving fast so Michael was not sure, but to him it looked like the thugs also changed slightly. They became darker, bulkier and less distinct like they were dissolving into smoke or something equally ridiculous sounding. Michael suddenly could smell rotting meat or something somewhere nearby. Michael had never seen his father fight, never seen him even raise his voice in anger let alone make a violent action of any type. Now he watched, stunned and wide-eyed as his father engaged the 7 remaining men. He could never remember afterwards what exactly happened -- only that in a few short seconds, his father had laid out 3 more of the men before being stabbed. At least, Michael had certainly thought at the time that they had stabbed his father nothing else but a knife could have caused the gaping cuts and slashes.
“NO!” he screamed as he ran toward the scene. The other thugs saw Michael charging them and ran. The girls also seemed to shrink back at Michael’s approach seeming to fear him as much as the thugs that had attacked them but were too shocked by all that had happened to actually run. Michael ran to his father’s side and held him. The blood. There was so much blood. How could so much blood come from one person. Michael looked down into the slowly dimming blue eyes of his father and asked, “Why?”
His father took Michael’s hand in his own and in a barely audible voice told him, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”
Michael’s world exploded and shattered. In the next moment of time the Universe was born, stars made and died, worlds created and destroyed, life flourished and perished and for one very brief instant Michael understood. “God” was not some great puppeteer pulling all the strings of Creation following the machinations of some Grand Plan. He was a Creator allowing each person the freedom to become the best they could if they so chose. If they found the Path within them to Goodness, and they followed it, not for some reward at the end but because it was the right thing to do, then they would grow, become better, more than what they had been. They would become, in their own way, part of the Divine, they would “return to God.” He now understood the freedom that had been given to humans allowed them to choose whether or not they would succumb to their baser instincts or rise above them. Rise up to help their fellow beings, to improve the world around them, and to work against the constant tide of corruption and evil. Humans could give in to their inner demons and become monsters or they could learn to defeat those monsters and show others how to walk the Path so that they too could fight and defeat the monsters that stalked in the darkness. In that moment he understood all the things his father had done and not done. He realized his father had become “more” than he had been. His heart exploded with pain at his loss and pride in his father. In that moment Michael had an epiphany.
The following week an elderly couple were walking home after closing their small corner store for the night. Dark clouds scuttled across the night sky. As they walked a group of young thugs emerged from the shadows. They had not been there a moment before and seemed to take shape from the very darkness itself. From one of the alleys came the smell of rotting meat and garbage.
“Hey old man,” said one. “You speak-a-da-Engrish?” The others cackled like hyenas at their leader’s callous joke.
The couple hunched in upon themselves in a vain attempt to pass by unnoticed, to escape what they knew was coming. “We don wan annee truble,” the old man said in broken English.
“Well maybe trouble wants you,” the thug sneered. As he advanced, the shadows seemed to grow thicker around him, obscuring his face. His outline seemed to become less rigid, more amorphous. The couple cowered in terror at whatever they saw approaching them.
A sound. Feet moving swiftly but with so little noise it seemed like the sound wind might make if it could run. Like each footfall was the gentlest of kisses to the hard earth. The earth barely having time to register the contact before their secret lover had fled, only to alight a fraction of a second later in a new spot further along. Whoever it was, they were quickly closing the distance between themselves and the shadowy figures. A figure passed beneath a single streetlight and the glow of the light appeared to cling to them even as they left the lamp behind. As tho the light wanted more than anything to be with them. Even if for only a moment. Now, like a glowing meteor it crashed amidst the villainous thugs and with each blow it rained down upon them, starbursts of light invaded the depths of the shadows. The shadowy figures of the thugs tried to strike back but their fists and “knives” struck the nimbus of light surrounding the stranger and were rejected as if they were unworthy to be in the light.
As quickly as it had started, it was over. The shadows that had seemed to cling to the young men drew back and dispersed out into the night leaving their bodies on the ground. The stranger turned to the elderly couple and inquired if they were ok. They said they were and thanked their savior. He simply said they were welcome and turned to leave. As he walked away they asked, “Why?”
He called back over his shoulder as he passed under the single street light, “Evil wins when good men do nothing.”

