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The Academics Thread

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9 hours ago, Pariah said:

Just a thought: If your teacher asks you to write a paragraph explaining why you felt it was necessary to leave class early the previous day, blaming the teacher for not making you stay is probably not a way to earn points.

For starters, he utterly missed the assignment.

You also do not have any external resistance to walk over the edge of a 20 story building, so it is no explanation why you did it.


6 hours ago, Bazza said:




But that is only the buildup for the real hoax. Because now they can bill you anything. As math is a hoax, you can not disproove they were right :D



5 hours ago, Badger said:


No, I take the short route Ewok=SMASH*SMASH(drawing an embarrassing blank on how to type squared) 

On a german keyboard it is the same key as ° is (° is the upper case)

On this QWERTY layout it is over (upper case off) the 6:


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11 hours ago, Bazza said:


Philosophy is more useful to a meaningful & purposeful life than biology. 


... says the inhabitant of the continent where literally every native organism can kill you.

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7 hours ago, Cancer said:

Get out an El Marko and he could be Blue-Ringed Bazza.


Y'know, "Blue-Ringed Bazza and Death Tribble" would make a great cartoon, in a Saturday morning high-camp slapstick sort of way.


Yeah, but the rest of us would forced in as the dim-witted antagonists.

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