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This was Henry Ford's second attempt to create a plane that would do for air travel that the Model T did for road travel--the 15P




While it didn't work so well in reality, it can always work a lot better in fiction.  I could see this as the personal "super-plane" of a cloaked crusader transitioning to costumed crimefighter, like The Crimson Avenger or The Shadow.  Or it could be the getaway plane of a hooded mastermind.  Or anything else you can dream up.

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2 hours ago, wcw43921 said:

I didn't think it was--I thought it referred to some possible blemish of his career.  Not having read the article, I can't speak as to the author's intentions.  It could certainly be seen that way--"Many of the truths we cling to," and all that.

    You could be right, but it sounded like a story about Louis’s possibly (He did) winning the heavyweight title from a white guy.

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