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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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1 hour ago, Michael Hopcroft said:

Somehow, I didn't remember that song having intelligible lyrics...


On my sound system, it certainly does. 



Now, it you want mostly unintelligible lyrics, I'd turn toward Cocteau Twins:



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The film (made I believe in 1980) put Hair in the context of its time -- the rise of the Hippies and the peak of the madness of Vietnam. Claude is not actually a soldier -- he has been mistaken for an actual soldier, but apparently fought and died in Vietnam anyway. "The rest is silence" is, of course, a quote from Hamlet -- which is referenced throughout the score. Hair was a watershed moment -- the first "rock musical" to achieve commercial success on Broadway, a touchstone for critics and politicians, and something that changed Broadway and American Theater forever. While it transformed from symbol of the times to time capsule, it did open a plethora of new possibilities to producer, directors, writers, and songwriters that would be taken advantage of in the years that followed.

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