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3 hours ago, Logan D. Hurricanes said:

$2 ticket for 1,000,000 to 1 odds? Sure, why not?


If you could get those odds, I might say OK...but I doubt it.


I'm seeing 125-1 up to 300-1;  you just won't get much more than that preseason.  The best odds you can get on the Rockets right now, to win the NBA title, is 2000-1...they're 10-26, so almost halfway through the season.


So if someone's really offering odds like that, I'd question whether they're legit.

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Awful Announcing ran a story about the top 10 media stories of the year last week:



9. Sinclair RSN Woes
Sinclair’s Bally Sports regional sports networks are hemorrhaging money. Ever since Sinclair purchased the Fox Sports Nets, it has found that the RSN model is no longer a cash cow. Pay cable does not have the reach that it once had. Sinclair is trying out a direct-to-consumer app that will allow viewers to watch their local RSN without cable. And as Sinclair tries to raise revenue, MLB, the NBA and the NHL are not in any hurry to bail the company out of its financial troubles. If Sinclair decides to sell its networks, it will find that it will not get as much money that it paid for the RSNs.


I've noticed this.  I simply can't get as many of the RSNs as, say, 5 years ago.  Baseball's where this showed.  I'd have to double check, but without paying a LOT more for a massive deal, I think I'm down to...5-6.

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And it's becoming more and more uncertain whether his career can realistically continue.  He had to withdraw from Wimbledon.  5 weeks off...then lost to Coric in the first round in Cincy.  Lost to Tiafoe, 4th round of the US Open.  2 more months off, then lost his first match at the Paris 1000.  Lost 2 of 3 in the round robin at the ATP finals...at least those were top 10 players.  Heck, he may well have lost his first round match, but the kid Draper had physical issues too.  Both were gutting it out to reach the finish line.  Draper was just a bit worse off.


His injuries are piling up, and with his intensely physical style, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong if he's got to play a lot in a short period.  And just as bad, if he's not playing, it's impossible to really round into a solid groove on-court.


This Open is now really suffering;  no Fed obviously.  Nadal out.  Alcaraz injured.  Kyrgios is a jerk but an Aussie jerk, and he is at times *spectacular*.  He's out.  Zverev is playing, which is good, after last year's bad injury, but he struggled mightily against a player outside the top 100...who was a lucky loser in the qualifying.  He was down 2 sets to 1, and won the 4th in a tiebreaker, and the 5th 6-4.

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8 hours ago, death tribble said:

Djokovic wins the Men's Australian Open Tennis



Oh and how remiss of me the Women's winner was Aryna Sabalenka



Djokovic and Sabalenka played brilliantly, but respect to Tsitsipas and Rybakina. They gave their respective opponents a tough time. Both championship matches were slugfests.

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I have no idea if what happened constituted a crime under Virginia law or not, as there was, for example, no financial gain or loss.  Civil?  HECK yeah.  The kids on the team have suffered serious emotional damage.  I can't even imagine how they played the game, knowing the fraud was going on.  That said, they're young teens, the coach said it was ok, what do you want them to say?  Doesn't mean they weren't going "this is NOT right" if only to themselves.  I played on the 8th and 9th grade teams back in the day.  WAY back in the day.  You're playing for FUN.  You're not playing to win for the sake of winning, but because winning feels really good.  If even one kid on that team loses any desire to play on any other team again, it'll be a tragedy.  


I hope somehow there is a reasonable charge (in the sense that the charge fits the action) that can be brought against both coaches.  Not so they do jail time;  I want it on their formal records so this CANNOT happen again.  

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