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  1. You do not get to simulate existing game constructs with other powers. Killing Attack already exists. So you do not get to simulate it using "Transform: To Dead Person". "Disarm: Time Machine" as a Skill exists (or a corresponding equivalent). So you do not get to simulate it with Danger Sense. Of course in that scenario the GM (Author) somewhat ignored it, because he just wanted the time machine turned off somehow. It was a one of adventure in the same setting, but with different Characters. Characters that would not be re-used anytime soon. So he decided to "let 5 be a even number". The raw perception of your Eyes, Nose, Tongue, Ears and Skin are already filtered and interpreted 24/7. We do perception Checks so we do not miss something important. I have issues with my Interpreter breaking down/needing adjustment every time I put on 3D glasses in front of my normal glasses. Or when I put on new/repaired glasses. The exact same thing happens with Danger Sense. You got an interpreter running, that filters out the irelevant stuff. Plus even if you do have that information, do you actually have the ability to act on it? You need enough movement to actually do it.
  2. Interesting there is one stuff I have to buy online: Shoes. US 13, UK 12 or EUR 47.5 is what my feets require. Indeed my mother used to call my shoes "baby coffins", because they are so large. Especially compared to hers. Unfortunately the stores all seem to stop stocking shoes one size shy of that. Unless I am willing to drive an hour or so.
  3. But it is neat that the bear defends them in their sleep!
  4. The same should apply to any country with a Anti Slavery clause in teh constitution. But germany had the draft way longer then America. Indeed it was only abolished this century. And I had not been level 4 viability, I would have rejected on reasons of conscience. That the state has to have some degree of right to infrige on personal freedom is self explaining. Otherwise every prision would be run by Kidnappers. Usually the infringement is something we accept, so other people do not bash our heads in. If those other people live in our Country (Police is there for this) or another country (Military is there for that) is a trivial detail.
  5. You are allowed to keep guns at home in Britain and Germany. Both countries known for pretty strict gun laws. Now China is a country with really strict gun laws. For obvious reasons.
  6. Knowing that they are "Rubber Forehead aliens" does help a lot and was the one thing we really needed to know.
  7. In the age of outsourcing, we do outsource security. In pre-outsourcing eras, a fixed employee was often more beneficial. Especially for a security relevant position like guarding, loyality is fundamentally important. A fixed emplyoee is just one way to get that loyality. I mean "Knights" and "Nobles" evolved from professional warriors that were bound to their lord via land as a "Loyality building measure". And way before that, we had the post marian reforms Roman army, wich used a similar cosntruct. Wich unfortunately ended up with armies more loyal to their general, rather then the roman state. Wich lead to ample Civil wars.
  8. I asumed that was it's point. Providing a defense that was really hard to take away in Heroic games, but at the cost of Character points. And additional GM scrutiny for the totals, of course. Actually this might have started way earlier. Look at the D&D monk: Can not use armors. But do get their Wisdom modifier to AC. Rather then just buffing the DEX derived AC bonus, they inveted a totally new mechanic to more closely resemble armor. If I wanted to translate a monk to Hero with the differences in how armor works, I would use combat luck for that part.
  9. Ah, so that is where all the "in a Land far, far away" stories take place?
  10. To quote the Alien from "Humans are Space Orcs" on Youtube: "WHAT IS IT WITH HUMANS AND LASERS???"
  11. I often consider Entangle to be a form to "detached Grab". They pretty simialr rules. There is however one diffference: You get a instant, free Casual STR roll to defend against a Grab (same way you get your DCV). You do not get the same against entangle. Wich is why the APG part mentions the option to allow said instant, casual STR/EGO rolls against entangles as well, should the players abuse it like that
  12. The local store has additional Operating Costs. Most likely rent, for having a "store friendly location". Those prices have to be translated into sell prices. Also if you do sell less, you have to increase the prices. If you do not do that, your business will fail. I got enough additional economics teachings to understand the reasons behind it and how it is unavoidable. I can even do the math for it. The actuall ratio at wich Operating cost is put on each item is a mater of experience data from previous years, however. That online retailers negatively affect local stores is simply a unavoidable nature of progress. Local farming was hurt badly by refrigeration and transport improovements as well. The difference of course is that not enough new (local) jobs are created with this latest transition of work. It is uncertain if the demographic change will counter this.
