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Winter Holidays 2022!

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Got a reminder, so finally got around to ordering my brother's birthday gift:  a beer advent calendar.  Kinda-sorta been considering the whisky advent calendar for myself, but...it's 24 minis for rather a lot.  Like, a bottle of whisky, and one of cognac, both being a step above the standard grades from high-end (commercial) brands.  Or one ultra-premium.  

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I'd heard the crab issue before, and it, IMO, is by far the more disturbing.  For just me?  A turkey is way too much.  One local market carries roasted/shredded turkey meat.  It's not always there, but when it is, the price is rather good.  Dark meat last time (couple weeks ago) was $6/pound...and this is mostly boneless and very low fat.  Started just chopping up low-carb tortillas, toss in a good bit of salsa and some cheese, maybe chop a tomato if I'm doing it for dinner;  mix, cover, and bake.  Maybe break up any large meat chunks.  The salsa seasons and moistens everything nicely. 


Haven't decided what Thanksgiving will be.  MIGHT see if I can get duck breasts locally.  Whole duck price per pound has gone up a bunch.  Mail order shipping has become totally ridiculous.  If not?  Most likely chicken roulade...sounds fancy but it's just pounded flat, gets a layer of tasty stuff, roll and bake.  Maybe a roast chicken;  haven't done that in a while.  I'm getting lazy about cleanup, and a roast chicken has a pretty messy cleanup. :)

And for Thanksgiving, hey, I may well do a good batch of chile, the better to watch the football with.  

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