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New Product: The Institute For Human Advancement: Pride & Prejudice

Jason S.Walters

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Greetings everyone! We have a new Champions organization book available, first on Amazon but shortly in the Hero Store, on DriveThruRPG, and at Indie Press Revolution.


The Institute for Human Advancement is one of the most insidious villain organizations in the Champions Universe. Any super mutant who has a positive public image has had to defend it, and themselves, from the IHA at some point. And anyone would develop a hatred for an organization if they had to routinely fend off the combination of frivolous lawsuits, hostile "newsmen," hate websites, front groups, lethal poisons, and occasional armed assassins created by it!


However, most of the public doesn't consider the IHA to be evil. Just slightly annoying. They don't have flashy uniforms like VIPER or DEMON. (Though they're happy to use them as disguises when needed!) They don't go around making big speeches about taking over the world or subjugating humanity like Dr. Destroyer. In the minds of the public their peppy commercials and boring midday talk show appearances make them appear more banal than anything else.


But the truth of this clever and genocidal organization is much, much more sinister. And its dark history, methods, structure, agents, and equipment are to be found within the pages of this book.


You can pick up a copy on Amazon, or wait for it to become available here or at other locations.

1_IHA Pride and Prejudice  Front Cover.jpg

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First, :rockon: 


I'll hold on this until it's on the website store. I want you to get all my money. And buying a book about fighting an evil organization from Amazon just feels too ironic. :winkgrin:


I'm not sure about the cover though. I think I get what you're going for -- other groups like VIPER  and DEMON are more obvious threats, while the IHA appear innocuous but are actually a looming danger. But IMHO putting those groups on the cover will confuse many buyers. And the ordinary-looking guy overlooking the scene makes me think he's the Game Master. Now I know many players would feel the GM is the biggest supervillain in the game, but on a cover he just doesn't seem menacing. ;)

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I think I get what you're going for -- other groups like VIPER  and DEMON are more obvious threats, while the IHA appear innocuous but are actually a looming danger.


Actually, it's more that the IHA has its agents dress up like somewhat "overbranded" agents from other organizations to disguise their nature. The book details this.



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Obviously there are more than ONE part of IHA. The Minutemen robots are one small (and expensive) thing. Religious militia groups another faction being manipulated for IHA's agenda. And there is there media and political arms. And also the science arm (working on either a mutant power nulifier or genetic abnormality remover [a gun which only kills Non-Humans] as we speak).

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Hello guys. I was going to wait until the physical copies came in next week, but I went ahead and took the PDF+HDC version live in the website. When the print copies get here I'll take it fully live here on the Hero Games website (and at IPR), and have AC make all of the social media announcements including on the front page of the website. I'll also take it live on DriveThruRPG once I've checked over their proof.



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