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  1. As I understand the Harbinger of Justice, while he might do bad things to looters, he'd be as likely (if not moreso) to go after bad cops.
  2. Mmmm. 'Locking on' usually takes time; that time could, I think, be represented by the 'Cover' maneuver. Purchase the OCV with the Cover maneuver (which basically means 'I know I hit because I already rolled the dice') and then the shooter can decide at the end of the phase whether or not the shot actually gets taken. Otherwise the lock-on doesn't happen (i.e. the Cover maneuver doesn't succeed) and no shot is taken, no END or Charge expended.
  3. ... most of my characters eliminate him, with prejudice. Whether that's Freedom (he's clearly too stupid/irresponsible to use such power wisely, i.e. what Megaplayboy said), or Kiershia (because he's inversely a threat to K's own activities), the guy is toast.
  4. I think I'd personally go with either the UAA EDM or the Force Wall, with the side effect that the power user is always transported as well. Toss in that it only ends (moves both back, wall comes down) when one of the two is unconscious, and ...
  5. Actually, you just solved the issue that was being talked about after I originally posted that: 'what about too-weak shots that don't take the shields down at all?' Those would (presumably) be taken care of by the ship's basic DEF. Thing is, though, that ships in Star Trek don't have armor. Basic DEF from being a tritanium-whatever hull, sure, but they don't have armor, ablative or otherwise; get through the shield, and so long as you can damage the hull, hey, you're blowing holes in the ship. (In Star Wars, they have deflector shields, sure, but they also have armoring; this is one of
  6. Because the mechanical limit is there to put a thematic limit into numbers. Characters have always been able to go above the Normal Characteristic Maxima - but at a cost, which is generally x2 cost for each point up to the hard limit. Setting your characteristic maxima is a statement that 'this is where you go from being a normal (if athletic) guy to a truly Heroic individual.' This is the sort of stuff that you set so that someone can go over it, and people are sure to go 'wow, that guy is strong/fast/smart/can take a hit!!!' When it comes to package deals for other races, the package
  7. Having been a Shadowrun player, they often get played as 'all four' - the target (usually) isn't a player character, but often their boss or an NPC negotiator who is the target. What I've had some success with is rolling the dice - sure, in secret - for both sides, because at a meet, characters are ALWAYS tense, and often wind up with the target not dead, because why lose eight points looking for a head-shot if you don't have to? it provides a heads-up, makes the players go after him, and sometimes is a link to who might want the original target gone.
  8. ... and when you claim that something is physically impossible when it clearly isn't - because, y'know, a tire (or tyre) is actually a flexible object - you yourself completely lose credibility. The last bit especially gets me - how the hell can you say that someone never saw a guy wearing heavy leather gloves inflict a pressure cut on himself through extreme use of a weapon? Do you somehow mysteriously know that sharp metal can't cut through thick leather? If so, well, the cows of the world will undoubtedly be very happy... Geez.
  9. A double cost for 'slightly defy' seems to me to be extraordinarily steep, is all I'm sayin'. x2 for those last 5 points of STR? Sure. x2 for all your martial arts, though?
  10. Remember that Reduced END for an autofire Power is doubled.
  11. True. Could even take a disadvantage, -1/4 perhaps, that says that after X shots you have to take half a phase (or make a quickdraw roll) to 'change clips' ...
  12. If you wanted to really get technical, have a Naked Modifier for that one power. Hero Designer can't Naked Modifier a disad (which it default-designates Charges as), but it lets you use Differing Modifiers for Negatives, so I wound up with this: Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, .45 ACP: Killing Attack - Ranged 2d6-1, +1 Increased STUN Multiplier (+1/4), Autofire (10 shots; +1) (75 Active Points); OAF (-1), 100 Charges (+3/4) (Drum): 37 points. Differing Modifier: 4 clips of 32 Charges (+1/2) (37 Active Points) for up to 25 Points of Thompson Sub-Machine Gun (the base cost of the power): 12 poin
  13. I have, but you wind up requiring things that would not cause one to be resistant to disease to put in a disad to indicate that their version of Power Defense, though it works fine against other things, ain't gonna do diddly against that little bug. Otherwise, well, if Power Suit Guy's non-sealed suit has backup batteries or surge protectors - bought as Power Defense - then why should he be resistant to diseases?
  14. *shrugs* It was the first time I saw her with a VPP, and it was immediately following our very interesting trip to the Diamond District and then Hell, wherein Allan and I did such interesting things, so I'll probably tend to think of it as being a clear cause/effect ... Pyronide, Christopher makes a very important point: remember to seperate teleportation the special effect from Teleportation the Power. Most Powers can be used with a teleportation special effect - duplication (moving so fast you're in several places at once), blast (whether teleport to him, take a swing, and teleport bac
  15. There's a couple reasons - and traditions. One, an MPow can be sort of a practice run for a VPP - you build and buy all your critical powers, test them out, that sort of thing. Two, in the short run, an MPow can be cheaper, especially if your GM has restrictions on what can and cannot be in the VPP - certain (or many, or most, or any at all) Power Disadvantages, Third, an MPow in the hands of a competent player can be very, very powerful - which means some GMs will ban them entirely, because it requires a snap judgement on a power built there at the table. Other GMs will require the playe
  16. I ... would not have interpreted that image that way. To me, it looks like the unarmored guy is going for a hook-and-move - which he could do with pressure against the flat of the blade. But hey, that's me.
  17. Pretty much, yeah. On the other hand, in 'After The End' over on HC, the world was a limited-comic-book world: unless you had the sub/conscious knowledge how, your effect on other things worked with Real World Physics. Hydroman swimming at 300mph up through the Mississippi River would cause near-cataclysmic wakes behind him; the Flash 'teleporting' from here to there would cause a sonic boom all along his route. How I solved this, though, was to have the characters (like the quasi-Superman) to purchase the 'Power' skill, so that their personal defiance of the standard laws of physics wou
  18. Well, Blip started out with a MPow, but switched to a VPP when Beast saw what Allan and I could do with a VPP.
  19. Remember that Nightcrawler's teleport had a stun effect on other people. Also, an AoE Selective EB or something - indicating you teleporting to each person, punching them, and teleporting to the next, and the next, and the next ... until the last teleport is to where you started. (Or if a move, to where you are half-moving to.) The other thing is that, in order to make a good character, to try to keep your SF/X all within a narrow / singular range if possible, or else have one of them self-powered and one of them tech or training. Wolverine? Adamantium claws, sure, but mostly regenerat
  20. I ... have actually had some amount of success with having the player build the base (unpowered / pre-powered) character, then give me an idea of what they'd like. Then, with that in mind as well as watching their RP style, building their power set myself, and at several 'growth stages'. It let me decide how effective the build was going to be (mostly starting as 'Thog smash' and basic stuff like that), as well as enabling me to make sure the team meshed, power-wise. I still sort of wish I could have continued that campaign.
  21. This ... is not a bad way of doing it. If one shot both Stunned and KO'd you, though ... hm. I think I'd make Stunned +2, KO'd +2, cumulative.
  22. Be warned that teleport UAA is probably going to get nixed; it can very easily be a 'sudden kill' thing. However, everything you want could (possibly) be explained by way of teleportation, which would enable you to drop the apparently-vaguely-flavored 'energy beam' attack. RKA: you 'splice' them, just for a fraction of a second (because you can't do it for longer, too much <insert technobabble here>) EB: An instantaneous 'UAA' teleport of them, from where they are to ... where they are. Thing is, it can be very jarring ... Stretching: open portal, punch/grab, withdraw, close portal
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