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2019-2020 NFL Thread

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On the contrary. Any day I get to see the Dallas Cowboys lose is a good day.

So, a year from now Minnesota will be 0-5 in Super Bowls

YES, the 49ers are denied!   I was a Elway Broncos fan back in the day. The petty bitterness lingers

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On 3/18/2019 at 3:24 PM, Old Man said:

Vontaze Burfict signed by the Raiders


Hasn't actually happened, but does anyone doubt that it will?


You called it.


Raiders sign controversial linebacker Vontaze Burfict despite ugly history with Antonio Brown\


* muches popcorn *

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I can say with confidence that they'll be bad.  A coach who proved last season that his skills have atrophied since the 90s.  Expensive free agents who actively hate each other.  No home field.  No defense.


But they will definitely be interesting.

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A) Donkeys draft a QB who eventually becomes a bust and is traded away for a 4th round pick, or

2) Donkeys draft a defensive player (LB seems most likely) to fit the new coach's scheme, only to see a QB they passed on become a superstar.


I'm leaning toward A) at this specific moment.

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1 hour ago, Enforcer84 said:

It's Draft Day! How will your team screw it up?




It's the Raiders, so they'll blow all the draft capital they amassed when they traded away their elite players on a bad QB, a diva WR to compete with Antonio, and a replacement-level RB.  Glaring weaknesses like the secondary and the OL will be ignored until day two.


Incidentally, I believe Beast Mode retired a couple of days ago.

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