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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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I know what they look like.  You missed my (indirect) point...


If they're Scotch bonnets OR habaneros...both are plausible...well, whoever's handing these out might be lucky if this ONLY causes the police to come by to shut it down and issue a citation...as opposed to coming by with the ambulance after an irate parent goes ballistic.  


Pun intended.

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Tis the season for pie pumpkins.  Not the honkin' big ones for jack o' lanterns, they're grown to be big.  Pie pumpkins are fairly small, with more flavor.  I've got one that I still need to break down, clean, and roast...been lazy.  Stores don't see these for very long;  they're gone probably before even Halloween.

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On 10/5/2023 at 9:26 AM, Cygnia said:




Oh yes.  I remember that case VERY well.  It was *incredibly* common to hear the comments...hey maybe I should spill coffee on myself, if I can sue!  It was really, really bad.


Cripes...on rare occasions if I'm in a hurry...there's a Starbucks inside the Target, that's next to the supermarket I use regularly.  I may get some coffee from them.  It's too hot to drink...to even carefully sip...for a good 10 minutes.


And yeah...if the cup's mostly full, then if I'm trying to take the lid off, to add something?  There's a very good chance I'll spill it on my hand.  If it's that hot, what's gonna happen?  My hand is going to jerk...and spill a great deal, if not dump the entire cup.


Last aspect...this is a common issue with many drip coffee makers.  The burner is too hot;  the aromatics will react over time.  The hotter it is, the faster this will happen.  I recall a common complaint with, IIRC, Mr. Coffee was the burner was much too hot, and the pot would taste burned rather quickly.


Plus, you can't drink it that hot anyway;  you'll burn your tongue.  Been there, done that, too many times.  Not fun.  Beyond that...I like this article:


Makes a lot of sense...at those very high temps, the heat sensors overwhelm the taste sensors.

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14 hours ago, unclevlad said:

I tried to click on it buy my mouse refused to get within an inch of it....


I was trying to find the old Spamarama winner, Spam Chip Cookies, but the peanut butter cookies were as close as I could find.



Cooking entries have included various flavors of SPAM ice cream, Moo Goo Gai SPAM, GuacaSPAMole, chicken-fried SPAM, SPAMguini, and SPAMalama Ding Dong, a concoction made with the pink colored meat, whipped cream, and chocolate.  Other entries have included NutSpittle (Spam with peanut brittle), Spam ramen, and Spam chili.


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Made the 2nd recipe on this page tonight since I bought a bundle of spinach last weekend and it needed to be eaten.  I was kind of meh about how it came out, but the other two in the house were more enthusiastic (perhaps because they want me to keep doing most of the cooking and they think flattering me will help that along :straight: ).  I am NOT an improvisational cook (wife and daughter are) but the lack of numerical data wasn't a serious problem.

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That's an advantage to rendering it into something else.  It's not in the produce drawer any more.  For me, it's my strawberries.  A deep red color generally means a more ripe berry...but that also means, that much closer to turning bad.  I buy a LOT of strawberries;  I use 150-200 grams almost every morning in my smoothie, along with (usually) frozen fruits...mixed berries (preferably without more strawberries), cherries (the mix of sweet and tart is great, but the season for em, even frozen, is REALLY short), or mango chunks (awesome in summer).  


If I hull the strawberries then run however much I have (I buy 2 pounds quite often during the spring and summer when the prices are good) through the blender...it keeps far longer.  Cyg will say the same thing about her pesto. 


And with fresh blackberries or raspberries?  Those go south in a day or two;  they bruise too easily, meaning the sweet juice gets exposed to air, and therefore mold spores.  They're too expensive to buy unless on a really big sale...and the advantage of using about 1/3 frozen fruit is, it chills the whole thing down nicely...but I'll try to check these, and run them through the blender, right after I get em home. 

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