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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Doctor Agenda in How to Create a Drone within Hero?   
    I would suggest exploring Clairsentience with Limitations (primarily - perceivable/attackable perception point).
    Another option would be a Summon based build with a Limited Mind Link.
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Cancer in A Thread for Random Mooings   
    Re: A Thread for Random Mooings
    I think Cancer has ate some tainted beef.
    Warning! Mad Scientist on the hoof!
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Cancer in A Thread for Random Mooings   
    Re: A Thread for Random Mooings
    Mooing and Laughing in the Rain

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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Killer Shrike in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone. Today is the first chance I have had to be in front of a full size keyboard in over a week and it feels good!
    I had a reoccurance of Melanoma cancer... this time in my brain. Probably a lucky break since the symptoms presented like a stroke. They've cut out the big/easy piece and have just done a hires/3d MRI of my brain stem so they can target with radiation next week. The next big hurdle is the results a PET scan of eveything else in a couple of weeks.
    I am much better than just few days ago. The fine motor dexterity and strength of my right hand is the biggest issue right now. Typing this was good exercise.
    I know I am not a frequent contributor to this part of the forum but you guys always put a smile on my face.
    Be sure to have yourselves checked for skin cancer!!!

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    Hyper-Man reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Feint   
    Mostly Correct.  And that's true for you when someone uses that maneuver on you as well.  There is no perfect move that completely causes your opponent to be helpless or unable to respond. 

    But it comes at a price: you just sacrificed your next phase entirely, and are at a disadvantage from then on in terms of actions.  
    But as a GM you should remember that someone cannot abort to dodge something they are unaware of.  A surprise attack almost never will allow anyone to abort to dodge, because they are not even aware there's anything to dodge.  The surprise comes because they are not expecting and do not know the attack is coming, and cannot respond to it unless they have some special ability (danger sense, etc).
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from RDU Neil in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Reminder to post a detailed update once I get a good nap.
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Pattern Ghost in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Reminder to post a detailed update once I get a good nap.
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Trencher in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Reminder to post a detailed update once I get a good nap.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Steve Long in PSLs in a Fantasy HERO magic setting   
    As discussed on 6E1 84-85, “Penalty Skill Levels (PSLs) are a type of Skill Level that only reduce or counteract a specific type of combat-related penalty.” The key phrase here is “combat-related penalty,” which means a penalty to OCV or DCV. Common examples include Range Skill Levels (which offset the Range Modifier’s OCV penalty), Targeting Skill Levels (which offset the OCV penalties imposed by the Hit Location Table), and Encumbrance Skill Levels (which offset the DCV penalty for being Encumbered). The important thing to note here is that PSLs do not apply to Skill Rolls or Skill Roll penalties. (The same applies to Combat Skill Levels (CSLs), which also only affect CV.)
    To create the sorts of abilities you want to build, you need to use Skill Levels (6E1 88-89). Depending on what type of SL you buy, you could have it affect the Power:  Magic roll used to cast spells, the Inventor (Spell Research) roll used to create new spells, a KS: Arcane And Occult Lore roll to research some obscure historical fact about magic — or maybe just one or two of those things.
    For example, in the land of Korrak, wizards typically use several Skills as part of their craft. First and foremost is Magic (a form of the Power Skill), which they use to actually cast spells (and which suffers the standard -1 per 10 Active Points penalty). The second is Domination (another form of the Power Skill), which they use to control demons, elementals, and other summoned beings. The third is Spell Research (the Fantasy form of Inventor), which they use to create new spells. The last is KS: Arcane And Occult Lore, which is the general Knowledge Skill covering all sorts of mystic learning.
    If we look at the Skill Level Table, we see that the more Skills an SL applies to, the more Character Points it costs. One of them is the 3-point SL, which covers three related Skills. That fits pretty well here, since we have four related Skills, but one is a KS that the character won’t use in combat much. So a wizard could buy, for example, +3 with Magic, Domination, and Spell Research.
    As they stand, those three SLs with Magic, Domination, and Spell Research can be used at any time to assist with rolls using those Skills. If you only want the SLs to offset penalties (such as the Active Point penalty), you can take a Limitation on them to reflect that. Creating different “packages” of Skill Levels whose use you define with Limitations might be a great way to add ‘flavor” to your magic system and help to distinguish one wizard from another.
    I hope that helps! If I've missed anything, plesae post a follow-up here, or PM me. I love creating magic systems and enjoy talking about how to create them using the HERO System, but usually that's more appropriate for a private conversation than clogging up the Rules Questions board. But I'd say a lot of HERO fans also enjoy discussing this sort of thing, so if you haven't yet, try posting your thoughts, ideas, and questions on the Fantasy Hero and/or Discussion boards -- you'll get all sorts of great suggestions.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Christougher in Normal Dice and Does Body & Pen.   
    I would say 'No', because a normal damage attack already does Body damage, with or without Penetrating.  Does Body only allows attacks that normally deal no Body damage to do so.
    So the question becomes, What are you trying to accomplish by adding Does Body?  If you're looking to make a Normal Damage attack do Penetrating Body instead of Penetrating Stun, that won't do.  You'll need to use a Killing Attack with Penetrating to do Penetrating Body.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Tom Cowan in Still Alive   
    Good to hear
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    Hyper-Man reacted to JmOz in Still Alive   
    Hey all, still here...
    Thought I would share what I have been doing...check out my web site, and the blog on it....

