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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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My spice dealer just announced the return of pumpkin spice. 


I should write them...they dropped cake spice some years back.  Ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg IIRC, probably some others.  That's the one I really miss.  I do almond flour based pancakes from time to time;  cake spice was a great add.  Altho recently I've been playing around with orange essential oil...yummm...and got some baking emulsions recently.  Raspberry works nice...especially since I top them with zapped, crushed frozen berries anyway.  (Black, rasp, blue mix.)

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Yeah, I'd say we can skip the preliminary rounds and but that one straight onto the final ballot for Greatest Food Abomination, All Time.


Carolina Reaper?  As, what, smallish jawbreaker-type candies??????




Carolina Reapers set a record for hottest peppers in the world 10 years ago.  It's been passed since, but cripes, it's still way, way, WAY up there, WELL into the super-hot class.  Hotter than scorpion or ghost peppers.


The morons who promoted the One Chip Challenge...it's a $10 SUPER!!! hot chip.  From AP:



The challenge calls for participants to eat an eponymously named chip and then see how long they can go without consuming other food and water.



People have been weighing in about their own experiences with the chip, which costs roughly $10 and comes individually wrapped in foil in a coffin-shaped box that warns, among other things, that it is made for the “vengeful pleasure of intense heat and pain,” is intended for adults and should be kept out of the reach of children.


Cripes.  Social media campaigns, and freaking DARES.  OF COURSE pre-teens and teens are going to be drawn to it!  Story notes there've been several other reports of injuries to school-age kids from this.  Heck, I'd wonder how many ADULTS have had issues.


Now, OK, maybe the Carolina Reaper candy isn't *as* much of a risk...but the marketing is as a candy.  There's more of an implication it's harmless...more likely that kids will try chomping down on more.  And a candy shop almost by definition markets straight to kids.


The store's web site actually shows them as sold out, and doesn't even give a description of them...which isn't the case for other products that are also listed as sold out, so there's a suggestion it may be being reconsidered.

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Chipotle powder is one of my absolute favorites.  It's not generally that hot, but the flavor is rich from the smoking.  It adds a dimension that plain chiles or powders don't have.  Salt and chipotle powder on eggs?  All you need.  


Oh, and to touch on a side aspect...chili powder is VERY much distinct from chile powder, in the US anyway.  "Chile" is the term for the peppers...everything from bell pepper to Carolina Reapers.  The family also includes the peppers used in cayenne and paprika.  "Chili" is...let's call it a style, of spicy food, particularly stewed dishes.  Chili powder has ground chiles...but also oregano, cumin, and garlic powder.

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