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The other two groups that I know off hand are The Devil Killers (2015) and The Twelve Apostles (2020). I'll check for others and put links in this post

Actually there are 8

Seven Lights based on virtues


Knights of the Saints


Vatican Secret Service


Seven Pillars


4 Gospels


10 Commandments


the Devil Killers


The Apostles


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Levi March was named after the progenitor of the Levite tribe, to placate his father's family, who had already lost their surname to Ellis Island generations before, and it did slightly soothe the relations between his grandparents and his non-practicing father and gentile Armenian Christian mother.  As far as he was concerned, it just meant he got teased about 'Levi's jeans' - and he often just went by Lee.  Levi's life was good, his family was well-off, he was blessed with extraordinary good looks, perfect health, and athletic talent from an early age.  But two events, each involving a girl, changed his life forever.

The first was when he was an insecure adolescent in junior high, he fell into the habit of bullying the less popular kids, in particular the schools stringent uniform dress code did little to accommodate any student who wasn't both slender and able, and some girls in particular were horribly teased for how they ended up looking, Levi was particularly cruel to one, Leah, who after months of in-person and social-media bullying, committed suicide.  Levi was wracked with guilt and spent the rest of his youth in therapy, volunteering, trying to do something to atone, in college he took every course he could find about gender, social issues, he slowly came to realize that it just wasn't about him, not Leah's suicide, not his desire to make it right,  not what he could do, but it was about what others needed.  He learned the very hard, obscure, lesson of selflessness.

The second was when he was modeling, he'd dropped out of college after failing to excel in sports (he had the physical ability and the talent, but coaches always said he lacked the 'will' or 'killer instinct') and put his looks to good use.  The shoot was brutal, they'd been prepping since 3am so the photographer could have his precious perfect early-dawn light, and one of the girls, Jessie, was just an insufferable diva, making everyone that much more miserable as they waited, half-naked in the bitter cold.  There was a flash of flame and sulphurous smoke as a 7' red winged humanoid appeared in front of Jessie.  "You have had your 15 years of youth and fame, now I take what is due me!"  Everyone watched the apparition, aghast, as Jessies face aged 30 years in a moment and the devil or whatever it was reached for her.  Everyone but Levi, who stepped up grabbed the monster by the wrist and wrestled it away from her.  "Very well, mortal, a contest of strength for her soul, and when you lose, yours will be forfeit, as well!"  Levi called upon a strength he realized he'd always had but never dared use, but it wasn't enough, the devil bent him backwards, as he was about to fall he did something he hadn't done in many years, he prayed.  Levi rallied, pushed the devil back, and down to its knees, it yielded . "Her soul is her own, I swear I will not tempt her again nor seek retribution against her."  "Neither will you tempt nor seek retribution against her family and friends - nor mine, as well."  "Done!"  And the monster was gone.  

Levi was always a mutant with superhuman strength, durability and athleticism, but, whether for psychological or supernatural reasons, he can only exert that strength when barefoot and stripped to the waist, otherwise he's limited to casual strength.  Thus his hero costume is just a pair of 501 jeans (it's how he was almost-dressed when wrestling the devil, also the restriction is on how he dresses voluntarily, villains have tried wrapping him in a coat or blanket to no avail).  As a mutant, Levi has the strength of 40 men (around 35 thanks to Hero doubling?).  Now, when struggling in a just and pious cause he gains divine strength, multiplying his mutant strength a further 40 times, (that should be right around 60, I think), and becomes nigh-invulnerable and resistant to mental influence & magic, as well.

Levi is a preternaturally beautiful man, he's tall and dark, his hair is dark, thick, and wavy, his eyes so dark they're almost black smolder with intensity, his body is utterly perfect, like an obsessive body builder, but defined and lithe rather than bulky, his features are just slightly softer than the stereotypical 'chiseled' would imply, seeming manly or boyish depending on his mood & expression.  He's clean-shaven, and either manscapes or is blessed with neat, short, tightly-curled body hair that sticks to a generous diamond on his chest, leaving his 'pecs and abs smooth, and a 'happy trail' leading downward from his navel to .. (well, this description's getting too big).  He radiates sex appeal like a furnace - and he's chaste, since his encounter with the devil, he's waiting for marriage.  

