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Re: Answers & Questions


Q: Um, coach...why...uh...why is...um...why is my...um...thing, stick, wood, uh...my um bat...um...splintered?





A: No, he talks like that all the time.



Q: Has he been exposed to too much George Bush jr?


A: Periodic erudition does not indicate enhanced education.

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Re: Answers & Questions


Q: He knows all that Mendeleev stuff real good; don't that prove he went to college?




A: He may have meant a dot.



Q: What'd the Son of a Bush mean by "little point at the end of the line thingy"?


A: This is not an agreement. You get options in agreements.

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Re: Answers & Questions


Q: They were attacked by the Falsetto Ninja Vitals-Shot Gang? How can you tell that?


A: His signature move is called "Blue Scream of Death"!


Q: OK, so what's the toughest part of fighting Darth Gates?





A: It's not on the map.

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