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    steriaca reacted to Hermit in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    I admit, when I put up dropzone I had kind of missed the tongue in cheek 'any resemblance' bit. I am actually thinking of filling out  Kinematic's Group for my games so I figured this would be a good place to put up an idea or two.
    Then I realized I missed a part of the theme
    Still, for my own records, let me add...
    Doctor Revelation
    Riza Mendoza was born Philippines though she did some college in the United States. She proved to be a talented biologist, and had a fascination with genetics. She hoped to learn what she could to return to her home country and help one day reduce birth defects. She knew OF mutants, of course, but rather than finding them offensive or frightening ,she found them fascinating. She even wondered what it would be like to be one?
    It turned out, she was.  At least, she showed up on Mutant Detectors. She discovered this back when Genocide was still intact, mutant hunter robots and all! Despite her lack of powers, or even any cosmetic differences the human eye could tell, a Genocide robot in battle with a group of mutants turned and fired on her! She was rescued, and that's how she stumbled upon IMAGE. The mutant terrorists were hardly high ranked in their organization. They were bizarre and strange... and beautiful.
    Riza saw them, and knew they were the future. This was like viewing God's dream manifest, infinite genetic diversity in infinite combinations. The trauma of the attack on her had done nothing to manifest her abilities. She knew it normally happened in puberty. She had aged out at a mere twenty five years of age it seemed. The IMAGE folks had little time for her, and she, while skilled, was hardly crucial to their cause as she had no powers to bring so they warned her of GENOCIDE and.. left.
    Riza threw herself into genetics with even greater gusto, earning her doctorate, and learning all she could of the cutting edge of the science, even going so far as to learn what she could from the black market of Teleios' techniques. Her own mutation was dormant, but what was dormant could be awakened.  Risking her life, she experimented on herself, and nearly died from the shock to her body. The days after the experiment, she realized she had triumphed! Her mutant powers were hardly earth shaking, but they were there. She was strong, she was agile! She felt full of energy, and indeed, her body was now athletic and toned. Of course, it was also covered in green fur. GLORIOUS green fur all over her body, soft and sleek. Her eyes were of a lovely radiant red. Further study would soon show she had also extended her lifespan, but by how much she didn't know.
    By the time she had done all this, GENOCIDE was gone, the IHA arose to take its place, and sadly, IMAGE seemed to be dust. Then she heard of Kinematic. of his call, and his crusade. He sought out allies, but she? She found him! While now more nimble than a howler monkey and stronger than an elephant, Dr. Riza's greatest power remained her intellect and scientific skill. It was no trouble for her to salvage and improve a mutant tracker of her own. And she had an offer for Kinematic no other could give him.
    "So many of our brothers and sisters are sleeping, merely having dreams that they're homo sapiens sapiens. I can awaken them from that sleep, show them who they really are. Let me work with you, and we will help them embrace the same Revelation I have. In time, I'll get you your army!"
    Kinematic was no fool. He dubbed her Dr. Revelation, and put her to work.
    The experiments don't always work. Indeed, there is a chance of death during the operation for any dormant mutant, and they don't always gain combat ready powers. Mutants come in great and small, after all. But Doctor Revelation continues to refine her work. One day, she'll have a high success rate, and every volunteer who wants to wake up to their true potential will make it! When the numbers shift, the old human men clinging to the past will finally be overwhelmed by the many children of a bright and diverse mutant future!
    (And to fit in better this time, there's obviously NO resemblance to Beast/Dark Beast, or even a redeyed Mister Sinister because Doctor Revelation is GREEN and a lady. Totally different, go away Marvel Legal team)
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    steriaca got a reaction from Gauntlet in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Considering that I live in West Alise, Milwaukee Wisconsin, the birthplace of Liberace I say thea, nay.
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    steriaca reacted to death tribble in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Intensively Radioactive Man !
    This mutant is one of the deadliest in the world when they activate their powers so Kinematic only asks for them sparingly. When they turn on their power waves of deadly radiation flood out knocking people on unconscious at best and leaving them with deadly radiation poisoning, if not dead, at worst. They seem ambivalent about the whole Mutant rights thing but as thy can be targeted for death because of their power they can often help Kinematic.
