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Exploding Dice

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Things that novice role-players have an intuitive feel for, and expect to be in a game:

        And us old folks, too. Actually, we all do.


A) Damage to a living thing tends to be widely variable.


B) Damage to a non-living thing tends to be fairly consistent.


C) An Olympic fencer (or shooter) is going to kill me every time. Usually with one shot.

The same is true of a chess master or cybersecurity expert or …


D) The “one in a million” when the Olympic fencer trips on a wrinkle in the carpet should be just that: one in a million.


E) Experts are much, much more likely to achieve a “critical” success than an average person. And they are much less likely to “critically” fail.


F) Most of the time our results are pretty average for our skill level.


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Oh, but HERO can do that, too.  It takes an add-on, of course- an extra step, but if we call them switches and levers then the time dilation factor might go unnoticed.



Every game has optional rules and things you can use or choose not to (critical hits, for instance), its not like Hero is the only game that has options to choose what sort of game you want.  What makes Hero distinct from most other games is that it allows a much wider range of types of games with these options -- which are not addons, but part of the base rules, you aren't downloading a mod from someone to add to Hero -- instead of being a given prebuilt setting that you make characters in.

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Well not exploding dice per se but the “If you roll a 20 on a d20 then you do something neat”.  I’ve used that a couple of times in Basic Fantasy to the enjoyment of the kids.  My youngest suggested that if he rolls a 20 then the dagger he throws at the retreating Kobold M-U hits him before he closes the door. And he got it! So the next game I was telling him his brother and cousin the story and his brother was like “pfffts riddiculous!”. But then he goes if I get a 20 I get to pull a dagger and hit the retreating Bullywug! And lo, and behold, he got it! The excitement in the boy’s eyes when someone pulls out a lucky roll is great!

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