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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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Doesn't sound bad, but I'd definitely add:

--season the ground beef while browning...salt, and I'd lean to sprinking about a teaspoon of chipotle powder.  

--I'd also large-dice a medium onion and saute that to translucent first, then brown the beef with the onion


Alternate recipe...pound and a half of ground beef, 12 ounce pack of bacon.  Dice and brown the bacon first.  Drain *and save* the bacon fat, and set the bacon pieces aside for a bit.  Use some of the bacon fat to cook the onion, and a bit more when you brown the ground beef.


Also note:  in this approach, I *highly* recommend a better grade of ground beef.  That off-white cheapo stuff?  70% lean means 30% FAT...and you'll throw ALL of that away, even with Mr. P's starting point recipe.  (Just for grins...I'm looking at Wal Mart's ground beef, as I figure they'll have multiple grades.  They have 73% for $4.40/lb...just about 38 cents per ounce of meat.  85% for $5.16...almost exactly the same price per lean ounce.  90% comes out a bit higher, at about 43 cents per lean ounce.)  


For something like this, note that the difference between 73% and 90% in the actual beef yield.  73% * 2 pounds...just under 1.5 points.  Instead of 1.8 pounds with the 90%.

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The cheesecake recipe I used to have was a 2-layer cake.  Bottom layer, cream cheese.  Top layer, sour cream.  Lazy me?  Toss em together and do it as one layer.


AB's recipe adds eggs and cream;  I'm fairly sure mine didn't use cream, but it probably had eggs.  Been a LONG time.  I do know I used lemon juice in it.  And this year, I've started using orange oil.  NOT extract, the orange oil itself.  Much cleaner, more honest flavor.  It should work beautifully here.  


Thing is...if you use fake sugar, this is low carb.  HIGH!!! fat, mind, but low carb.  I don't have to be nearly as fastidious about fat. :)  

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I'm not kidding when I say my MIL is VERY particularfinicky.  The more dense NYC style, she absolutely loathes.  And no fruit or chocolate in any form.


My FIL, however, will eat anything and everything.  We like to try new restaurants here in Cleveland and eat the "weird" stuff hubby & his mom will look away from.  So hopefully we're doing Korean this coming week.

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2 hours ago, Cygnia said:




I may just have to try one or two of these come holiday time.  As a little indulgence.  


Not the best time of year, tho, to post the story, Eater.  


WARNING to those interested:  IT IS PROBABLY TOO HOT TO SAFELY SHIP CHOCOLATE in many parts of the country.  

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re that Basque Cheesecake I made: I though it wasn't sweet enough and that mom didn't like it which was very disappointing because it was intended as a birthday treat. Last night I went to get some for dessert and couldn't find it. Turns out she had trimmed all the burnt parts off and eaten it herself! Guess she did like it after all. We're already discussing tweaks for the next one. 

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