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  1. I have Mythic D6. I'm struggling with it a bit, mostly because it lacks any real benchmarks - it's tough to calibrate what a given character should look like at a given power level.
  2. Although there's not a big Hero presence there, if you drop by Black Diamond Games in Concord, you'll definitely find other RPG players.
  3. Time stands still in canterville For ages this curse lays upon Pass the night walking for four hundred years longing for this liaison The barren almond once shed the leaves The splendour has crumbled away This harm was done and the green-eyed one Once it had led him astray (pre-chorus) Here in the absence of light Het a willing ear roam And far into the night A ray of hope will lead you home (chorus) So will you stand beside Among those evil-eyed Voices will whisper into your ear So believe you`re immune So will you beg and pray To leave this endless gray Once of his age he was boast The canterville ghost Bathing in tears and swim in delight Yearning for feelings long gone One sorry sight, one fly by night As this girl in her prime came on But love will be stronger, than life and death When cupid`s dart has hit you As if by magic the almond will bloom The beginning of something new (pre-chorus) (chorus) Tears for my sins I have no more Now pray for me I know what for Angel will you Have mercy now And the house shall be still (chorus)
  4. Re: Need some "Smart" powers As mentioned above, it's pretty nebulous, but here are some I either did, or considered, for Checkmate. (38 Int) Chains of Logic: Precognition, defined as Super-Deduction. With some time and access to media, the character can determine the actions of a person or group, or the coming of a given event. Strategic Mastery: Bonuses to entire party's OCV and DCV. Requires time, communication, and knowledge of the battle's terrain. Requires opposed skill roll, Strategy. Tactical Mastery: The character is able to study a fighter or group and diminish their advantages. Bought as Drain to Dex, requires 1 turn, Requires opposed skill roll, Tactics. Tactical Study: A super-powered version of Analyze Style. The character can, with just a bit of study, determine what kinds of attacks and defences the target has. (I.E., Hand to Hand, Ranged, Killing, Stunning; Resistant or Non-Resistant, energy, physical or other) by simply watching their actions and reactions. Bought as Telepathy, limited to attack/defense type, extra time, Requires Skill Roll 'Analyze Style' I could come up with more, but those are the ones I recall off hand.
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