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  1. All right folks, I finally came up with the adventure. I play-tested it with a group of friends a few weeks back and they really enjoyed it, so without further adieu; here is: Baron Nihil's revenge! Let me know what you think, Baron Nihils Revenge.docx
  2. Funny that you mention this Assault, Champions Worldwide features the following: Heroes (93-99) -Brigade: Martial Brick -Harrier: Weaponmaster with a wingpack and blaster -Walkabout: Aborigine Mystic Villains (203-209) -Anathema: Mentalist with Emotion Control -Lightning Man: Mystic Weaponmaster with an axe -Taipan: Speedster with Lethal Poison -Marmoo: Aborigine Evil Spirit (Hidden Lands 94-96)
  3. The key would just be with helping with things for story, non-villain npcs, and making combat interesting. I'll post the revised characters in 6e, but I will be using the villains from the Champions Villains books.
  4. Thank you Lord Liaden. This is quite useful!
  5. Hello everyone, I plan on running a 6e Champions game over at U-Con this year. I'm presently working on it- as it adapts characters from the 5e book Champions of the North. The PCs will be playing official Canadian superheroes who are tasked with saving their country from the combined forces of Baron Nihil and Tilingkoot, who have joined forces to dimensionally merge the Great White North with Nihil's dimension. Player Characters (Star-Force) Argosy- a mentalist from the Maritime Provinces The Constable- a martial brick from British Columbia Justiciar- a cyborg from Northern Canad
  6. Would anyone be willing to help me with PC descriptions and backstory? I could use some help.
  7. It probably was an old rule that they updated/changed in the 5th edition. Thank you for the clarification! Hey, it happens- you're not the first veteran player who has been mistaken about rules- I remember that a GM didn't realize that END drops to 0 when you are knocked out even though he had been playing for 30 years.
  8. I thought knockback did 1d6 per hex if you hit something, and 1d6 per 2 hexes if you hit the ground or a less solid object. Correct me if I'm wrong?
  9. Thanks guys- I'm the player that DJ is talking about in the first post. I was satisfied with the solution he came up with. I'll let you know how it goes in the next session.
  10. The PCs ended up surprisingly surviving, although most of them got knocked unconscious during the fight.
  11. I ended up letting players purchase their weapons upgrades for $1,000 per 1 real equipment point. It seems to have worked out rather well- inflating the weapons costs simulated the additional effect of lifestyle costs as well.
  12. Hello everyone, I know the MHI book gives a list of PUFF bounties per monster, but I was wondering when the players get the cash- what could they spend it on? How would you calculate expenses like lifestyle, rent, etc? And how much should weapons cost? Drones, ammo, vehicles, buildings, etc? Let me know how you resolved this dilemma in the past.
  13. I plan on running "Death of a Fixer." The PCs are freelancers hired by a mysterious party to provide security for a gathering at a bar. They discover that the gathering is a group of fixers who are haggling over the data and possessions of a recently deceased fixer- which happens to include a lot of valuable and compromising information. Predictably, they have to contend with some party crashers sent by some parties that want the information seized or destroyed, as well as the fact some fixers are willing to use any means necessary to get what they want.
  14. Hello everyone, I just wanted to see how people would build a commercial surveillance drone. One of the PCs wants to make one that can also deliver explosive bombs. How should I go about building it? Should it be a vehicle or a focus? If any of you have built one in the past, let me know how you built it.
  15. Hello everyone, I borrowed a friend's copy of Michael Surbrook's awesome Anime-Cyberpunk campaign setting Kazei 5. I'm thinking of running a campaign in that setting, but I do need ideas for adventurers and characters. Has anyone else run or played in campaigns in the setting? Please let me know, Grandmaster GM
  16. Hello everyone, Did anyone make xenomorphs, yautja and colonial marines for HERO System? I would love to run an Alien vs Predator game, run like the way I imagined the movie to be instead of the horrifically lame movies from 2004 and 2007. I would also like to see Ellen Riley and Dutch team up, so if anyone ever stated them out- that would be a big help! Let me know, Grandmaster GM
  17. Hey guys, Does anyone have MHI character sheet pdfs or export templates for hero designer? I would like to convert my MHI pcs into the proper format, as the standard pdfs don't include things like encumbrance. Please let me know.
  18. Hello everyone, I inspired my good friend Pat Ransom to run a HERO/Champions game adapting the Necessary Evil storyline for the Marvel Universe, with the Kree replacing the V'Sori. I'm thinking of playing Spider-Venom, which will be Peter Parker but with the Venom symbiote. Basically, the Kree wiped out his entire supporting cast (well, save most of his rogues gallery and J. Jonah Jameson, the latter of whom is now a propagandist for the Kree)- and Eddie Brock sacrificed himself to save Parker. He goes by Venom, pretending that Spider-Man is dead and has given into the symbiote, alth
  19. Did you stat out any of the characters from the books?
  20. It's a shame those folks have never been statted out- save for Samhain and Cateran in the Villains books, and the London Watch in Kingdom of Champions (although their designs are a wee bit dated). Someone really should take the initiative and do so.
  21. So how do you balance out weapons? I'm working on my own game now and I want to figure out why heroes would want to wield pistols instead of tommy guns or rifles? Did you give the Grimnoir a particular template?
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