  13. Considering that part of the Education Sytem runs over the Radio (because some children just live that remote), it is udnerstandable that Australians in some parts of the country need a high degree of Autonomy. I still remember a tidbit where some households used washing machines as mailboxes. Because they needed to drive to the next road and needed the capacity to store weeks worth of mail. Owning a firearm because the police would need a hour to reach you just makes sense. And Australian gun laws do seem "common sense".
  14. I only see a general issue with Draft, not with drafting women. That specific laws like this differentiate between the genders is simply a form of "leftover sexism". And it does take out one big argument of the anti-feminist/sexist groups.
  15. They were already low security prisioners on work detail. Any more reduction of the sentence could end up with them going scot free, potentially disrupting the whole "learning not to do crimes" part. There is a huge gulf between "the presumed perpetrator not being charged" and "you getting charged for making up a crime". Personally I am unsure what the german law says on that mater. Prior to 2017, it was often to hard to take the money from Criminals at all. It aactually required a seperate process. But in 2017 we reformed the law, thus we have limited information about abuses. Warrior Women already existed in Mythology and where somewhat of a know viking fact outside of sexism circles. And this despite (or because?) the Vikings seeming to love abducting women from every place they raided.
  16. I am unsure if "uncanny valley" is the proper term here. It specifies a specific case where something is too lifelike to be seen as artificial. And thus all the parts where it appears artificial are magnified/highly noticeable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K1Kd9mZL8g ReBOOT was too clearly artificial to truly be fall into that valley. It was too far up on one of the hills to be in the valley.
  17. The lances we think off usually (for knights) and general Heavy Cavalry are a rather modern development. It required the Stirrup. Before it, the only cavalry we had was light. And there could be huge quality differences between Roman or average Greek Cavalry and stuff like Numidian or Macedonia cavalry. Battle and war deciding differences. Two factors in this era of warfare are often ignored: Stealth/Scouting (wich includes communications) and Logistcs. Trible Warriors tend towards winning more on the Stealth/Scouting game. Meanwhile roman and greek armies were comparatively not as good at those games. But their logistics was leagues above the Tribals. Both of those heavily affect how warriors are clothed, both during marching and combat.
  18. Dangit, apparently that Post of mine was hit by the Database purge. Luckily it seems to be the only one and I do remember it well enough to re-create it.
  19. If a bullet bounces off your armor without even dealing stun Damage, effectively the enemy "missed" you. Unless Ablative or "Endurance Cost based on damage blocked" Armor is in effect, it is the same end result mechanically. But even a bouncing/stopped shoot can still do STUN. People in Movies nowadays remark how they still feel the bullet being stopped by the "bullet proof vest". So a sort of inverted Impenetrable? Easily penetrable?
  20. Well yes, but that applied to all pre-modern banks. All the banking and lending that came before Fiat Currencies and Fractional Reserve Banking. I mean banking does receive a lot of flak these days for both Fiat Currencies and Fractional Reserve Banking. But the distribution of wealth was horrendously worse before they were invented. Maybe taking a look into the History of Paper money is worth it for this part? As luck would have it, Extra History did a few Videos on that mater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nZkP2b-4vo&list=PLmKXQuG1OdOyGI0ZyjgiqMQW9r03Fs60k
  21. You are on a Space Ship that is subject to cosmic radiation in much higher doses then people on the ground. And also the only thing protecting you from "Death by Vacuum" while in space and "death by plasma" during reentry. X-Rays for Communication do not seem particulary dangerous in those circumstance.
  22. That is definitely the ultimative test. However there might still be scenarios where this breaks down. See this thread: Allowing Healing in a Superheroic Game accidentally lead to killing attacks/dealing damage past defenses becomming acceptable. Wich affected the entire game negatively for the GM.
  23. There is also no reason it does not translate. And this was about the reason why it did not translate in this case. Heroes "no absolutes" rule can get in the way a bit here, for the beginner GM.
  24. Fun fact: Analog Transmissions were prone to always have a slight "noise" effect. It was a physical limitation, based on electric noise along the wires. Digital Transmissions (like Mobile Phones) are not affected by noise the same way. Noise reduces the Bandwidth. But you do not hear it, like with Analog Transmissions. Noise only worked on first and last few "Analog centimeters" (the microphone and speaker cables). Wich was usually laughable compared to the noise of kilometers of transmission wire. That was a huge issue as people would ask "Hello, are you still there?" all the time when testing digital communications. So right now we end up adding Noise to the Audio Signal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comfort_noise Just so people still know the channel is open.
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