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With regard to the Mini-Hud update .. it is a component from another mod that I put into mine. 
Click the power button in front of it
and then look in the top right hand corner of the window that pops out
click on the cog and follow the instructions it shows



With regard to 5e, it is not the primary thrust of my work. There is an 5e version of the exporter that is behind the development of the 6e version.




Please note the 5e exporter is not actively supported. 


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Hero Forge posted to facebook


We're excited to announce the launch of 3D Virtual Tabletop Downloads on Hero Forge (Compatible with Berserk Games’ Tabletop Simulator)


Our 3D Tabletop Downloads are distributed in .unity3d format. This single-file format makes importing easy and provides superb faithfulness to your original design. Likewise, our 3D Tabletop Downloads are distributed via your user profile page, just like STL downloads. We offer a free pre-made sample model that is available on your Digital Downloads page.


Interested in using Hero Forge Tokens & VTT minis in your streams or shows? Reach out to Support@heroforge.com to find out more!

We hope you enjoy this latest feature on HeroForge.com!

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Hi. I’m learning more and more about TTS and the HeroSystem mod Brennall developed. Still trying to figure a few things out. Basic stuff I’m sure but how do I incorporate new maps on this table?  Also, how do I open the bags or such?  I’m really trying to do this on my own but I’m stuck. If someone can point me to a tutorial or such I’d appreciate it. Any help would be appreciated. 

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