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  1. Yeah, I read a few of them wa-a-a-y back in the day, just to see what all the fuss was about. The most interesting thing tome was how the hero, Tarl Cabot, was initially horrified and repulsed by the sexual slavery aspect of Gor culture--but very quickly came to see it as right and proper.
  2. Having read (and written) fanfic for many, many years, my diagnosis would be: the fanfic is about what the authors find arousing. I like straight slash* or girl-girl stuff, myself, though I've read plenty of guy-on-guy fanfic because the story was interesting. I'm reminded of the scene in Supernatural where Dean and Sam discover the existence of a) their fans (in the tv show world) and slash fic written by the fans about them, about the Winchester boys being together. As in "together-together". Sam: They do know we're brothers, right? Dean: Doesn't seem to matter. *Even if "slash
  3. Re: WWYCD: Holes in the story Iron Maiden: "Why are you telling me that? I didn't ask for jelly. I asked for cinnamon." Raven: "I know. That's why I'm here." (Whips a huge box of jelly donuts out of nowhere and hands them to the clerk.)
  4. Re: The Zat gun from Stargate And the SG-1 team. They once zatted Col. O'Neil SO THAT he could then stand and stagger out to the DHD and dial up the gate while the lingering charge from the zat kept the hostile energy bugs away from him! Apparently, if you're exposed to enough zat fire, you build up a tolerance--kinda like Iocaine powder, I guess....
  5. Re: WWYCD #81 A True Test of a Hero All characters come to grips with the fact that I've been transformed or bodyswapped or...something...with someone else, and won't see my lovely and talented wife ever again, barring some similar incredible incident. Also, try out and master my new powers as quickly as possible and use OOC knowledge without hesitation to deal with the situation I've found myself in. If it's Iron Maiden or Hell's Angel, I also get to deal with the fact that I'm now a young woman. Which, okay, interesting but definitely will require a lot of time to get used
  6. Re: Doomed Campaigns
  7. Re: Your Gaming Group's Jargon I imagine Steamteck will remember these.... "Bite the bitter black cookie of death" - To die. To be killed. Based on a legendary D&D campaign in which the players allegedly met Little Red Riding Hood and were allowed to take a cookie apiece from her basket. (Essentially a variant on the Deck of Many Things.) God alone knew what would happen when you bit into your cookie. But the bitter black cookie brought only death. "I shoot Book!" Said whenever you've decided to do something totally unexpected. Based on the (short-lived) participation of a n
  8. Re: Sex and the Single Superhuman Iron Maiden is involved in a long-term threesome with a married couple, and has a number of other lovers as well. Man-Ape lives the life of the average tabloid celebrity (and former actor). He dates some hot new starlet for a while, then they break up. Lather, rinse, repeat. Black Knight is making up for a long, long life of middle class suburban boredom prior to his wife's death and his transformation. When he's not out fighting supervillains for the adrenaline rush, he's drinking, carousing and bedding a never-ending parade of one-night stands
  9. Re: Ten Best Superhero Martial Arts I will recommend (again) Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training and Real World Violence by Sgt. Rory Miller. (Disclaimer, Rory is a friend of mine.) Rory is a martial artist, worked as a bouncer, and until recently was with the county corrections department. He worked the jail, helped organize and train the CERT unit, and stopped counting his official "use of force" reports at 300. He's got a lot of experience with the difference between theory and reality. (He'll also tell you that violence is wa-a-a-y bigger than a
  10. Re: Der Psychology of der Super Human A character of mine, Iron Maiden, is a flying brick with great invulnerability--as well as life support vs heat and cold. Because she doesn't like the "cheesecake" factor of skin-tight costumes, her costume consists of black tights, a skirt, a tank top--and a wool coachman's cloak (knee length, with an elbow length mantle) or a gothic-style calf-length trenchcoat. No matter what the weather or temperature. Like Superman's cape, the cloak or trench coat often get reduced to tatters or burned away in the course of a fight--but at least
  11. Re: Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon The Orbital Mind Control Lasers turned up in a DESTROYER novel. Remo and Chiun had to deal with them. See, the French government launched a satellite containing the lasers. By beaming a particular wavelength of light at an area, they could control the emotions and behavior of the people there. ...but then Uncle Sam Beasley (aka Walt Disney, unfrozen and with his head surgically attached to Michael Eisner's body) hijacked the satellite and was using it to try to make EuroBeasley THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH, since the park was failing.