    Any resemblance to J Jonah Jameson is purely coincidental. 
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    steriaca got a reaction from Rich McGee in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Considering that I live in West Alise, Milwaukee Wisconsin, the birthplace of Liberace I say thea, nay.
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    steriaca reacted to death tribble in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    The Weatherman
    Carl Weathers (and yes he is named after the actor) is an African American who found he could control meteorological conditions. The more he practiced the better he got but he had to use his powers in secret as there were those who would kill 'freaks' i.e. mutants and particularly non Caucasian mutants. Soo he learned to fly and that made his control over his powers more focused and better. He does not trust Kinematic that much but he seems to be the only one taking action.
    Any resemblance to Cyclops is deliberate.
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    steriaca reacted to Hermit in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Daria Bowsman is a former military brat who was raised on patriotic high ideals as she was carted in her childhood and early teens base to base, place to place, all over the world. She actually considered joining the military herself, mostly to follow the family legacy, even going as far as learning how to shoot guns when most other girls were more concerned with make up and Boy Bands.  When her powers first surfaced, Daria was not alone. She teleported herself and several students by accident  to the roof of the school, an incident that resulted in one panicked peer going off the ledge and breaking a leg. Daria had been outed as a 'filthy mutie'. The rancor stunned her! While it would be folly to say her life was free of discrimination, she had bought hook like and sinker the lessons her parents had told her about how everyone on base , regardless of beliefs, skin color, or creed, was an American just like her. Apparently, this acceptance ended with mutantcy. She saw the disgust in her father's eyes, and the fear in her mothers. And her parents said she would be going away where they could.. fix her, and make sure she didn't hurt anyone else. With visions of experimental labs or isolated cells... Daria vanished, reappeared a mile away, and kept on going.
    That was several years ago. During which Daria traveled the world under her own power, and did what she had to do to survive. Some of her actions would have put her in the supervillain category, or even super mercenary, but it all felt so empty. Her idealism had been shattered, but the shards of it, the need to believe in something to have worth, lingered and cut. Then, at age twenty one, she ran into Kinematic. He had heard of a teleporting woman who worked as a smuggler among other things. He explained to her she was not alone though she had been mislead. There was no unity possible between the super powered and the norms; the latter would always fear the former. It was Us Vs Them. But the mundanes had a lot of advantages, numbers, tech, and more. He could use her help.
    Where once there was Patriotism, now came ideas of Mutant Supremacy. Whether you hate the mundanes or not wasn't the point, Mutants were at war, a war they didn't ask for, but they had to finish as the victors. The only other options were slavery or genocide. Daria took on the code name Dropzone, recognizing that her chief use for the team would be as transport for the loyal. She can, after all, teleport quite a few people well over a mile at a time, or just herself with greater rapidity and reaction time. She's also learned tricks, like teleporting a bullet so it comes from a different direction or bypasses a barrier. She's even reversed the attacks of others at her back at the attackers. The fact she speaks three languages besides her own (to varying degrees of fluency) and understands some other cultures better also comes in useful. But she has no illusions; it's her powers that make her worthwhile. Oddly, her teleportation always makes targets feel as if they're falling even when they aren't. Yet another reason she took the name "Dropzone"
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    steriaca got a reaction from Hermit in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Great Celestral Claw
    Zan Quan Do is a triad middle manager, whose right hand was mangled during a raid from the Tiger Squad. Getting it replaced by an alien's disattached hand, they attached it to Zan's stump. Zan normal hides his alien hand, but when he feels he has no other choice he reveals it and channels it's great power to create portals and slice through most anything. 
    He is quite awair that the word celestial is problematic (for years celestial was used interchangeably with oriental to describe people from his part of the world).
    New Team: Kinematic's Group
    The mutant mastermind has decided that Blindspot, Fossil, and Overdrive are not enough to build his pro-mutant-rule organization. So these six to twelve mutants have joined him. Not everyone recruited is totally enraptured with the ideas behind Kinematic, othoe the mutant rule part they can all get behind. Of course the IHA is against them.
    Very few members are "full time", having their own criminal stuff, but are expected to drop everything when Kinematic asks for their support for their mutual protection. 