Since he can't wear a mask while super-heroing, and his gorgeous face is all over the internet, he has a public ID.  He prefers to help people without hurting anyone, so he works with the Good Samaritans where his extreme strength is very useful in construction, disaster cleanup and rescue operations, but in dire enough need or against supernaturally evil foes he will aid other teams in battle.

And, he's hunted by a Devil.  Because the way he phrased his acceptance of the devil's surrender technically failed to exempt himself from retribution or temptation. (If he'd had another moment to think, he might have demanded Leah's resurrection, instead, and that would not have gone well, at all.)



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Despite not having any religious training this man works to try and redeem the souls of people. He endeavours to get them to face their past actions and atone for them. Unfortunately there are those particularly in the paranormal and supernatural community that not only delight in evil deeds but relish them. None the less Redeemer has had success. His power enables him to confront an opponent with their past deeds and deal with the anguish it has thus caused their soul. He is also able to take a lot of punishment as some people would rather kill him than seek atonement.

He has heard that there is some great evil in Los Angeles and is looking into it. As the evil is Infernal Affairs, he will not last long.

Redeemer's activities have caught the attention of The Vatican Secret Service and The Devil Killers (particularly Father Stevens) who are keeping an eye on his activities as it could land him and his team in trouble

Father Stevens has been in touch with the group ostensively to help Saving Grace but to watch Redeemer. He knows that the devil Levi fought may come back and he believes he can drive it off. The devil does not know that Father Stevens is preparing for it but does know that there is a priest who obliterated The Beast Azal while said being was on Earth. Azal should have merely been banished not completely obliterated from existence. If it works out that Stevens was the one it might decide that discretion is the better part of valour. Unless the rest of the Devil Killers do not get it first.....


(Thought I would tie the group in with some of our established groups)

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And, in a bizarre crossover between the Good Samaritans and Champions Antarctica...



Star Spawn of YHVH


Really looking nothing like a winged humanoid, nor anything like a jellyfish, nor anything like a pungi ray, or floor lamp, or rhododendron, yet looking more like each of those things than most other things you might find on earth, this transparent being of golden light is far older than the milky way galaxy, and came to earth, oh, just a cosmic moment ago, just in the nick of time really, just a few princessions ago.  It came with a simple message for the people of Earth:  "God loves you, so stop killing yourselves, please."  Unfortunately, somehow, that message always seemed to get garbled, often into "you are the chosen ones, go forth and conquer!"   or "you should hate yourself because of your deviant sexuality"  (Really, how did you get that one?  I was pretty sure I had your language down , fast as it changes, and didn't say anything even a teeny bit like that. It's exasperating, but, hey, I can't give up, because God will be checking in on earth any millennia, now, I mean, it could be in the next 10000 years, or even the THIS millennium, so there's no time to, not a decade to spare, because, if any of you crazy monkeys commit suicide while God is watching, he'll just shut down the universe and make a new one.  Seriously, I've been trying to explain this very simply, using the smallest words I can manage, for 20 or 40 thousand years, now, and you're just not getting it.  If you send God the message that his universe is so awful that you'd rather kill yourself than live another few years in it, he's done.  It's over.  Now, for billions of years, we've been getting the word out, and every sentient species has gotten with the program, but if you can't, well, as a last resort, and I'd really rather not do this, but i do have a teeny little bomb that would blow your planet to constituent elementary particles, and while God frowns on genocide, I mean, he really doesn't care for it at all, it's nothing he's willing to end the universe over, not like suicide, get it.  So just stop with the - no, what are you doing?  I told you NOT to kill yourself, you contrary little monkey!  NOT!  Stop gibbering and put the knife down.... no, I'm not nyar-anybody or shub-anything, I'm here to save the universe from your self-destruct-  oh!  there goes another one...   )



