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A Thread For Random RPG Musings


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I'm considering a campaign based on Bulfinch's Mythology. There are three settings to choose from:

1. The Age of Fable: Mainly Greek Mythology, but includes a short section on Norse Mythology.

2. The Age of Chivalry: Arthurian Legends and accounts of notable knights in history, as well as some tales of Robin Hood

3. Legends of Charlemagne: A fantasy version of Charlemagne and his Paladins.


Most of the PCs' opponents will be human or animal, but the tales also include monsters which are included in most fantasy RPGs. The PCs themselves will be human, but most of the core classes would be available.

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On 11/15/2021 at 4:47 PM, tkdguy said:

I've had this idea for a while about an urban fantasy campaign. Instead of presenting creatures as they appear in D&D and other RPGs, go back to traditional stories. Faeries, ghosts, mermaids, and unicorns would make occasional appearances in our world and would be a bit different from what we find in our games. The character who encounters and deals with them would be an expert in folklore, but unlike modern heroes, he would be a normal person. He doesn't have magic powers or super science. While he isn't weak, he's not a commando or martial arts master. He only has his knowledge and his wits to overcome any challenges he faces.


Would that work as a roleplaying campaign, perhaps with a GM and a single player? For that matter, would that work as a TV show?


Some examples:




This game has some similarities to my idea.



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On 5/5/2022 at 6:30 PM, tkdguy said:

One thought that crossed my mind was why learn a new system when you can recreate the GI Joe universe with the HERO rules.


I have also thought about using the original Traveller rules to simulate a GI Joe style game. The technology would have to be lowered to make it more like the comic or cartoon, but a futuristic spacefaring version would also be fun.

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...one of the new games I tried at Origins was a delightful one called "Magical Kitties Save the Day!" where you play cats saving the day from eldritch threats that threaten your hoomins.


I am happy/terrified to say that the younger generation (aka 6 years olds) have taken up the gauntlet us older folks have thrown down in being homicidal at the gaming table.  That poor NPC didn't have a chance...

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5 hours ago, Cygnia said:



...one of the new games I tried at Origins was a delightful one called "Magical Kitties Save the Day!" where you play cats saving the day from eldritch threats that threaten your hoomins.





This is the game I mentioned being a Player in on the quote thread.


I have played four times now, and it is surprisingly enjoyable....


No murder-hobo-ing yet, though.



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On 6/17/2022 at 4:13 PM, tkdguy said:

Adding background music to the game is nothing new, but what about sound effects?





I dont know, Dude.  I have heard all over the internet since I first got here on the old dial up way back when:


"Ambient sounds!  Mood music!  Sound effects!"


"All the best Game Masters do this!"

"Mood lighting drives home the scene!"


"Partial coatumes or themeatic clothing brings a character to life!"


And an impressive list of other such "increase the immersion" type suggestions.

And I took it to heart for a while, and have tried several of these things, particulalry the music and the sounds.


Without fail, the first time, everyone is impressed for two or three minutes, then it devolves into "what?  Turn that off I can't hear you" or "this isnt really selling it for me-"

"Me neither!  _i_  would have gone with Y-"


"Oh!  You know what would _reallly_ be cool?  Have you heard A?"


"No, but seriously, B has this eerie bass vibrato undertone-"


"Duke, just turn it off so they can shut up aand we can get to the game, please!"


Similar resukts with mood lighting:


"I cant read my damned sheet!  No; that lamp makes it worse- it just shoots straight into my face when I turn it on..."


Etc, etc.


I know there is a small industry now for RPG sound effects, but  overall, I have found this stuff to be far, _far_ more disruptive than helpful.





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Doing the audio engineer thing for sound effects is more work than I'm willing to do, collecting specific sounds, and then balancing levels from different sources.  I haven't been motivated enough even to kludge together background music that fulfills the three critical requirements: (1) I like listening to it whether I'm gaming or not; (2) the others at the table, same requirement; (3) feels reasonably relevant to the game-world situation.  I just have other things I think are more important to the collective gaming experience.

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I admit that it's easier to add the sound effects when using virtual tabletops than when playing face to face. Even adding the right music at the right time disrupts the flow of the game. Most games I've taken part in that had music just had it playing in the background, and the music didn't always match the background. I still think of the AD&D games I played with friends in the late 80s and early 90s when I hear Queen's "We are the Champions." 

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I was playing a board game called Splendor, which is a resource management game. I noticed the gem colors matched the colors from Magic: The Gathering, which got me thinking. While the games aren't rpgs, why not combine them to make an adventure log rpg-style? The Magic card game has wizards doing battle, but even high-level adventurers need their down time. The Splendor game can represent the wizards trying to gain wealth and political influence when not fighting for supremacy. After all, magical research is expensive. Just have a diary to detail the character's adventures and business dealings and make a story out of the games.

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