    Any resemblance to members of the X-Men, the Brotherhood, and the Acolytes are coincidence, really.
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    steriaca got a reaction from assault in That's MY pet!!!!!   
    Well, he counts also.
    But not Scooby Dum. Nor Scrapy Doo.
    Defently not Scrapy Doo.
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    steriaca got a reaction from Khymeria in Martial Hero   
    Great. Someone learned Pun Fu.
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    steriaca got a reaction from Ninja-Bear in Martial Hero   
    Great. Someone learned Pun Fu.
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    steriaca reacted to GhostDancer in Martial Hero   
    Bruce Lee had a vegan brother - Broco Lee
    Happy Thanksgiving 
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    steriaca reacted to Quackhell in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    The Ingénue
    Amelie Monroe appears to be a shy, meek, and frail young woman whose large doe  eyes exude innocence. This is all the convincing act of an accomplished and skilled con artist. No one is suspicious of whatever tale of woe she weaves in order to get what she wants. She came to the attention of The Director when she conned Best Boy out of a small fortune by playing to his vanity and ego. Impressed, the mad auteur recruited her to assist in his schemes.
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    steriaca got a reaction from Opal in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Napon Rex is a little dog saved from a laboratory. Rex is highly intelligent, can talk English, and can envelop himself in a fiery aura which burns everything but himself to ash.
    Next Team.
    Centeal Casting 
    The Director of Crime (from Pyramid in the Sky) returns from the psycho ward with a group of six superpowered henchmen/actors. Who are these six people, what roles do they usually play in the Director's crimes, and are they willing to get zapped by his new Instant Wardrobe gun? Don't forget the Director's real name might as well be Allen Smithie (the name directors use to use to disassociate themselves from a film they don't like).
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    steriaca reacted to Pariah in WWYCD: CLOWN In The Macy's Parade   
    Jack Diamond starts walking alongside Merry Andrew, cigar in hand (unlit—like Will Smith, it's for the look). "Play nice," Jack says in his best prison whisper, "and we won't have any problems here." He'll then retreat to a safe distance, watching to make sure CLOWN plays nice. If they do, no harm, no foul.
    Thunderstrike hacks into every traffic camera along the parade route to make sure no shenanigans have begun. He'll be really disappointed it he doesn't find anything.
    Morningstar grips her mace and makes an EGO roll to keep from smacking Tag on sight.
    Pariah is already preparing spells to put protective shields between CLOWN and the crowd. 
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    steriaca reacted to Lawnmower Boy in WWYCD: CLOWN In The Macy's Parade   
    Brother Twelve: "There's nothing worse than egotists hijacking communal fun. We should do something before social solidarity is undermined."
    Maid of Gold: "Oh, don't be such a stick in the mud!"
    Queen's Fist: "You're good with these Boomer maniacs? Are you even the real Dora?"
    Maid of Gold: "What? No! I'm disagreeing with Twelve! It's fun!" (Elbows Twelve in a way that brings her in under his shoulder. Looks expectant; speculative glance at the group from Twelve; Charlotte rolls her eyes.)
    Rush: "They're going to ruin the parade. I'm with Twelve --Brother Twelve. Have I mentioned you need a better codename in the last minute and a half?"
    Brother Twelve: "It's been forty-five seconds. Which I know is a long time for you. Codenames are for the bougies. Parades are for everyone. With the cartoon animals and everything. They must be weird where you come from, though."
    [Rush smiles; It's nice of Twelve to feed her a straight line]: "In dark, post-apocalyptic future, all cartoons are Heathcliff. It's hard to enjoy a parade in an underground city. There's no sightlines. Sometimes I think people don't appreciate just how much not-fun it is to grow up in an underground shelter. Anyway, there won't be any sightlines for these guys, either, when they get thrown in Clown Jail." 
    [Scout appears out of nowhere]: "Have y'all considered the value of some toomfoolery and harmless pranks, a bit of turnin' reality on its head, some mistaken identity shenanigans? Ah know sometimes Ah just want to light things up!" 
    Queen's Fist: "Pranks aren't harmless if you're always the target, Hick Boy."
    Scout: "Like, who's the hick now? Ah been to Hope once!"