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Adam Wainwright has borne witness to what the powers of righteousness can do. He saw the battle between Takofanes and the Cardinal (part of the Vatican Secret Service); he saw the 4 Gospels in action as well as the Seven Lights and was in the audience when The Beast Azal was destroyed by Father Matthew Stevens. It was after that, that Adam received his calling. He is drawn to those who are persecuted by any religion and he aids them. He wears bullet proof clothing to stop bullets and has learned martial arts to disarm and disable people. He can heal people's psyches and help them to recover. Physical wounds he can't do much with but he can convince someone to heal that themselves provided they are a victim of religious persecution.

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Assuming Opal's last one counts this will be number 7 but I'll give Lorehunter the right to call it.




This member of the Samaritans is a Buddhist and uses the 8 pillars of Buddhism to conduct himself. He is a vegetarian. His goal is the end of suffering and he follows the four noble truths of Buddhism, the truth of suffering, the cause of suffering, the end of suffering and the path that leads to the end of suffering. He will look at the big picture and look to resolve a big issue to end suffering but he can focus on an individual to end their suffering. He works primarily with Saving Grace as she travels to where there is suffering and that is his calling. His martials arts skill is to disarm and disable and take down opponents. He has code against killing. The other benefit of his skill is to let projectiles pass him by.

The one concession to modern life is the codename he uses.

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New Team: Seven Samurai

A team originating in Japan that operates primarily in the Far East but can look after Japanese corporations or people.

One member must wear the full armour (if you have seen The Last Samurai you know what I mean);

One member does not wear the armour (if you have seen Yojimbo etc you get the picture);

One member is a Ronin

One member can be full tech;

One member can be a cyborg or robot but not giant robot

Members do not have to be Japanese nor male.

They should have language skills

we have a team of Ninjas so they have to have opponents.

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Jack Silver


Half-Japanese, half-Korean, half machine. Jack Silver started out as a dying boy, abandoned by his family for his half-caste status, ravaged by congenital conditions, waiting for death in a charity hostel. When the two corporate guys came by and offered him something else...well, he might have been 8, but he wasn't stupid.

They replaced most of his musculature with bioengineered artificial muscle, bones with metal, eyes with advanced cameras. They taught him how to use a sword, a bow, a spear - and then gave him high-tech, advanced versions of those weapons. 

To this day he's not sure who he actually works for. He really doesn't care. His job is to protect the interests of the corporations, and he is glad to do so. He is Jack Silver, and only goes by that name.

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Stainless Steel Samurai


Thought of as a modern take on the Samurai armour but updated to the 21st Century Kenzo Ishikawa is the current wearer of the suit. He was seen as the weakest link until villains found out the hard way that there was more to the suit than meets the eye. For a start it has anti-magnetic properties so it cannot be crushed or lifted. It has also been treated somehow so that telekinesis will not work on the armour either. The other treatment stops heat or cold from damaging or destroying the armour. Transmission of electricity has also been reduced so that it is not as lethal to the wearer as might be expected.

Kenzo has been trained extensively in karate so can take on opponents if disarmed. He has also been trained in Kendo and in European Fencing. He may not be the team's heaviest hitter but he is very useful in a fight. He understands English to a basic level and it is thought he knows a little Chinese.

Snopes has conclusively proved he did not become the Stainless Steel Samurai through a talent competition. He is thought to have come from a military or law enforcement background. He tends to stand out in the armour


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Rising Son


Rising Son is technically the last of the notorious 'Hiroshima Babies,' mutants born to mothers exposed to radiation by the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.  His mother was 2 years old when the blast at Nagasaki killed her parents, took her sight, and scarred her face.  She lived, raised by poor relatives in a mountain village, unmarried both because of her appearance and the bad luck she was thought to represent.

Shortly before the bombs dropped, a certain young scion of an impoverished, nearly-forgotten samurai family had failed in his first and only act as a man:  his plane had been shot down and ditched a hundred yards short of his target as a kamikaze, he was 'rescued' by the very enemies he'd tried to give his life to kill, and ended the war in shame, a PoW.  After the war he took up the life deserved, as that lowest of all beings, a traveling salesman.