  12. Re: Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon Another favorite sci-fi weapon of mine is from the Dean Koontz novel "Dark Rivers of the Heart." Spoilers follow:
  13. Re: Alternate Earth 20: Paradise Island Lost Hell's Angel changes little, if at all. She still grew up poor and neglected because her single mother was too busy chasing drugs and sex and rock n' roll to take care of her children. She still wound up the default caregiver for her younger siblings and still decided that education was her ticket out of that lifestyle. Acquiring her powers would still have gone much the same way. Black Mask would likely stillt be the superhero he is today. Since he's a super-martial artist (with Matrix-like powers), the only question is whether as a memb
  14. Re: why the UNITED NATIONS? (for global super-agency) Von D-Man, I also owe you some rep for responding so well to that crap. "If you can't imagine a heroic UN, your imagination is stunted" my shiny metal ***!
  15. Re: WWYCD: A Bomb for Two Cities Oh. You're proposed another trip on the GM Railroad Express. You could have saved a lot of trouble and just said so.
  16. Re: WWYCD: Will you forgive me? It's not exactly the same situation, but Hell's Angel, in her civilian identity of Gayle Roark, just came home (in the opening of a new PbEM adventure) to find HER nemesis--The Salamander--waiting in her kitchen to talk to her. This is the man who had her brother murdered, and whose goons tortured her two days to find where she'd hidden the notebook her brother had given her before he died; she only survived because her powers finally erupted and she escaped. So now she finds out that he knows who she really is--and he's apologized for what they d
  17. Re: WWYCD: A Bomb for Two Cities I'm with those who question how the bomb can affect my character before it goes off. (Even assuming the mutagenic effect can pass through her forcefield or--assuming a biological mutagen--survive the inferno like temperature of her body. Hell's Angel will incinerate (or vaporize, depending on its size and durability) the bomb in front of her. Not a problem. As for the bomb in another city--she can't do anything about that one, so she doesn't worry about it. She's pragmatic that way. She can't stop earthquakes, tsunamis, or crimes in other cit
  18. Re: WWYCD: Snakes on the Plane! Hell's Angel will decide that she should have gone with original idea and flown under her own power instead of taking a commercial flight. Someone whose powers consist of becoming a human torch is...not much use in the enclosed environment of a commercial airliner. She's going to be just another passenger trying not to get bitten by snakes.
  19. Re: Global Guardians - Champs by email (review) My experience was similar in many ways. My first PC ever was drafted into the Anchorage Embassy campaign (back when the GGU was undergoing a major revamping). My initial concept was accepted, then drastically reworked in auditing. But I stuck with it and eventually got to post a few times, but the campaign eventually ground to a halt just as we were getting into the first actual combat. I submitted characters to quite a few campaigns, most of which didn't get accepted. That didn't bother me--that's to be expected when lots of good p
  20. Re: why the UNITED NATIONS? (for global super-agency)
  21. Re: why the UNITED NATIONS? (for global super-agency) Traditionally, spies (at least in wartime) can be summarily shot. Sounds like his US government considers UNTIL agents acting without local (US) government approval to be spies. If the US considers the UN to be a hostile foreign power, that's a rather...drastic reaction, but not quite as far out as it may seem on first reading it.
  22. Re: Book Recommendation: Anatomy Of A City Another book on cities I highly recommend (though it's decades old now) is "The Life and Death of Great American Cities" by Jane Jacobs. It's a discussion of how city planning can destroy healthy, vital neighborhoods if it's done badly. If you're looking for descriptions of what life in a pulp-era city neighborhood was like, this is probably an excellent place to start.
  23. Re: Works Well in the Source Material, not so Well in the Game I'd love to, but as I said I wasn't there and only heard about it after the fact.
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