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  1. That's how I've done it in the past, and how I would do it in future, if my players wanted Critical Hits.
  2. I've generally been partial to Dr. Strange, but usually as one of a rotating top 5, including Spidey, She-Hulk, various versions of Batman, some versions of Supergirl and Kitty Pryde.
  3. Re: The Forumverse name game How many people's lives has Viper ruined? Just ask Assault. Who he was before they got ahold of him is a mystery he's trying to solve. All anyone knows is that they abducted some hapless man off the streets and - attempting to solve their problem with betrayals from their subjects - wiped his memory entirely, to make him the ultimate servant. It didn't work. He's amnesiac now; a little asocial and ill-mannered, but he wiped out the cell that created him, and now he wanders around in search of his identity and other Viper cells to destroy.
  4. Re: Name her! Give her Powers! I'm Lazy! Well, it fits a sometime concept I've wanted to play. A fallen angel who - of her own accord, leaves Hell to help the mortals on her own, since Lucifer's way (if the campaign uses that version of Lucifer) wasn't working. She's not looking for redemption from God, she just wants to help the mortals. (Note, if the usual viewpoint, of Lucifer wanting the Angels exalted above Mortals holds true, she got tired of that, seeing all the good that mortals can do.)
  5. Re: What do with a player ... Actually, TFOS was R. Talsorian, not Steve Jackson. On Topic: It sounds very much like the advice here isn't going to work, that the player doesn't want to play an homage, he wants to play 'The character'... If that is, indeed, the case, hold your ground and tell him - and his prior GM - no. And if they complain, ask them what part of N-O they didn't understand. And if they still complain, say 'no means no game if you don't accept it'.
  6. Re: Fake TV-Shows While we're talking about fake shows in movies - Amazon Women on the Moon shows a number of fake shows in one of the vignettes.
  7. Re: Need some "Smart" powers As mentioned above, it's pretty nebulous, but here are some I either did, or considered, for Checkmate. (38 Int) Chains of Logic: Precognition, defined as Super-Deduction. With some time and access to media, the character can determine the actions of a person or group, or the coming of a given event. Strategic Mastery: Bonuses to entire party's OCV and DCV. Requires time, communication, and knowledge of the battle's terrain. Requires opposed skill roll, Strategy. Tactical Mastery: The character is able to study a fighter or group
  8. Re: WWWYCD: Caught in the Web I didn't include it, because it's not on every version of Checkmate, but in many of his permutations, his security is handled by his very own AI - which would have made collecting data on him a lot more difficult. :-)
  9. Re: Character Sheets Excel here, too. I have a 5th Edition character sheet template that works fine for me. I also have a Word template, but I tend to go with the Excel.
  10. Re: WWWYCD: Caught in the Web Checkmate Has a public ID, so wouldn't be terribly concerned about most of it, but information that only his wife should know - physical characteristics and such - would concern him on two levels. One, he's a security specialist - it would not be good for business for it to be known that he could be spied on by anyone. Two, while his wife can take care of herself, the possibility of a deranged stalker is still nothing he would scoff at. He would immediately institute a search to determine everything about the person, (and with every detective type skil
  11. Re: Gay and Bisexual Superheroes I've played every combination at one point or another. I think I do have a tendency to play either straight men or bi women, but I've been able to play anything - it all depends on the concept that comes to me as to what I play.
  12. Re: Sex and the Single Superhuman Checkmate Married, quite happily, wife knows all about him, as she used to be a heroine, and still joins in occasionally. Son is quite powerful in his own right. Fianna In a relationship with a policewoman, she hopes it lasts. Puritan Very much a hedonist, she has no intention of settling down for a good long while.
  13. Re: The Incredibles -- WITH SPOILERS Actually, my take on Jack-Jack was that super powers seem very tied to the person's personality, and that the baby - having no locked in stone personality yet - simply had access to anything.
  14. Re: Evolution of the races? In a world I'm dreaming up, they aren't the same species at all. Elves, dragons, trolls and goblins all evolved from small hunter saurians who escaped a cataclysm. Humans are separated into three groupings - 'Normal', or 'Common', men; Dawn Men (Neanderthal-like) and 'Great Men', larger and slower than normal men. Gnomes, Orcs and Hobbits are all evolved from other mammal species. Dwarves are the only sentient race deliberately created by the gods - because the gods came into being only after the formation of sentient culture.
  15. Re: [Meta] What would your character be? Guardian - She tends to skirt the edge as it is, she has no CVK and has killed before, though never in cold blood. Basically, in Iron Age, she'd just be more ready to kill, using her full strength against even your generic mooks. Checkmate - Would probably be a Destroyer type in the Iron Age. He's already ruthless, cold and strategy oriented. In 4 colour games, he has a CVK, but remove that and his arrogance takes hold.
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