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  1. You'll find RTF export formats available in the downloads section on this site...and can always tweak them or the HTML formats to bring them closer to what you're after. Alternately, you can ask folks here for help. It's unlikely that you'll find a PDF export format as it is not a plaintext protocol.
  2. In short: no. Print to PDF is not designed to print equipment. You'll need to use one of the available export formats, design your own, or tweak an existing one to suit your purposes.
  3. Really? Do I need to remind folks (again) to read the rules?
  4. archer will not be joining us for a while.
  5. Those are not errors, they’re warnings. That’s not being pedantic - they won’t impact any functionality and are simply warnings of potential deprecation that will likely not occur within the lifetime of the application.
  6. You mean 5th Edition Talents aren't available as 6th Edition Perks?!? You'll find them listed under Talents when using a 5E rules template (where they are defined).
  7. For Killing Attacks: 1 DC = +1 pip 2 DC = 1/2d6 3 DC = 1d6 With a +1/4 Advantage on an HKA, you're looking at 6.25 points of STR per DC. 15 STR will get you 2DC (you'd need to increase to 19 STR before you had enough for 3DC).
  8. Having an installation of Java is the first step -- make sure that if you open a command prompt and enter "java -version" that it runs and shows the current version of Java that you have installed. If it doesn't, then that's your (first) problem -- go to www.java.com to get a copy of Java and install it. Once you have Java running on your system, if double-clicking on HD6.jar does not launch HD (opens in IE, or whatever), then Google "jarfix" -- the first result will contain a small executable that you can run to correct the .jar file associations on your system.
  9. Yeah...there's a reason that Flash Defense is not included at all in the Default export -- too many options on how it can be purchased, what it affects, etc. I'll pull it from the PDF export - it shouldn't be there.
  10. Certainly. All part of a fairly well-orchestrated effort to cast doubt on certain candidates and sow confusion and chaos within the electorate (which they could then capitalize upon). It was grander in scale than what the US did, but handled in an eerily similar fashion.
  11. I'm continually amazed that folks will acknowledge Russian interference in the 2016 election as if it's the dumbest thing in the world to question it...and then continue to parrot the misinformation that they were fed by said interference. The Russians didn't interfere by altering votes/hacking voting machines -- they interfered through social engineering...guiding and controlling public opinions and discourse. The Russians took a page directly from our playbook -- they did the modern/online equivalent of what we did with Yeltsin. For those continuing to parrot the "Hillary is the devil" lines...or "Hillary stole the nomination from Sanders"...please read the rules of this thread and do some research. Hillary did not steal the Democratic nomination -- she won both the popular vote and the delegate vote, which is kind of the way it's supposed to work (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Results_of_the_2016_Democratic_Party_presidential_primaries). She was an extremely competent and experienced politician who became the target of one of the largest smear campaigns in modern history (the most direct/tangible result of the Russian interference in the election process).
  12. Flying blind now, since I can't get the issue to replicate any longer...but there's a new update posted that should fix it.
  13. Race conditions are fun (for varying values of fun). Just pushed a new update with a trivial change that might fix things. Give it a shot and post back here. The version/build will show the same (same date).
  14. It was a race condition to begin with, so the fix on one system apparently wasn't enough...will post back here when there's a new update.
  15. Apparently the upload issue was isolated to a particular browser/OS...so the update is now available.
  16. I've got the problem fixed, but the hosting provider for the forums is having a bit of an issue with file uploads at present....once they fix that problem, I'll get the update posted.
  17. I'm closing this thread - HD is operating exactly as designed.
  18. HD is doing things as intended and as indicated by the rules/writers' guidelines.
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