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  1. Oh, we have. Unfortunately, the ointment they prescribed does not seem to be working...
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    Answer stays the same.
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    Just like anything else: <!--NAME--> If you’re looking for the display or alias, you should use those tags instead…
  4. An alternate approach would be to make HD web-accessible (that would allow desktop and mobile clients to use the same app). Similar effort to above (actually likely to be a bit larger of an effort, but not by a massive amount)...but with the added cost of requiring the setup, maintenance and on-going hosting fees for a moderately custom server. I personally like this approach a lot more, but the ongoing charges to maintain a server (renting rackspace at an ISP, etc.) creates an on-going financial burden for the company, which I don't think will fly in the current market. And that's in addition to the need for someone (likely me) to maintain said server, the code, and ensure uptime. Long story short (too late): your take under this approach would need to be reduced in order to ensure that I'm reimbursed for my added time and on-going commitment.
  5. Here's an easy way to put the whole "HD needs a mobile version" crap to bed: I'll do the whole conversion (branching/splintering of the codebase). There are some tools out there that may make that at least partially automated (converting Java code over to the platform-dependent code for Android or iOS), but they don't work at all on the GUI elements (nor could they, conceptually) -- that will have to be entirely re-done...and that's very non-trivial. I'd ballpark it at roughly $50-100k for the effort. Just a ballpark figure so you know what we're talking about....if you want to go through with the proposal below, I'll dig into things and get a LOT more specific. So...you pony up the cash, and I'll do the work. Call it 50% upfront, with the remainder due upon project completion. For that, you get a mobile version of HD...and I'll cut you in on 25% of my take for all mobile sales. I'm not really willing to go higher than that, as mobile sales will directly impact desktop sales. Let me know if you'd like me to put together a full proposal on that. Until then, as I said above, it's not going to happen.
  6. As for creating a mobile version, yes, it would likely kill either myself or the app. You're talking about splintering the codebase, creating a completely different interface, maintaining and updating multiple codebases (at a minimum one each for android and iOS...in addition to the current desktop/Java version), and all for the "remarkable" benefit of a handful of people that would purchase the app on a phone instead of desktop...meaning the mobile app would be priced ludicrously high in order to attempt to balance that particular budget. So, no...it's not going to happen.
  7. No changes were made to the site yesterday...nor have any been made for the past few weeks
  8. All you. Chrome works fine for me and the site does not have different versions for disparate browsers (other than mobile and desktop versions).
  9. HD doesn't change the case of the extension during export - it'll use whatever you specify in the save dialog (assuming that it's in the list of extensions that the export format supports).
  10. Check your css definition for td.roll
  11. Certainly true....but that's similar to my field, where you're playing/selling off of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). Not really recommended....but that's against an educated/intelligent audience. When dealing with society as a whole, you get into the whole fuzzy/messy side of "what sells." There's an interesting game being played between hard science (how you get sick, how the virus spreads, what controls that spread, etc.), politics (what benefits a given political power group), and society (what the masses think/fear/want). Science evolves and changes far faster than the others....and that's been particularly telling with COVID. The current relaxing of mask mandates for vaccinated individuals is a good example of the intersection of those: science-wise there haven't been many cases traced to outdoor transmission of the virus in non-crowded situations (e.g. outside of concerts, etc.); politics-wise on the US side of things there's been a fundamental shift back towards trusting in the "intelligentsia" and science; society-wise things are slow...but the shift on the political side is directly tied to the societal...and something that you see mirrored in recommendations coming out of entities like the CDC (anti-maskers are not likely to be converted at this point, so you need to go after the "vaccine reluctant"), hence relaxing of mask requirements outdoors -- the risk of contracting the virus outside (when not in a crowd for a prolonged period) is minimal, but the perceived benefit of not needing to mask up is much greater.
  12. I wonder if the realization that ongoing (possibly permanent) neurological/cognitive defects being part of COVID will help or hurt efforts to get people vaccinated (or even just following proper safety protocols)... Not sure that people realize that loss of sense of smell/taste is just _one_ of the neurological effects that COVID has...and that the others are more worrying (and on-going)
  13. That’s going to be entirely on you then, since it’s not an issue with HD and (from the sound of things) not even related to the Java version on your system. I’d recommend going back to the basics and looking at your (and, more specifically) Java’s permissions on your system…particularly where you’re running HD from and where you’re looking to save files to.
  14. Yeah, what I thought -- you'll want to do the second bit posted above (delete your appPrefs.xml file)
  15. 1. I doubt it'll show any errors (i.e. likely won't help), but post your trace.log file 2. If you're not seeing a file save dialog, it's likely being placed off screen (with HD prefs set to remember dialog size and position). Delete your appPrefs.xml file before starting HD and it'll reset all of those. If 2 works, then there's no need to post the trace.log file... Thinking there's a possibility that Windows may finally be passing font scaling information to Java, which would throw off positions and sizes of the various dialogs and frames.
  16. A few things: 1. That's not really a "newer version" or "more current" (in terms of others not being fully supported with patches and updates) -- Java's numbering/versioning system has a history of being confusing. You installed a different "branch" (for lack of a better way of putting it), with changes in the way Java interacts with the host system. 2. It's unlikely that there's anything in HD causing the freeze - all features from older versions of Java are supported in all current versions (8, 9, 10, 11, 13, etc.). HD was coded using functionality/syntax introduced in Java 6 and will run fine on all current versions. Most likely scenario is the ever-popular permissions issues between Java and Windows (i.e. trying to save or write files to a directory that Java does not have permissions to)....though there's also a possibility of the version of Java that you've installed not getting along with your host system (particularly in I/O). 3. Java 8 is fully supported and is the recommended version. The current patch/update for Java 8 (aka Java 1.8...a holdover from an old battle between sales and devs) was released on April 20...so still active and supported.
  17. There's nothing built into the export process for that, if that's what you're asking.
  18. Found it! A slight omission in the Rules Maven group (had file upload size set to 0). You should be good to go now.
  19. Hmm...I doubt it’s as simple as the space (though it’s a good thought). You’ve got an OLD account (no offense), so maybe something got horked in the site transfer that we didn’t see before (there were a LOT of issues with the downloads née free stuff section). I’ll do some digging and see what I can figure out. Ok if I use your account to check? (No password involved, just lets me see things through your account settings)
  20. Very odd....I'm not showing that at all (can get through to selecting files without issue and on multiple systems/browsers)...and that's early enough in the process that it's either something specific to your setup or something that everyone would be experiencing (and I don't think that the latter is the case). You've already tried from multiple systems, so cache isn't an issue...not entirely sure what else to look at (there's nothing in the logs about it). I'll do some more digging tomorrow...and if anyone else is seeing the same issue, please post in here about what you're seeing (and what platforms, etc.). Given the nature of the process, there's going to be information saved in session and (likely) cookies -- do you have anything that would be filtering or inspecting internet traffic that is consistent between the systems that you've tried from? Since you've tried with and without VPN, it would need to be something at a lower level....before the information is encrypted and sent over VPN.
  21. Have you tried again? I'm not aware of any persistent issues with uploads to the server, but if it happens repeatedly I can certainly look into it. Also: what's the size of the file that's causing the error?
  22. Are we talking "Rockets from the sockets!" eye blasts?
  23. Simon

    HD Update

    Primarily some rather esoteric changes/fixes surrounding fringe builds with Time Limit.
  24. There is nothing simple about Enhanced Senses -- they required a LOT of code in HD to work (above and beyond the template definitions).
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