More than 20 years later a sad old man makes a sales call to a mountain village and meets a blind spinster, unaccountable bittersweet love blossoms between them, marriage and a child follow.  When the boy reaches puberty his mutant powers manifest, his father sees an opportunity to redeem his family's long-tainted honor, and he trains the boy in the ways of the samurai.

Rising Son has had a long career and has been both superhero and villain, his powers, too, have waxed and waned over the decades.   His original costume was simply white with the crimson-red circle of the Nisshōki on his chest, befitting his patriotism and his mutant powers:  he could absorb and generate solar energy, using it to fly, project solar blasts, or manifest a deadly 'sun sword.'   In his early career he fought criminals, supervillains and even kaiju all through the home islands, later joining international super-teams and often working in America (which was when the English code-name 'Rising Son' with the 'o' instead of 'u' stuck).  In keeping with his father's desire to redeem the family honor, he revealed his true identity and history once he had gained sufficient fame and regard to do so, and has since preferred to be addressed by his family name with honorific, but the codename stuck, especially with global media outlets.  He even wrote a book, got a movie deal, and did a long-running series of commercials for Asahi beer.

Towards the turn of the millennium, his powers waned nearly to the vanishing point, and increasingly disillusioned, he joined a mystical nationalist cabal that helped him restore his powers, added the rays of the Imperial flag to his costume and became widely regarded as a villain for the next decade, in which he operated only in Japan, and only "in the interests of Japan," which sometimes meant clashing with anti-nationalist demonstrators and even police, his now hybrid mystic-mutant powers fluctuated wildly and often failed him at the worst moment, as a result, he took to use flight less often.  He redeemed himself in 2011 when he entered a damaged nuclear reactor and absorbs enough of its energy to prevent a meltdown.   Rather than dying, his powers were restored to their former levels for a number of years to come.

Now in his 50s, Rising Son's mutant powers are again no longer dependable.  He has completely changed his costume choosing the form-concealing robes of an Edo-period samurai, complete with daisho, which he uses when he finds his powers at a low ebb (that now includes hours much after sunset as his body can no longer store much solar energy).  He's kept it a secret but, at dire need, he can use fissionable material to boost his powers, but it's not usually practical to carry around plutonium or enriched uranium.  He can also, though not consistently, re-start his powers by absorbing energy from an enemy's attack.  Fortunately, decades of experience and obsessive training in kendo and judo leave him well-able to contribute even when his powers fail him entirely.

Rising Son considers himself the elder and teacher of the group, and expects more respect and deference than he typically receives, leading to snarling cynical commentary and long periods of melodramatic brooding.  But, ultimately, he is loyal to an even protective of his teammates.


(I guess I was still in  'write a decades-long character history' mode from the other thread.)  ;)



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Hiromu Okada's family had served as protectors of the Nagata family for many generations. He was highly trained in various martial arts and both traditional and modern combat techniques and tactics, but these formidable skills failed him when Silent Assassin and Bloodless Assassin killed his current charge Akira Nagata. Okada left the service of the Nagata family in shame, but vowed revenge on the ninja. He has joined the Samurai as a warrior without a master, but with a mission of righteous justice.

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...I wanted to do three first-person stories to bring this together, but that'd be too much....

O-Jiro is a larger-than-life, O-yoroi-wearing, No-Dachi-wielding proto-samurai of the Heian era, from just about exactly 1000 years ago.  He has superhuman strength, endurance, mental fortitude, and courage, and speaks in an archaic, aggressive, hypermasculine dialect, and, of course, is confused by modern Japanese colloquialisms and attitudes.  His armor, each of his many weapons, and just about every single item on him, is enchanted, each won in a separate epic struggle against some horrible demon/ogre/witch/evil deity/kappa/whatever, in the course of his eternal sojourn in the timeless mystical otherworld where he lives, married to a beautiful Kitsune and has dozens of children who never grow up.

