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John Wick / Keanu Reeves for 6e


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Basically, there are no disads because Wick really does not have any -- he is vengeful, but he never becomes enraged by it.  He has his dog killed and his car stolen, then he just decides, "All enemies must die!"  Then he goes to it.


His maximum characteristic is his EGO.  If I hadn't already placed a solid Heroic Limits cap on the game, I would/could argue that he is the Baba Yaga, and deserves a truly supernatural EGO.

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Just some questions on your build.


Why give Wick anonymity?


Why give Wick PS: Gunsmith?


Why do you give Wick all the skill cost breakers? (Like Scholar, etc.)  Is it just because it will save you points on the build?


Genuinely curious -- thanks in advance for taking the time...


I based Anonymity on a couple of things.  Iosef and his crew were unfamiliar with him.  JImmy (the cop) knew who he was and what he used to do for a living. The fact that he was ok with it suggests that John has no official police record.  This would explain his lack of concern for leaving plenty of DNA evidence and possibly a handgun at the Red Circle. This is also backed up by the fact that he has 2 sets of guns when he only carries 1 of each (like he's prepared to occasionally lose one).


Gunsmith was primarily based on the custom Recoil Compensator on his primary handgun (it's NOT a Silencer).  This made it a very accurate gun for firing multiple quick shots in succession.  Every tool he used was extremely high quality and for a specific purpose.  I'm sure he consulted another person to do the custom work on his guns (similar to how he knows Aurelio and Charlie).  The same goes for his mechanics skill.  Sometimes you have to learn a minimum amount of knowledge of a subject to realize how much you don't know.  John seems like someone driven to be extremely self sufficient but concedes to using the built in perks of the professional world he lived and worked in.


Yes, I chose the Skill Enhancers as a cost break. I very rarely try to model current versions of fictional characters (I think Jason Bourne was the last one I made such an attempt at).  My posted superhero builds are all rookie versions to get them to fit the 400 point starting super budget in 6e.  John Wick appears to be a very focused individual who appears to have spent very little effort on learning any skills not relevant to his chosen profession.  Classic muscle cars are possibly the exception. 



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I figured it was a point shaving measure -- no biggie, as you can see from my example, I love the 3 and 8 break points for the same exact reason.


The reason I question say the use of "anonymity" is you are pointing out things that I would just assume are part of the genre being gamed. The only cop I remember from the film is the one early on who shows up at his house after he killed a butt load of people defending it. It is obvious that the cop knows who he is, and for whatever reason (probably because he is not a hitman any more) is OK with it. Cops are then gone from the film.


I am like John Woo when it comes to guns. I appreciate and use the operatics of gunplay quite well. But I personally have never fired one, have never seen one being fired, and do not think I am missing anything by not firing one. I bow to your obvious and incredible knowledge of guns.

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The cop's name was Jimmy.


Most if not all of my gun knowledge is from watching a lot of movies, History Channel and reading a lot of RPG books*. I did a LOT of research for the guns used by Wick in the movie. For example. The HK P30L 9mm used by Wick as his primary weapon is one of the most expensive 9mm pistols there is (~$1000).  There are other 9mm pistols that have more bullet capacity (Several bad guys use a Glock 17 with 17 round magazines for example) that are far less expensive.  The HK is extremely over-engineered and ergonomic (the grips can be setup in 27 different ways!).  Unlike many assassins, his martial art skills (Judo) are not primarily used as something to fall back on when guns aren't available (he was rather mediocre when fighting straight HTH with ground fighting being the exception). Rather, his Judo is used to help make his gunplay more efficient (a prone opponent is one less opponent to worry about shooting back and is far easier to make a headshot against).


re: 20 STR in a heroic setting


I understand yours is a house rule but even 3e Justice Inc notes that characteristics of 20 were just the point at which the cost doubled to increase beyond (ex: a 23 STR costs 16 points).  5e Champions and 6e HERO later codifies 30 as the 'real' upper limit for normal characteristics (edited 2/25/17).


*RPG books like:



Both have HERO System stats (from the 3e/4e days of course).





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Something that's been bugging me about my build for a while is having John have a 17 STR and what that implies that he's able to lift.  I chose that specific # to meet the STR Minimums for all the weapons that he uses (especially the ones with Autofire).  Then I remembered a thread in the Monster Hunter forum that had a great solution to this issue.





Originally posted by Bigdamnhero

*I would have quoted the full post but the thread is archived and can no longer be quoted or updated.

My solution for most modern heroic games is to simply redefine lifting STR one down on the STR table:

10 STR => 75 kg

13 STR => 100kg

15 STR => 150 kg

18 STR => 200 kg

20 STR => 300 kg



This fits my version of John Wick perfectly.


:) HM

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And I would spend the extra 16 points to raise my John Wick 3e write-up's EGO to 24.


That'll do pig. :winkgrin:


I chose the Resistance Talent instead of straight EGO but I could see going to a 20 EGO for John.


5    Resistance (+5 to roll)

[Notes: (6e1 p114) At the GM’s option, Resistance also helps a character withstand the pain of injuries. If the campaign uses the optional Wounding rules (6e2 p108), every point of Resistance a character has adds +1 to his EGO Rolls for purposes of withstanding wounds.]




*Resistance is primarily the defense against Interrogation and Lie Detectors.


Combined with his 2 Overall Levels that gives him up to a 19- roll.



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He never really demonstrated much in the way of stealth skills.  I know he has a reputation of being a ghost but he basically walks through the front door and shoots people in almost every hit in the movie.


One would be considered a "ghost" if there were no people left alive to talk about who was responsible... only fringe players would have been left, who likely was not close enough to him to warrant a round, but did not get a close look at who was doing the shooting.

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Well, the funny thing is Baba Yaga is NOT the Russian translation of Boogyman. I think the writers figured that it sounded cool and the few folks who were familiar with the term, spoke Russian or decided to google search it wouldn't really care. And in the scene where it is first used it's used both ways.


:) HM

Would this mean that John Wick wears a black dress, has iron dentures, and eats children?

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Remember that, if you surprise your opponent, the penalty to his a specific location is halved.


Very true.  I don't think John counted on this very much though.  He was typically just shooting faster and more accurately than his opponents. 


One of his few pistol hits that wasn't to the head or chest was towards the end of the movie when he fired left handed out the window of the charger and hit Dean Winters (the Mayhem Insurance guy) in the leg.  I may need to reconsider giving him Ambidexterity.  Or maybe there should be a rule that when Range Penalties are a factor that they not only reduce the chance to Hit the target, they also affect the Hit Location Penalty (effectively making it a double penalty). Probably more detail than most folks want to worry about. 




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John Wick: Chapter Two is set for a Feb 2017 release.








Legendary hitman John Wick is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world’s deadliest killers.



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