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DunDraCon 45 Santa Clara Mariott

Scott Ruggels

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From the DunDraCon Facebook page:

DunDraCon 45 COVID Policy:
We want you to feel secure attending DunDraCon 45. We need to have precautions in place to provide as much safety as possible for our staff and attendees.
The Santa Clara Marriott is much larger than our previous home in San Ramon, and there will be many people in the hotel for reasons other than DunDraCon who do not have to follow our protocols.
We will require proof of completed vaccinations for everyone attending DunDraCon 45.
As DunDraCon is a social event, there will be no exceptions due to medical, religious, or personal preference.
We will not accept test results as an alternative. A test result only tells your status as of the time you took the test – you might be sick three days later.
Please be aware that unvaccinated children will be unable to participate in Kids Room or other DunDraCon activities. We regret this, as we value our young gamers and don’t like to have to exclude them from playing.
Masks will be required of everyone over the age of 2 years while in convention venues, which consist of any rooms in which we are holding events or conducting business, or adjacent corridors.
We've thought it over. This is what we need to do. We really will miss anyone who cannot attend DunDraCon 45 because of this policy, and look forward to seeing everyone again at future DunDraCons.

 Official Con Home Page:


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21 minutes ago, Ninja-Bear said:

Interesting because having a vaccination does not mean that your aren’t sick and carrying it either. A negative test result would actually be a more reliable indicator of your health.

They are following the same methodology that the City of San Francisco, and most of the large metropolises in California are doing for  COVID at this time. It's not about logic IMO< but  COVID theater.

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The CDC and most medical experts agree that a test positively determines not just at the time of the test but also for a fairly accurate time after that one is safe from what is being tested for. Also once the person receives an approved vaccine according to those same people at the CDC they are immune for the vaccine life.  If the life is supposed to be five years,  then they have a 97% immunity against whatever the vaccine is designed to fight. I have heard (am not certain) that the COVID vaccine has a life of 20 years,  so once one gets all shots,  that is the time period to expect them to be immune.  Despite all this,  we should still use proper safety procedures,  but they are going beyond what is proper. 

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