His secret ID (in our world, in the present) is Jiro-kun, an apathetic young NEET (Not Employed, in Education or Training), who is periodically possessed by/transformed into the samurai superhero, but remembers the whole thing as time spent playing a really cool video game (that, as far as he can recall, just pops a 'new quest' message on his phone at random times), and is secretly in love with....

His DNPC, Sakura a young, clumsy, but very lucky, and very pretty, police woman stuck in an undesirable post of the Public Safety Bureau responsible for dealing with suicides in the context of public transportation (except when her hateful boss assigns her to something even worse), who was the first person O-Jiro met upon returning to the physical world and victoriously wrestling a giant iron serpent (subway train).  He was impressed with her beauty and pure heart, and gave her a magic whistle (which looks like a cheap plastic toy shaped like a fox, it even has 'made in taiwan' stamped on it) that summons him. 



Just imagine them as characters in a cheesy anime series:


Every episode starts with Sakura running around, unintentionally sowing chaos, trying to save someone or get a train running again, or deal with whatever insanely demeaning assignment her horrid boss has given her.  Jiro-kun is in her wake somewhere, because he was stalking her, trying to get up the courage to ask her out, then gets injured or has to help someone inconvenienced by her clumsiness.  Some terrible threat - all the way up to Kaiju - appears, maybe out of the blue, maybe her scheming commander put Sakura in the way of it on purpose, and Sakura blows the whistle.  O-Jiro appears, with a Laconic, archaic comment misinterpreted humorously by bystanders, deals with the threat (taking most of the episode), and vanishes.  Jiro-kun finds himself in an improbable hiding place, looking down at the "Victory!" message on his phone/tablet/PC/whatever - looks up, makes a 4th-wall breaking comment on the episode.  Credits roll, only to be interrupted by a barely-animated scene of O-Jiro, his helmet off but we see only the back of his head, having dinner with his wife against the fantastical backdrop of their otherworldly land, she (cameo by some sultry voice actress) says something incredibly banal and modern like "did you forget to take out the trash again?" O-Jiro sighs, and his dozens of little fox-tailed chibi-style children pop onto screen "DADDY!"   Credits resume.  Scenes from next episode, ending with O-Jiro's voice actor, saying "please tune in next week" only very aggressively like the fate of the world depends on it. 


..hmm... maybe I stole that from something and just don't remember what...


Eventually, to escape her awful boss, and put O-Jiro's power to better use, Sakura contrives to get herself assigned as a police liaison to the 7 Samurai, who, I guess were the 6 samurai  until she started whistling up O-Jiro for them, or maybe they needed a replacement, IDK.




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Scarlet Star Samurai


A popular multi media title Scarlet Star Samurai is eponymous main character A holographic techno magic girl defending a futuristic Japanese space station.


The latest version of the Anime was about to Launch so most people thought it was Just a Publicity stunt when the Holographic Display facing the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo stepped down from the plinth and stopped a speeding car that was about to plow into the pedestrians with a holographic shield.


S3 or Akasuki Hoshi wasn't a publicity stunt in fact she doesn't know what she is she has all the memories of her fictional counterpart a dead girl resurrected by her scientist father in the form of a hard light hologram generated by a floating drone she has been welcomed by the Seven samurai while she tries to work out where she came from bet that  another dimension where her character is real or created by some super-scientist Otaku. She lives as a normal school student to learn about modern Japan while using her powers to defend it and the world.


her powers are all based around her hard light holograms which protect her core can make energy shields  from personal to the size of bus she's also able to make incredibly sharp blades usually Katanas but she can manifest any kind of historic weapon she also can make energy beams with a power range from a beanbag round to a main battle tank mostly she will make her arm into an energy weapon but it just depends how she's feeling sometimes she does Eye beams or Kamehameha/ spirit ball style attacks.


her holographic body allows her to change everything about her appearance while she mostly uses it to have a constantly changing range of Kawaii outfits when the team needs an infiltrator she can duplicate anyone's appearance or even create energy shields that disguise whole areas.


she's also a skilled hacker able to interface with most unshielded technology and control it.

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