    Website blog
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    Hyper-Man reacted to IndianaJoe3 in Still Alive   
    Glad you're still around. I had to quell a rumor of my own death a few weeks ago.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Pattern Ghost in Still Alive   
    Thanks for checking in!
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Trencher in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Something else I wanted to mention that I keep forgetting. I cannot begin to imagine how anyone could get through something like this without help from family and friends. My mom has been my rock. I don't  know what I would do without her.
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Trencher in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Thanks for all the well wishes everyone.
    I am already back home with mom. The pressure from the blood clot seemed to be the cause of right hand & arm issues. They have me on perkoset, Keppra for seizures and steroids for swelling. They are also going to setup home health care (PT & OT) to help with using arm. They gave me a  brace to wear at night to keep it from curling up and already have noticed a small improvement. I was able to hold a spoon in right hand to eat cereal, a first in weeks. Anyway, sorry for the flood of details but those who know me understand that's how my brain usually works.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Lawnmower Boy in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Just to check in to say that the notifications that this thread was live again, scared the bejezus out of me. I'm glad to hear that you're okay, Hyper-Man, and politely request that you stay that way. I hope that your new invisibility (Only When No-One is Paying Attention, -1/2) helps with that. 
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Surrealone in Hardened Defences   
    One taught by The Goodman School of Cost Effectiveness -- meaning it's part of the game and that "min/maxer" should have no negative connotations in Hero System as a result. 
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Ninja-Bear in Power builds/abuses of Hero   
    Famous last words from a GM you don’t want to hear “I didn’t think it would be that powerful!” ?
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Lord Liaden in Things not covered/addressed in Hero   
    Between the full 6E rules, and the two Advanced Players Guide(s), it's hard to find a subject that isn't addressed by the rules in some way. By this stage Hero System has been refined to within an inch of its life. Many players may prefer that certain specific situations were handled differently, which they would consider "better"; but the definition of what would be better varies considerably depending on the individual player.
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from GhostDancer in Martial Hero   
    Re: Flying Dodge
    The only examples of it in any of the various books and editions is in speedster martial arts writeups and other supers stuff. It doesn't show up in any real world examples.
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Vanguard in Two weapon fighting   
    Defensive Attack from APG1 is what you're looking for.  See my John Wick chapter 2 build for details.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Jkeown in Need More HERO   
    I have stuff going back to Mythic Greece at home, but here's my PDF collection.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Pizza Man in Magic items purchased with starting character points   
    Question. What about an endurance reserve Mages have in the Fantasy hero sample character? The staff he weilded was an END reserve...would that be allowed in your campaign?
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Beast in Haunted   
    as his def comes down at dawn
    while making love the 2 where ambushed and she was killed but John survived
    Her Poltergiest slot would allow her to have a limited touch of John(3 str)

    I'm kinda thinking her name should a mix of loves of both Dresden and Constantine so Karrin(from Dresden) would be her first name
    now a last name from somebody Constantine cared about
    I would leave out Astra Logue   , as the 2nd cartoon series on CW has her being a 10 yr old girl
    Zatanna Zatara is mentioned a few times as a love intrest
    So his girlfriend's name is Karrin Zatara a police detective
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