    Queen's Fist: "Seeing it in a movie doesn't count. Say, have you seen Bruce? It's not like we're going to be able to do anything in New York without the Goblinjet."
    Scout [Nervous]: "Heh. Well, I--Ah-- guess that settles it. It's a New York problem an' New Yorkers  can fix it."   
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    steriaca reacted to death tribble in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    I would love at this juncture to bow and modestly claim that you are right. However until you mentioned it I was blindly oblivious. Maybe my subconscious did it.
    Let this be a salutary lesson to you all. never give a supervillain or a Mad Scientist a board game. The Mad Intellectual Think Tank was given Kingdom of Tokyo and were playing a few rounds when inevitably someone mentioned that they could design one of the monsters with ease.
    'The one problem is that the law enforcement people would know that one of us was responsible' said Professor Mayhem, 'No-one else could build anything that large'
    'Nor equip it with such weaponry'. added Professor Steraica,'Although we would be limited in attacking either New York or Tokyo'
    Both then saw an BB looking at something and paused to follow her gaze. She was looking at The Designer who was holding the dice in his hands and studying it intently.
    'Maybe' he began, 'Maybe we are looking at this the wrong way. What if we used the symbols from the dice to cause an effect from someone'
    'How so ? asked BB
    'Well, the claw is easy you take damage from it. The heart will heal damage you took and the lightning would power you up. I just don't know what we could do with the numbers 1, 2 or 3' replied The Designer.
    'We could have that mean that one, two or three powers activate', said The Assistant.
    'Hmm' said The Designer 'We imbue a subject with the ability to do this and that would throw the authorities off. It would have to be somebody that is alive because the law would know Dr Corpening's work easily. And we can't transplant claws onto them as again that would tie it to us'
    'So Dr Boumont and Dr Nymax! make the subject and imbue them with the ability to generate or call the effects into being. The rest of us work on a way to make the effects reality.' replied the Assistant.
    'Excuse me, I'll go find Spirit in the Sky and get to work' replied BB. The group had taking to calling Dr Nymax! Spirit in the Sky as a reference to the good doctor being away with the fairies and the cover version being by Doctor and the Medics.
    Thus was born Queen of Tokyo who has to roll dice before something happens. She can summon claws that can shred through tanks, so battlesuits, armour wearers and forcefields/forcewall users beware. She can energise herself and this is dangerous if someone tries to jump her when she tries to do it as they can be electrocuted. She can heal herself. And lastly she can use one of three effects which varies week to week. The authorities are baffled by whomever gave her powers but she can be taken down quickly during dice rolling so she is not considered a major threat.
    (I have King of Tokyo and it is great fun. Also available as King of New York)
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    steriaca reacted to death tribble in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    congrats to Steraica as this is team 600
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    steriaca reacted to death tribble in Create Hero/Villain link thread   
    Finished the hero thread with two or three missing as one was to do with pictures that we lost.
    I need to get all the names from the Lists into a spreadsheet to work out where we clashing on names. Sadly there are several examples where we are duplicating the same names.
    And an apology to Steraica. Yes you clearly have spelling mistakes in some of your entries but there are others as well who we should have spoken to about this issue.
    If anyone wants a particular team you can ask me as they are now documented without the actual people who posted the entry credited as yet. They are in document form but I may export to pdf next. 
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    Pauline's Perils
    Seven superpowered criminals hired by villainous female millionaire Pauline VonDerDroom. Each member decided in honor of their benefactor they would rename themselves after various deathtraps. It should be known that publicly they are only known as The Perils.
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    steriaca reacted to death tribble in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Martin Dugdale had yet to get a proper name as a supervillain but was appallingly strong. When he was brought along to the see Von Droom and a number of people suggested changing IDs to death traps people asked 'what does he do ?' Martin was strong but his grip seemed stronger all but inescapable. He could grab hold of someone and stretch them just like a rack, the old torture device. Ordinarily this would not be a death trap but because Martin would be holding on to them it was as good as. Martin was delighted. He's not the smartest tool in the box, more a point and do sort of guy but when he does it, it will be done. 
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    steriaca reacted to Sundog in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Vicki the Impaler
    Air support and ranged specialist for the team, Vicki uses a set of jet boots to get around and a pair of arm mounted harpoon guns to inflict pain and mayhem. She has a variety of harpoons, but her preferred one is barbed so as to slowly work it's way deeper into the victim. Vicki (her real name is Sarah, she isn't stupid) is nasty and unpleasant person, and quite enjoys killing people.
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    steriaca reacted to death tribble in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Maiden In Ironland
    Know how many Iron Maidens there are ? Or Iron Ladies ? Or Iron Girls ? Iron Women ? The list goes on and on..
    So when Iron Maid was hired and saw old death traps and the Vincent Price film, The Pit and the Pendulum she saw the Iron Maiden as a trap for the first time. And thus the awful pun Maiden in Ironland was born. She is a medium level brick in an armoured suit who ends to use a polearm or staff in Hand to Hand combat.
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    steriaca got a reaction from Quackhell in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Frances Lecter was a minor YouTube celebrity with a channel all about horror movie reviews. The chemical have brought the horror film character he has started writing a screenplay about called "Faceless" to life. When he transforms into Faceless, he is a super humanly strong and durable being without a face nor need to breathe and a violent streak which makes Jason Voorhees look like a quire boy.
    Even when not transformed, Frances has become more antisocial, rairly posting his reviews on YouTube anymore, and quick to anger and resort to violence. Faceless' trademark is to rip off the faces of the people he has killed.
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    steriaca reacted to Sundog in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Yvonne Fairchild has worked at many tasks in her 80 or so years. Barmaid, dancer-for-hire, waitress, numbers runner, thief, streetwalker when she was down and out...which was more often then she'd like to remember. Her latest one has been as a cosmetics specialist and beautician in a mid-scale beauty salon. She's still working because she has never managed to put together any sort of savings, and Social Security ran out years ago. 
    But of late she's been using her makeup skills a lot on herself...because without them she doesn't look like an eighty year old anymore. In fact, she looks like she did when she was 30...well, actually, better, since Yvonne was never much of a looker. And the beautician job isn't being done for the meagre pay, but to find victims.
    When she finds someone willing to chat, who has some money, who is single or otherwise living alone, that's when she strikes. She uses her ability to teleport through mirrors to go straight from her rooms to the victim's place, her knowledge of makeup to make herself unrecognizable, her newfound strength and vitality to capture the woman (or man - men don't come as often to the salon, but she isn't picky). She makes them tell her where all the money is, all the valuables, and then she paints their face - with acidic, poisonous makeup of her own devising. They come out of it beautiful to look at, but underneath, their faces are melting...
    None of her victims have survived so far, and the Police have instituted a task force to find the "Makeup Killer". But who would suspect a little old lady?
    On the team side, she acts as a scout and infiltrator. She's actually quite capable of combat, but she dislikes it. The others know she's someone in the building, but not that it is little granny Yvonne from the fourth floor.
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    steriaca reacted to death tribble in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Another man whose life was going nowhere was Paul Grady. He had an ordinary office job and it was mundane until he was made redundant. Stuck in the apartment trying to work out what jobs to apply for and how he would have to pay rent, the chemicals and mutagens got to work while the subliminal messages turned him to the course of evil. He dreamed of another existence and when he woke he looked into the mirror and saw a stranger, a corpulent moustached fellow with a bulbous nose and large horn rimmed glasses. Startled he shook and resumed his own appearance. Puzzled he looked into the mirror again and slowly pictured himself as the stranger again. Lo and behold he changed gradually. And he had power, power over the lesser beings, power over their minds for he had developed mental powers. He found these powers only came with the new form and over a few days he experimented as he could now hear peoples thoughts, make them believe they saw things they did not, temporarily paralyse their minds and cause them pain. Then working on the basis 'Go Big or Go Home' he walked into his former employment and went after the bosses causing them to transfer money to him and some of their possessions before making them unsure of what they had done and to whom. As he returned to the apartment he let the others know he was aware of them and was prepared to be their leader. For like other mentalists before him he has an entire chip shop on his shoulder. He is Magnum Opus
    an odd effect of the transformation is that Paul can be read by a telepath in his own ID and it will show nothing of his criminal career. However as Magnum Opus IF someone got through his ego and mental defences all would be revealed including the others. But how powerful would you have to be to do that ?
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